Wizard 179

Chapter 179 Alvin’s Smooth Life as an Adventurer

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 ”It’s getting restless……”

 Alvin was talking to himself in his luxurious room.

 After leaving from the adventurer’s guild, Alvin and the others met up with Emily and Akane and explained to Iris and the others about the inn.

 Alvin and the others felt uncomfortable asking the Magic Guild to take care of Iris and the others at the same inn.

 Also Iris and the others refrained, so they parted ways, promising to meet back at the Adventurer’s Guild for dinner once they had found a place to stay.

 And when they arrived with Shinji in the front, they found it to be more luxurious than any other inn they had ever stayed in. The place was spacious, and there were horse-drawn carriages parked there, as rich families entered the inn.

 Alvin and the others were confused and wondered if they were out of place. However, Shinji was unfazed as he approached the guards guarding the inn and showed them the letter of introduction.

 As soon as he did, they were greeted by the employees and shown to the private room they were in, where they were treated politely.

 Alvin and the others were assigned to six rooms on the same floor.

 ”Al-kun, can I come in?”


 ”Sorry to bother you. It seems your…… rooms are not so different. Because my room had the same vibe”

 After knocking, Milis walked into the room.

 While Alvin was uncomfortable, Milis was not.

 ”I see……. But I just feel uncomfortable”

 ”Fufu, is it too luxurious for you? I think it’s a good thing that this is a rare occasion, because it makes you feel like you’re on vacation”

 Alvin smiled bitterly, but Milis was in a good mood. Alvin could understand why she was in a good mood.

 ”You’re right. I think it would be a shame if we didn’t have some fun!”

 ”That’s right, Al-kun”

 When Alvin thought about it again, the room that was supposed to be uncomfortable suddenly felt nice, thanks to Milis’ positive words.

 And suddenly he realized that he had achieved a remarkable degree of success to be able to stay in such a place.

 ”……We’re almost there, aren’t we?”


 It’s been a few years since he decided to challenge <Hateyama>.

 He was worried that it would take more time, or that he wouldn’t be able to become an upper rank adventurer in the first place, but he was able to advance to upper-intermediate rank right now.

 Today, they were only talking about rewards, but it wouldn’t be surprised if they get a promotion when the guild leader returns. As the achievement of saving a city is that big.

 ”Somehow, when things are going so well it’s scary”


 Milis looked up at Alvin. And Alvin, who was looking out the window of his room at the inn’s garden, had a gloomy look on his face.

 ”I’m starting to think that I’m paying a price for doing so well, and I don’t even know it”

 ”…..It’s because you’re working so hard, Al-kun”

 Milis’s heart started to beat faster as she thought that he might know about the s*x affair.

 But she didn’t let her voice tremble as she said it.

 She felt guilty for cheating on her beloved, but a shiver ran down her spine at the immorality of holding the secret of her affair.

 ”You’re right……. I’m sorry I said something weird”

 ”It’s okay, Al-kun. It’s my role to comfort my anxious lover”

 Milis smiled back at Alvin, who also smiled brightly as usual after his gloomy face.

 And then, the two of them, holding hands, left the room together. They leave the room together to have a joint feast of the <Running Wolves> and the <Green Traveler>.

 ”It’s going to be a fun night!”


 The two of them walked towards their friends.

* * *

 (Ah, this dream again……)

 Ever since Alvin had dreamed that Shinji, Renka and Milis were having intercourse, he had been having similar dreams from time to time.

 After so many times, Alvin would get used to it.

 But today’s dream was clearly different.

 [Ah~ ♡ An~ ♡ Shinji-san~ ♡ It’s big~ ♡ Good~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ Fah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡]

 There was no sign of Renka, but Shinji and Milis were having s*x. In addition, Alvin could hear her lover Milis moaning.

 The voice was the same as that of her lover, whom Alvin knew well. Without even trying to suppress her moans, she was being pounded by Shinji in the back with an entranced face.

 Shinji stood on his knees behind Milis, holding her waist firmly. It was as if he was the one in control of Milis’ body.

 But as usual, Alvin couldn’t hear what Shinji was saying. The only thing he could hear was Milis’ voice.

 [Hah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Cumming~ ♡ I’m cumming~ ♡ Nnnnnn~~ ♡♡♡]

 Milis, who was being penetrated by Shinji’s big cock, stiffened her body.

 Alvin’s p*nis naturally reacts to the sight of his lover’s shaking body and pleasure-drenched face as he climaxes.

 [I’m sorry……. I came first…… ♡ So…… ♡ I will serve you properly…… ♡]

 They changed positions quite naturally.

 While Shinji was lying on his back on the bed, Milis was straddling him in the cowgirl position.

 She was so aggressive that he looked just like Milis when she getting rid of succubus charm that she experienced it a while ago.

 The next thing he knew, Alvin had uncovered his own p*nis and was slowly working it.

 [An~ ♡ Hyann~ ♡ Mo……. ♡ After all, Shinji-san likes breast…… ♡ Nn~ ♡]

 Shinji grabbed Milis’ swaying big breast.

 And Milis, who was shaking her hips vigorously, had a smile on her face that was half happy and half embarrassed. It was a look that Alvin knew well.

 It was a sign that Milis was completely comfortable with Shinji.

 Then their movements turned violent.

 Their up and down movements were perfectly timed and their breathing was in sync. Alvin’s excitement was heightened by the sound of her voice, which sounded really good.

 (When with me, she has to keep her voice down. ……Mil! Mil! Milis, does it feel that good?)

 Alvin’s masturbation never stops.

 He should be sad, but he couldn’t contain his excitement.

 It wasn’t just Alvin’s fault. But also the fact that in a succubus’s dream, a man can get excited no matter what.

 [Aah~ ♡ I’m so excited~ ♡ Do you want to ejaculate?……♡ Ah~ ♡ Let it out……♡ Please let it out inside……♡ Nn~ ♡ I’m cumming~ ♡ Cummmmming~ ♡♡♡]

 ”I’m cumming too……!”

 Milis climaxed and Alvin released his semen at the same time.

 Alvin ejaculated without sput out his semen next to Milis, who was happily accepting Shinji’s semen in her vagina.

 Then, the dream ended abruptly.


 Alvin jumps out of bed.

 And finds Milis sleeping next to him.

 ”Nn……? Al-kun……?”

 Alvin woke up suddenly and Milis looked up at him with sleepy eyes, Alvin smiled vaguely and patted Milis on the head.

 ”Sorry, I had a weird dream……. Good night, Mil”

 ”Un…… Al-kun, good night……♡”

 With a happy smile on her face, Milis fell asleep again.

 Yes, after the joint banquet, the two of them came back to the room. There is no way that something like that could actually happen.

 So Alvin should be relieved.

 (I can’t believe I want to see more lewd Mil……. That’s just something I’ll have to work on, right?)

 With something bothering him, Alvin fell asleep again.


 So, that was the fifth part of the Goddess of Evil (Succubus) Arc until it was resolved.

 It took a little longer than expected.

 It’s felt the author packed too much into it.

 Alvin is being influenced by lewd dreams.

 His adventuring life is going very well, and he had been promoted to upper-intermediate rank and finally able to stay at a high class inn. Not many people can make it this far.

 Any man will get excited in a succubus’s dream.

 Freri-chan seems trying to make him to think he’s excited by being cuckolded by repeatedly showing him cuckold scenes.

 Will Alvin ever wake up to cuckolded fetish?

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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.

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