Wizard 178

Chapter 178 Reward at Oeste

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 The journey to Oeste went smoothly without any problems.

 The adventurers, led by <Green Traveler>, escorted the group of wagons well. Although there were occasional monster attacks, they were able to reach Oeste without any damage, and Alvin was still in the mood to travel and never picked up his weapon.

 While Alvin and the others were packing their belongings in the waiting area of the carriage in Oeste, Iris and the others who had finished their escort mission appeared.

 ”……Thanks for your hard work, desu”

 ”Iris-chan and the others, thank you for your hard work. It was a solid escort”

 ”……Thank you, desu”

 When Shinji praised Iris, her face beamed with happiness. Lila also relaxed her expression in the same way.

 ”……Senpai, what are you going to do now?”

 ”We’ll have to pay a visit to the adventurer’s guild. And after that we’ll probably look for a place to stay”

 Renka, standing next to Shinji, answered Iris’s question.

 Although the request was made in Medio, the last time the request had been resolved was during the succubus incident in Oeste. So, all rewards will be paid to the adventurer’s guild from the temple in Oeste, and <Running Wolves> was told to collect them as soon as they returned to the city.

 As soon as they finished packing their bags, Alvin and the others met up with Shinji and Renka.

 ”……I see, desu”

 ”Iris and the others, what are you planning to do?”

 ”……We’re going to report to the guild as well, desu”

 ”Well, since we’re going there, why don’t we all go together?”

 Iris and the others nodded at Alvin’s invitation.

 After they end the discussion, they all started to move with Alvin in the lead, except for Alvin and Shinji, all of them are women, and all of them are good looking.

 The group naturally drew the attention of the people around them, but there was no man who wanted to talk to them. Alvin, who was walking in the lead, was very good looking and stood out in a good way.

 At first glance, it looked like Alvin’s harem group. In fact, it was all Shinji’s handiwork, but since he was walking at the back of the pack, he didn’t stand out at all.

 Eventually, when they reached the guild, <Running Wolves> and <Green Traveler> parted ways just as they entered the guild.

 The interior of the adventurer’s guild in Oeste was not all that different from the one in Medio.

 After asking Emily and Akane to wait for a while, Alvin and the others headed towards the upper ranks of adventurers’ reception.

 ”Excuse me. Could you please take care of this for me?”

 ”I’ll take care of it……!”

 When the leader, Alvin, presented his adventurer’s card and the receptionist checked it, she gasped. But it was only for a moment that she was flustered.

 With a smile, the receptionist urged Alvin and the others to a private room in the back.

 ”Thank you for your adventurer’s card. I will return it to you. Your reward will be paid in the back, so please move. This way, please”

 ”Okay, thank you”

 After receiving the adventurer’s card, Alvin followed the receptionist to a private room at the back of the guild.

 Shinji and the others followed Alvin to a private room where Alvin and the others faced the receptionist across the desk. As they sit on the couch, a piece of paper is presented to them.

 ”This is the content of the reward that will be paid to <Running Wolves> this time. Please check it out”

 ”I understand!”

 Alvin received the paper and went through the items from the top.

 The paper describes the activities of the <Running Wolves>, starting with the conquest of the heretics bases in <Suru>, the request for the analysis of the crystal, and the defeat of the succubus as well as the destruction of the big crystal.

 At the end, there was a sum of money, which was six times the amount of the originally planned request. Seeing that, Alvin’s eyes widened in surprise.

 ”Thank you very much for your help. As a resident of Oeste, I would like to thank you. The Adventurer’s Guild felt that they should pay an additional reward as well, so after consulting with the…… temple, we have decided to offer this reward”

 ”Thank you very much!”

 Alvin hands the report to Shinji.

 Shinji looks over the report and is just as surprised as Alvin at the sixfold reward. The same was true for Milis and Renka.

 ”Since then, the adventurer’s guild, soldiers and other residents of the city have been inspected. As a result, we found a large number of potential charmed victims. That’s why the guild leader is absent and why I’m speaking on his behalf”

 ”So it was a good decision not to ask the guild for help……”

 ”Regrettably, yes”

 The receptionist who nodded her head had a serious expression on her face.

 ”This is because the base of operations was in the city, and in a place that is highly private and sensitive……”

 ”Yes. The guild leader is single and unfaithful. I can’t say that he’s completely free of responsibility, but I don’t think there will be any serious punishment”

 Shinji followed up and the receptionist showed her understanding.

 With this incident, the adventurer’s guild will have to take measures to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. But that’s for the adventurer’s guild to take care of, and that’s as far as the <Running Wolves> is concerned.

 ”In the end, Mazzola family and other magic guilds have informed me that they will be offering rewards too. So, I want you to stay in Oeste for a while, as I will be contacting you again soon. With that said, The Adventurer’s Guild would like to inform them that <Running Wolves> has arrived in Oeste”

 ”I understand”

 The receptionist took out a letter from her pocket and placed it on the desk.

 ”This is the letter of introduction to the inn. As for the lodging, the magic guild will pay for everything for the duration of your stay, so you can stay here”

 ”……Is it Noble? As expected of a magic guild”

 Shinji muttered when he saw the words written on the letter of introduction.

 ”Do you know it, Shinji?”

 ”It’s the most expensive inn in town”

 Shinji answered Renka’s question briefly.

 ”But we have other companions who went together with us…….”

 ”If you have a letter of introduction, it should be able to help you with that”

 The receptionist smiled and nodded as Milis informed her of her companion’s presence. And this letter of introduction seemed to have that much power.

 Alvin and the others, who were not familiar with the letter of introduction system, were a little uneasy, but Shinji took it for Alvin.

 ”Don’t worry. You won’t get into any trouble. There won’t be any store in this town that will treat you badly if you show them this”

 ”You know a lot, don’t you?”

 On the letter of introduction, in addition to the magic guild, the Mazzola family crest also stamped their name.

 Although Alvin and the others didn’t know about the Mazzola family crest, but Shinji did. So, when someone disrespects this letter, they are making an enemy of the Magic Guild and the Mazzola family. And as long as they live in this city, they can’t do proper business with these two enemies.

 ”I just happen to know it, that’s all”

 Shinji smiled vaguely as he said this.

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