Wizard 175

Chapter 175 Flair and Marie’s 3P (before)

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 While Shinji sat on the bed, he was watching Flair and Marie undressing together in front of him.

 When he compared the two of them up close, he realized that they were the same high-ranking spirits, and their faces looked so similar that they could be called sisters.

 ”Mo~, Flair-chan’s ecchi~♡”

 ”Marie is the one who is doing erotic things first~noja!”

 Both Flair and Marie have the same beautiful face, but Flair’s is more cheerful, while Marie’s is more relaxed. Shinji thought that this is what it means to have the personality shown on the face.

 Their bodies were almost the same in terms of growth. Their breasts, estimated to be E cups, were large enough, and their hips and asses were round enough for a man to like.

 It seems as if there is a certain set of rules for how a spirit develops into a high-ranking spirit since they are so identical.

 However, their skin is a stark contrast.

 Flair’s skin is a healthy brown, while Marie’s is spotlessly white.

 Shinji felt as if he was having s*x with opposite twin sisters.

 ”Here, let’s not fight”

 ”Hyaan~, Shinji, what are you doing~noja?”

 Shinji slapped Flair’s ass lightly and Flair jumped up. Then, while they were quarrelling with each other, Flair and Marie’s dresses came off, leaving them both half-naked with only a pair of panties on.

 After that, Shinji thrust out his stiffly erect p*nis in front of them.

 Seeing the p*nis, Flair’s cheeks flushed and she looked like a woman, while Marie was entranced by Shinji’s vigor, which did not wilt even after ejaculation.

 ”If you’ve come to join up, can you please hurry up and serve me?”

 ”I understood~noja……♡”

 ”Okay~ ♡ Flair-chan, let’s do it together~ ♡”

 Flair and Marie press their large breasts against Shinji’s erected p*nis from both sides. Their breasts, which are hardly different in size, cling tightly and densely around the erect p*nis.

 Although, he had done the same kind of double paizuri with Milis and Renka, but Flair and Marie’s double paizuri felt even better.

 As they pressed their breasts firmly against each other with their hands and moved them up and down, their chewy breasts made the whole rod wriggle.

 Shinji couldn’t help but moan out loud.

 ”Shinji, how is our service~? ♡”

 ”You look so good~ ♡ I can feel it’s twitching~ ♡”

 The contrast of black and white makes it even more pleasurable, and when Shinji pats their heads, the two smiled with debauched expressions.

 Double paizuri becomes more and more intense. It became intense, either because they couldn’t wait any longer, or because they wanted to finish the foreplay and move on to the real thing.

 ”You’re going to cum, right~noja? Hurry up~ ♡ Hurry up~ ♡”

 ”P~lease ♡ Give me lots of cum~ ♡”

 The three of them, including Shinji, were breathing heavily.

 When he finally reached the limit of his endurance, he thrust his hips upward and ejaculated when his glans peeked out from between the two women’s breasts.

 Dopyu ♡ Doppu ♡ Dokku ♡ Bupyu ♡

 The semen spurted out like a fountain, staining Flair and Marie’s faces and breasts. They don’t forget to keep rubbing their breasts gently while he’s still ejaculating.

 ”You’re still as good as ever~noja ♡”

 ”Maybe more than the first time~ ♡”

 Shinji breathed heavily as he was satisfied with Flair and Marie’s flawless service. Although he had finished ejaculating, Shinji’s p*nis did not wilt.

 There was still more to come.

 ”It felt good, thank you. It’s my turn now, so I’ll start with……Marie”

 ”Yes~ ♡”

 ”Why not me first, Shinji……?”

 Flair’s mouth twitched in frustration as she looked sideways at Marie, who was happily hugging Shinji. Flair’s mouth is agape as she beckons him.

 ”Well, Flair, you will lay down next to Marie”

 ”Both of us at the same time~? ♡ Shinji-san’s luxury~ ♡”

 ”Hyan~ ♡ Don’t touch me so suddenly~noja ♡”

 Shinji pushed Marie down on the bed and laid Flair down next to her. Marie lays on her back and Flair on her stomach, and he slipped his body between Marie’s thighs.

 He rubs Flair’s ass with one hand while guiding his p*nis to Marie’s private parts with the remaining hand. Marie spreads her legs to welcome Shinji, and pulled him closer to her with both hands.

 ”Mo~, please concentrate on me first~♡ Ah~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ This is…… really…… ♡ Big…… ♡”

 Marie’s vagina, which hadn’t been touched in 50 years, was as good as new.

 She also didn’t show any signs of pain when the p*nis was inserted while prying open her vaginal passage. On the contrary, she gazed at Shinji, the man who dominated her, with an enraptured expression.

 ”Shinji, please…… ♡ I want you to touch me too~noja……♡”

 ”Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Nn…… ♡ Nn~ ♡ Shinji-san’s cock~ ♡ Nn~ ♡”

 Because it’s not enough for Flair to just rub her ass, she begs him to do it. As she wants, Shinji’s middle finger was inserted into Flair’s vagina, lured by the swaying of her hips and the lewdness of her love juices dripping from her private parts.

 Shinji continued to sway his hips back and forth.

 His hips were moving slowly as if he was enjoying Marie’s vagina and his fingers carefully scratching Flair’s vagina.

 It was impossible for Flair and Marie to be satisfied with such movements.

 Gradually, the s*x that Shinji was having begun to shift to one in which the spirits were taking the initiative.


 Flair, Marie, and Shinji begin their threesome.

 Basically, high-ranking spirits don’t allow humans who are not apostles to have s*x with them.

 They don’t have a concept of marriage, so they usually have s*x even if they’re not lovers. Only those who are particularly fond of each other are allowed to have children……

 Therefore, many spirits like to have s*x themselves.

 The more immersed they are, the more aggressive they become. What a dirty race they are……

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