Wizard 18

Chapter 18 Milis Aftermatch

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 ”Ugh… what should I do…”

 The day after she and Shinji had a physical encounter.

 Milis was sitting on her bed in her room, holding her knees.

 When Milis woke up, she was lying on her bed in her room before she knew it. She was dressed and looked as if nothing had happened.

 However, Milis’ body remembers the tremendous experience she had last night. She remembered Shinji’s strong body, the caresses that had made her climax over and over again, the great pleasure of being thrust deep into her vagina, and the sensation of her first Creampie…

 ”I need to take medicine…”

 Milis felt like she was being crushed by the guilt she felt for betraying Alvin, while she went through her luggage. Milis and Renka had purchased drugs for insurance purposes since there are incident like at the goblin’s nest. So, they drank it up…

 Milis was no longer worried about getting pregnant, but she didn’t know what to do, so she sat on her bed again and thought about it.

 Just then there was a knock at the door of her room.

 ”Well… Milis, are you awake?”

 The owner of the voice was Shinji. Milis tensed her body.

 She was not sure whether to reply or not, but decided to do so in order to talk to him.

 ”I’m awake…”

 ”I’m sorry… I want to apologize… I just want to talk to you…”

 Milis felt the anxiety she had been carrying ease a little at the tone of Shinji’s regretful voice. She felt that she wasn’t the only one who was troubled by this, so she pulled herself together and opened the door to her room.

 Shinji and Milis, who did not look well, came face to face.

 ”Please come into the room, I want to talk to you.”

 ”Oh, I’m sorry.”

 Milis invited Shinji into the room.

* * *

 Shinji entered the room, stopped at a distance from Milis, and bowed his head.

 ”I’m really sorry for what I did last night…”

 Shinji bowed his head until he could see the top of his head.

 They were both silent, and Shinji waited for Milis’ reaction.

 Milis remained silent, unsure of what to say. It was not an act that could be easily forgiven.

 ”I should have refused you firmly… even though you were drunk, I still feel really bad for putting my hands on you.”

 Milis could see that Shinji was truly repentant.

 Milis couldn’t remember anything about the time between the drinking session and Shinji’s embrace. However, seeing Shinji’s attitude made her realize once again that she had really asked him out.

 Thinking this, Milis no longer felt like blaming Shinji one way or the other. It was Shinji who had put his hands on her, but it was she who had seduced him first. Milis, who had thought she was the only victim, felt guilty.

 ”For now, please look up, Shinji-san.”


 With a mysterious look on his face, Shinji locked eyes on Milis.

 ”That…I feel bad too. I don’t think Shinji-san would have done something like that if he was normal.”

 ”I’m glad you said that, but it’s just not right. I want to apologize to Alvin, and if Milis doesn’t want to see me, then the party…”

 ”Don’t tell this to Al-kun!”

 When Shinji said he was going to apologize to Alvin, Milis immediately interrupted him and raised her voice.

 ”Please, don’t tell Al-kun…”

 Alvin would be very hurt if he heard that Milis had slept with Shinji, even though she was drunk. If Shinji says that he was cheating on her, Alvin might even ask her to leave.

 She should have been honest with him, but she chose to hide it from him out of fear that Alvin would hate her.

 Without realizing that it was Shinji who guided her by reading the character of the girl named Milis.

 ”You didn’t even threaten me with this, Shinji-san. I can see that you’re really sorry. So, I’ll try to forget about yesterday. Please promise me that you won’t tell Al-kun.”

 Shinji nodded silently under Milis’ powerful gaze.

 ”If you feel bad for Al-kun… please continue to support him at the party. It’s his dream to reach an upper rank and challenge <Hateyama Mountain>. Can you help me with that?”

 ”Yes. I’ll work harder than ever.”

 Milis looked at Shinji, who nodded slowly, and smiled, finally releasing his stiffened expression. Shinji scratched his cheek and smiled bitterly, as if he had been overwhelmed.

 ”But, <Hateyama Mountain>. Does he have a purpose?”

 <Hateyama Mountain> is the name of a dangerous mountain that only high-ranked adventurers are allowed to climb. It is a mountain where ferocious monsters live and the adventurer’s guild keeps a close watch on it.

 ”Al-kun’s parents died there. I think that’s why he wants to see it. He wants to see the same scenery as his parents…”

 ”I see… That’s why his parents were adventurers, too.”

 It was as if Milis had told Shinji to risk his life.

 Milis hates herself for how convenient it is for her to say this.

 (How unfair… me…)

 Don’t tell Alvin.

 Even though Milis knows Shinji in the wrong, it seems shallow of her to take advantage of his guilt and demand that he must risks his lives.

 ”What? I’ve always wanted to be better. I’ve always been willing to risk my life, and I never change that way of my life. Alvin and the others are happy to have achieved their goal. It’s a win-win situation. So, don’t look at me like that.”

 Shinji gently held out a handkerchief.

 Milis was unconsciously shedding tears.

 Milis took the handkerchief from Shinji and wiped away the tears.

 ”I’m going to go back, then. See you later.”

 ”Yes… thank you for the handkerchief, Shinji-san.”

 Shinji walked out of the room.

 Milis watches him go.

 This is how the discussion ended.

* * *

 ”Well… I’ll have to make the next opportunity”

 Milis doesn’t notice her mistake as she muttered herself.

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