Wizard 180

Chapter 180 Oeste and Those who Rule the Magic Guilds

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 The morning after Alvin’s lewd dream.

 Alvin and the others had breakfast brought to their rooms individually.

 For each room, the inn staff took care of everything from bringing the food, serving it, and serving drinks until the dishes were cleaned.

 They even prepared a meal for Milis, who stayed in the same room with Alvin without notice.

 (The service of high-class inn is amazing……)

 Alvin was impressed, but the two of them couldn’t make plans together, so they all went to Shinji’s room. And then the day before, they had decided to meet at Shinji’s room in the morning.


 ”Good morning~”

 As they knocked and entered Shinji’s room, they found that Renka, Emily, and Akane were all there and then they greet them. Alvin and Milis were the last one who arrived.

 ”Well, what should we do today? I haven’t heard anything from the magic guild yet”

 ”Hmm, what should we do……?”

 ”I want to go sightseeing! This city is known for its magic, right? There might be some interesting things to see!”

 Alvin, who is lost, and Emily, who is very assertive, speak at the same time.

 ”Don’t worry about the contact. It’s not like we’re supposed to come right away. If they want to contact today, we’ll have to wait a few days”


 Shinji chuckled as he covered Emily’s mouth with his hand, because based on his experience, if he didn’t cover Emily’s mouth, he wouldn’t be able to talk about the other members’ demands.

 She immediately starts to scream as Shinji covers her mouth with his hand.

 ”Maybe we can go into town then”

 ”Before, we just walked around for a bit to have dinner”

 Renka affirmed Alvin’s words, while Milis and Akane nodded their heads in agreement.

 ”I’ve been to the restaurant district last time, so why don’t we go to the magic shopping district today?”


 Emily raised her hand in agreement.

 ”Now, before we go into the city. Here are some tips for walking around. Don’t get involved with aristocrats. If you get involved, don’t mess with them. Is that clear?”

 Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

 And so, Alvin and the others set off on their tour in Oeste.

* * *

 While Alvin and the others were walking around the city.

 Four nobles were gathered in a meeting room on the top floor of the Magic Guild.

 ”So, the prize from the magic guild has been determined, right?”

 ”Yes…… I have no objection to that”

 Noah Beltz, the head of the Beltz family, agrees with the words of Pino Mazzola, the head of the Mazzola family.

 ”It’s a very generous thing to do. Two advanced-ranking spell books?”

 ”But it is reasonable. Our men had suffered a lot of damage. We owe the temple a debt of gratitude. However, we must be grateful to the Mazzola family because it has been treated as a joint operation”

 The dark-haired gentleman who spoke quietly was Blade Valencia. He is the head of the Valencia family.

 The silver-haired gentleman who speaks lengthily with a bitter look on his face is Gaizka Osborn. He is the head of the Osborn family.

 Mazzola, Beltz, Valencia, and Osborn.

 This was the house where these four families ran the magic guild and selected the best wizards/witches for the tea party.

 ”Umu. It was fortunate that the crystal could not be analyzed in the temple. Besides, the source of the gems was in Suru……”

 ”Until the commotion was over, all of the houses except Mazzola’s were unaware of it. …… It seems the succubus was hiding well in the city”

 It’s easy to imagine that if the crystal hadn’t been brought in, the succubus invasion would have been much more deep-rooted. No matter how many excellent wizards/witches there are in the magic guild, they can’t fight satisfactorily when they don’t know who the enemy is.

 Without exaggeration, there was a possibility that the city would fall.

 ”I’m not worthy. I’ll have to re-train”

 ”Well, I can’t do anything too if a succubus approaches me in a city where people are less cautious. No matter how good I’m, I’ll still lose. That’s how strong they are against men. Valencia must know it too”


 Gaizka words are correct and Blade has to admit that. It made Blade silence, sniffing grimly.

 The other day, it was decided that this prize would be paid to the adventurer. And today’s gathering was only a final confirmation.

 ”House Valencia approves”

 ”House Osborn approves”

 ”House Beltz approves”

 ”House Mazzola, approves. ……Then, we’ll give them the prize the day after tomorrow as planned. I also will pay for their expenses”

 All four families agreed, and Pino nodded his head in satisfaction.

 Pino-Mazzola was the most noble of the four.

 Those who have performed well and deserve recognition will be evaluated and rewarded. As an honest aristocrat, he made fair judgments because he handled the magic of <Analysis>.

 ”Pino-dono. I was wondering if you could send a letter to the messenger. My daughter would like to speak with them. I’d like to invite them to my house”

 ”No problem. I’ll send a messenger tonight. If you bring it to me during the day, I’ll take care of it”

 ”Thank you”

 The Mazzola family and the Beltz family are relatively close.

 As that reason, they can ask each other for small favors like this without worrying about lending or borrowing.

 As soon as the conversation was over, Blade Valencia left his seat.

 The Valencia family has little to do with any other family, and they don’t get involved with other families unless they have to. Normally, no one would call out to them, but not today.

 ”Valencia-dono, do you have any idea who this Shinji guy is?”

 ”……I haven’t heard that name before”

 Blade stopped, unable to ignore a man who had the same rank as him.

 ”I see. The wizard in their party looked like Valencia-dono. I thought he was someone from a branch of the family”

 ”Hmm. Yeah, he had a face like Valencia-dono”

 ”Well, if you two say so, then you must be right”

 Pino agreed with Noah’s words. Gaizka also found it interesting and joined in the conversation, but the name Shinji was unfamiliar to Blade.

 As the head of the family, Blade knows all the members of the family, from the main family to the branch families. There is no one named Shinji among them.

 Also, there was no one named Shinji among those who had been expelled from the house.

 ”I don’t remember him. He’s probably just another person”

 ”That’s good to know……. I’m sorry I stopped you”

 ”No worries. I’ll see you later”

 ”Yeah, see you day after tomorrow. See you at the awards”

 Blade left the conference room.

 The door closed, and he started to walk away from the room. As he walked away from the room, the sound of voices in the room began to fade.

 ”……No way, huh?”

 While walking, Blade pondered Noah’s words. And then he thought of a possibility.

 It was his failure son, who had not been found dead but was probably not alive. There had once been an eldest son who had been treated as a magical experiment for the good of the family.

 What if that eldest son was still alive?

 ”……Just in case”

 No one was listening to Blade’s ramblings.


 This is part 6, Oeste edition.

 Now, first of all, here are the heads of the four families that have great influence on Oeste and the magic guild.

 The prize for the high-ranking spell book is over 100 gold coins per book, which is normally enough for an upper rank adventurer to save up and buy.

 It’s up to Alvin and the others to decide who will learn the most powerful magic.

 Each house is represented by its own magic, just like Mazzola is represented by his <Analysis>.

 It seems that Shinji really has something to do with the Valencia family……

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