Wizard 17

Chapter 17 Shinji and Drunken Milis

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 It was truly a hellish feast.

 When the four of them returned to the inn from their stroll, Emily was waiting for them, saying something like, “I’m here ♡”

 Emily had come to collect Shinji’s apology earlier in the day and wanted to have dinner with them all for that reason. Shinji tried to refuse, but Alvin, who liked to drink, agreed, and the party was hastily called off.

 Because it would cause trouble at the inn! With Shinji’s desperate persuasion, the feast was held in the room where Shinji was staying.

 Kanpai! The party started off peacefully.

 However, as the drinking progressed, Emily’s true nature came into play.

 Before they knew it, Alvin, Milis, and Renka were all knocked out by the high quality, highly concentrated, easy to drink liquor that Emily had brought in.

 In addition, Emily tried to destroy Shinji as well, but he escaped by throwing in the sleeping powder of the flower spirit Freri, which he had prepared for such an incident.

 However, Shinji smiled thinly at the unexpected opportunity that presented itself.

 He threw Emily into the new room he had taken, and carried Alvin and Renka into their own rooms. He didn’t forget to give them a sniff of sleeping powder so that they would sleep until morning.

 Back in his room, Shinji grabbed the sleeping Milis in his arms and headed for bed.

* * *

 After putting Milis down on the bed, Shinji laid her on her side and hugged her from behind. The petite Milis fit perfectly in Shinji’s arms, and the hug was very comfortable.

 Shinji’s hands touched Milis’s plump breasts. Shinji began to caress the fluffy breasts, which he could feel even through the priest’s clothes.

 As Shinji slowly caresses the large breasts that are too big to fit in his hands, he is convinced that Milis has the best breasts ever.

 His caresses on her breasts became more passionate and he began to rub them carefully.

 ”Mmm… ♡ Al-kun… ♡ It feels so good…♡”

 In a drunken state, Milis surrenders herself to the muscular body of the man hugging her. She accepts the caresses and twists her body in pleasure without suspecting that the person who holding her is not Alvin.

 The relentless caressing of her breasts, which are her sensitive area, makes her body more sensitive than usual.

 Shinji loosened the front of her clothes and grabbed Milis’s breasts directly. Unlike Renka’s firm breasts, Milis’s soft breasts seemed to absorb Shinji’s hands, attracting him.

 He used a combination of aphrodisiac magic and sensitivity-enhancing magic to caress her, and traced his fingertips only around her nipples, which were already swollen ♡. Milis swayed and moaned sweetly in frustrated pleasure.

 ”Uhm, you’re messing around… Hyaah ♡”

 Suddenly, Milis’s nipples were pinched and she came lightly.

 Shinji’s hands never rested as he continued to rub her nipples with his thumb and forefinger to give Milis pleasure. Milis climaxed again from the pleasure of the relentless nipple torture.

 The second climax felt so good that her mind went blank.

 ”Hah~… ♡ Hah~… ♡ Hah~… ♡♡”

 While Milis was in a daze, Shinji’s fingertips left her nipples and went down to her underwear, which was soaking wet from her two climaxes. When Shinji slipped his hand inside her underwear and traced the entrance to her secret area with his finger, Milis shivered with pleasure.

 ”Ah ♡ That place ♡ Ah ♡ Hiii ♡”

 When Shinji’s finger touches her clitoris, Milis lets out a lusty voice. Shinji’s fingers rubbed her clitoris over and over again, and when he pinched it, the pleasure was so strong that Milis cried out and continued to make charming noises.

 The clitoris torture continued until Milis’s underwear was soaked with her love juices and could no longer do its job.

 When the priest’s clothes were pulled down, Shinji’s p*nis, which was much bigger than Alvin’s, was placed at the entrance of Milis’s clitoris.

 ”I’m going to insert it…”

 ”…Fehhh, Shinji-san ~~~ ♡♡♡”

 Just before the insertion, Milis realized that the hand that was making her feel so good was not Alvin’s but Shinji’s. However, Milis’s body was already perfectly prepared to receive the male. Instead of resisting, she lowered her center of gravity and accepted Shinji’s penetration.

 Shinji’s p*nis penetrated her vaginal passage, which overflowing with love juice, and was inserted deepest part of her vagina.

