Wizard 177

Chapter 177 Running Wolves and Green Traveler

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 It was the next day after Shinji’s night of fun with the spirits.

 Early in the morning, Alvin, the other members of <Running Wolves>, Emily, and Akane left the party house and went to the carriage waiting area.

 ”Let’s gooo! It’s nice to have a long vacation!”

 ”I’m a little worried about leaving the party house……”

 ”It’ll be fine. I’ve hired a security guard to watch over the place”

 ”I know, but……”

 In contrast to the excited Emily, Akane was anxious. She seemed to be worried about the party house because she had become so used to being a maid.

 Even though she knew Shinji had arranged for a replacement security guard, she couldn’t help but be concerned.

 ”It’s okay. We’re going on a trip, so let’s enjoy it!”

 ”Yeah……. I’ve never been to <Oeste>, so I’m looking forward to it”

 Akane’s expression brightened as she began to talk with Renka.

 The carriage they were riding in this time was a private one, but they were not alone.

 Several carriages formed a convoy, consisting of passenger carriages and merchants’ carriages. An escort is also hired to protect the convoy, and by acting in a group, the cost of the escort can be reduced from the cost of a single person.

 Although it was a trip, they still brought their own equipment, but they were planning to enjoy the trip purely by not fighting as guests along the way.

 While Alvin and the others were loading their luggage into the carriage they had reserved, they were approached by someone.


 ”Shinji-san ♪”

 It was a voice that Shinji knew well.

 All four of them were dressed in adventurer’s gear and didn’t look like they were going out for fun like Shinji and the others.

 ”Good morning Iris, Lila, Lili and Lilu, are you here to escort the carriage?”

 ”……Yes, desu. …….But Senpai and the others……?”


 Milis hugged Iris from the side. Alvin followed Milis and Shinji watched as Alvin and Lila greeted each other and continued their conversation.

 ”We’re traveling. There’s a lot going on in <Oeste>. So, we thought we’d take a trip together”

 ”……I’m jealous, desu. ……But when we heard about Senpai’s trip to Oeste, we decided to come…… and try it out once, desu. ……Also, it seems that everyone has never been there before, so we decided to go there while…… escorting, desu”

 ”Iris-chan and her friends will protect you, so you don’t have to worry~ ♪”

 ”……Milis-chan, let me go……”

 ”Nope, I don’t want to do that,” said Milis, as she and Iris joked around. Shinji smiled bitterly and turned to Lila and the others.

 ”Shinji, we’re ready”

 ”Thanks, Alvin, we’re all loaded up. Let’s wait until the time comes”

 ”Okay! Mil, you’re getting in the way of Iris’s work”

 After he talks to Lila and the others, Alvin heads towards Milis.

 ”We’ll be safe on the road with Lila-san and the others”

 ”Fufu, leave it to me ♡”

 ”Onee-chan, this carriage didn’t have any problem”

 ”Well, I didn’t think anything would happen to Shinji and the others either. I’m sorry I have to work”

 ”It’s okay, I understand”

 Before they knew it, a soldier was checking around the carriage with his dog, and after telling Lila and the others who were talking to Shinji and the others that everything was fine, they headed for the next carriage.

 This is the inspection that is done on all carriages when leaving from the city, and Lila and the others weren’t just there to make small talk. It is the job of the hired adventurers to detain the people involved in the carriage if anything suspicious is found.

 ”Well then, Shinji-san ♡ have a good trip~ ♡”

 ””See you later~~””

 ”……Senpai, see you later…….desu”

 Shinji waved lightly and parted from Lila and the others.

 Milis was disappointed that Iris had left, but it was her job, so she had no choice. If someone were to look at the other carriages from a distance, they would see that besides Lila and the others, there were several other adventuring parties checking out the carriages.

 ”It looks like we don’t have to worry about this……”

 ”That’s right! The size of the convoy is such that there are enough guards that we don’t need to be too intrusive……”

 Alvin responded to Shinji’s muttering.

 Looking at Alvin’s face, Shinji nodded and got into the carriage, while Alvin and Milis also got into the carriage.

 The time for the carriage to leave was getting closer and closer.

 Alvin and the others waited for the carriage to depart.

* * *

 At the appointed time, the carriages formed up and left the city of <Medio>.

 With the adventurers guarding the perimeter, the carriage proceeded down the street without any problems.

 ”Ahhhh! I lost again!”

 ”Al is really weak, isn’t he?”

 ”It’s a punishment game, Al-kun”

 Alvin, who held the cards until the end, sagged.

 In the carriage, the six of them were playing cards to see who would win. Alvin, who was the last place, puts one hand in the box labeled <Punishment Game> and pulls out a piece of paper at random.

 It said <Impersonate> on it.

 This kind of punishment is something that the more time spent on it, the higher the excitement. Therefore, Alvin acted on a hunch.

 He folded his hands and positioned himself with his elbows on the desk. Alvin poses as if he is sitting in a chair with his eyes sharp.

 ”Welcome…… adventurers. How do you like my impersonation of the…… Branch Chief?”

 ”Well, it’s not powerful enough”

 ”Not bad at all, huh?”

 ”Alvin, you’re not stern enough!”

 ”Goddamn it!”

 They all gave their opinions, but not very positive ones, much to Alvin’s frustration. Anyway, the punishment game was over and they went back to the game.

 ”Isn’t Shinji the only one who hasn’t lost yet?”

 ”You can play cards, chess, Othello…… and almost any other game without a hitch, don’t you, Shinji-san?”

 Alvin and Milis turned their attention to Shinji.

 Alvin has been punished three times, while Milis has been punished twice.

 ”Shouldn’t you be punished at least once?”

 ”Yeah! I’d like to see Shinji get punished!”

 Renka and Emily agree to it.

 ”No, I don’t want it……”

 ”It’s hard, Shinji-san”

 Akane, who had already been punished twice, was not going to help.

 Shinji let out a big sigh.


 They’re going back to Oeste.

 Emily and Akane will be traveling with them in the carriage.

 Their escort happens to be <Green Traveler>

 It’s nice for adventurers to be able to travel around while working as an escort.

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