 Milis’s vagina, which was a perfect fit for Alvin, quickly adapted to Shinji’s size. It’s kissed her cervix and glans ♡.

 In spite of the undeveloped depths of her vagina, the aphrodisiac magic gave her more pleasure than pain, and Milis could only soak in the pleasure.

 ”Why… ♡ You doing this… ♡♡”

 ”Milis invited me…”

 ”That’s ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ An”

 Shinji whispered to Milis, who was in a daze from the continuous drunkenness and pleasure, as if it were true. The hypnotic magic eats away at Milis reason, imprinting in her brain that it is the truth.

 The slow shaking of his hips begins, and the pleasure of Shinji’s p*nis rubbing against her vaginal walls robs Milis of her ability to think…

 ”Ni ♡ My Nipple ♡ No ♡ No way ♡♡”

 Milis’s vagina tightens up when Shinji squeezes her nipples. Her plump ass shakes every time Shinji’s hips slam into it.

 ”You like it a little strong, don’t you Milis?”

 ”No ♡ Nn ♡ It’s not ♡”

 ”See, you just squeezed me so hard.”

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ogu ♡♡ Nno ♡♡ It’s not ♡♡”

 Milis tried to deny it, but Shinji silenced her by thrusting his p*nis deep inside her…!. A nasty voice leaked out of her mouth, something that usually never comes out of Milis.

 This is not the same as Alvin’s poor but gentle s*x, but the powerful s*x that dominates Milis and awakens her deepest female instincts makes her moan with pleasure.

 The image of Alvin had disappeared from her mind as she went crazy with pleasure.

 ”This is ♡ Such position… ♡♡ It’s like a doggie ♡♡♡”

 Milis was rolled over from her lying position on her side while still connected, and only her ass was lifted high. Grabbing Milis’ slender hips firmly, Shinji starts pistoning hard again.

 Shinji’s skillful hips swing was already captivating Milis’ body. Unconsciously, Milis also began to shake her hips, and their movements increased together.

 Milis felt that she was about to climax like never before.

 It was a sensation she had never felt before during s*x with Alvin.

 She opened her mouth sloppily, drooled, and pressed her hips against Shinji’s following her female instincts to reach the highest climax. Shinji’s p*nis, which had swelled to the brink of ejaculation, pressed against her cervix.

 ”Aaaaaaaaahhhh ♡♡♡♡♡”

 Milis’s mind went blank and she climaxed with pleasure.

 A lot of semen is released from Shinji’s p*nis as well, filling up Milis’ womb and vagina. Milis continues to climax at the sensation of warm semen filling her vagina.

 Then Shinji poured the last drop of semen into the vagina of Milis and slowly pulled out his p*nis. Semen dripped ♡ from Milis’s private parts and flowed down to her thighs.

 ”Do you want me to continue?”

 ”Fee… ♡ It’s lie… ♡”

 Despite the fact that Shinji ejaculated, his p*nis was exposed still erected in front of Milis, who was easily rolled onto her back. The sight made Milis’s vagina throb and deprived her body to resist.

 Shinji covered Milis again and inserted his p*nis in the normal position.

 ”Huuuu ♡♡ Head ♡ My head is so white ♡ Naaa ♡ I’m going to cum ♡♡♡”

 ”Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.”

 ”No ♡♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Boobs ♡♡ It feels so good ♡♡♡”

 Shinji shakes his hips as he squeezes Milis’ breasts. Milis’s legs are tightly entwined around his waist, and he desperately grips the sheets with both hands.

 Shinji sensed Milis’ hidden preference for torment and switched to a slightly more violent caress. He pinched her nipples, pinched her clitoris, and continued to give Milis small painful pleasurable sensations.

 When Milis’s hips were grabbed again, Shinji began to make violent, animal-like pistoning movements as if he was making a last spurt.

 Milis’s vagina reacts more sensitively than before to the violent pistoning motion that makes her feel more intense than the stagnant shaking of her hips, and she quickly builds up to a climax.

 ”It’s coming ♡ I’m cummingggg ♡♡♡♡”

 Shinji ejaculated for the second time at her very back of her vagina. It was almost the same time as Milis’ climax.

 Milis climaxed while feeling the warm semen that filled her vagina to the fullest, and she fainted into consciousness with a sense of euphoria.

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