Wizard 181

Chapter 181 Strolling Together Around the Magic Shopping District

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 ”Oh~…… It’s awesome~”

 ”Really. It’s really…… amazing……”

 When Alvin and the others arrived at the Magic Shopping District, they were surprised to find that the atmosphere was quite different from what they had imagined.

 The stores on the main street were lined with gorgeously decorated two-story stores, and each store had a wide area with room for a carriage to dock.

 Not many of the customers were dressed as adventurers like Alvin and the others, but most of them were neatly dressed.

 ”Is this the main street look like? The only stores here are those authorized by the Magic Guild, and they sell a lot of high-end goods. But we’re going to the second street next door”

 ”Yeah, that’s right! It’s a bit of a different world…….”

 Milis, Renka and Akane reacted in a similar way.

 ”You can go into the store if you want. But it’s a little out of style, although they have a good selection. I’ve been told that there is a rare magic tool that can’t be found on anywhere except on this street”

 ”I don’t have anything specific that I want, so I’ll pass on that for now”

 Shinji asked around, but no one wanted to go in.

 Therefore, they moved to the second street, which was just like any other shopping street in the city.

 ”I feel more comfortable in this kind of atmosphere”

 ”I don’t like stuffy places either”

 Shinji led the group of people who were finally feeling comfortable.

 ”What are you going to do now?”

 ”Hmm, let’s just hang out. I’d like to buy some stuff for the party house”

 ”What are you going to buy?……”

 Renka, who knew that Alvin’s room was not very tidy, looked at him with a puzzled look in her eyes.

 ”Some kind of local souvenir, maybe?”

 ”Mil, you’d better keep an eye on Al, or he’ll have a whole house full of strange objects in no time”

 ”Haha…… I’ll be careful”

 For some reason, Alvin is smug as if he said something good, but Renka ignores him and starts talking to a smiling Milis.

 Then Shinji lightly tapped Alvin on the shoulder.

 ”Alvin, since we’re here, why don’t you look for some gems? Magically crafted gems are interesting because they are different from ordinary gems”

 ”Oh! Certainly, …… it might be a nice idea. If I buy it, will Haruto process it for me?”

 ”I don’t think it will be a problem. Because it’s not unusual to order something with a specific gemstone”

 Shinji and Alvin whispered to each other in hushed tones.

 Alvin nodded his head and gave a thumbs up, but Shinji stopped whispering and spoke so that everyone could hear.

 ”Let’s go into a decent store for now. First of all, let’s go to that jewelry store”

 ”Right~ ♪ Shinji, buy some accessories for me ♡”


 Shinji took the initiative to go to the jewelry store.

 Emily jumps on Shinji’s right arm and hugs his arm, and Renka takes his left arm and hugs his arm too. As the three of them walked side by side to the store, Akane followed behind, followed by Alvin and Milis.

 (Master is so aggressive…… Even Renka is very aggressive when she is no longer hiding the relationship……)

 Renka, after publicly revealing herself as Shinji’s girlfriend, does not hide her affection for him and is willing to cross her arms in public.

 She doesn’t get attached to him more than she has to if she’s not competing with Emily……

 Alvin glanced sideways at Milis, who was standing next to him.

 He looked down and saw Milis’s hands swaying as she walked.

 Milis does not try to touch Alvin more than necessary in the presence of others. When it’s just his relatives, she’ll pamper him, so Alvin has no complaints.

 Today, however, Shinji and the others were crossing their arms in front of him, which made Alvin jealous, so he grabbed Milis’ hand.

 Milis was surprised by Alvin’s sudden action, but smiled and squeezed his hand back.

 Then Alvin and Milis, hand in hand, went around looking at the jewelry.

 While doing so, Alvin was able to find out Milis’ taste in jewelry. And with the real thing in front of them, it was not unnatural for them to talk about this and that.

 He was able to research Milis’ favorite jewel in a very natural way.

 (Now the surprise was as good as a success……! Thank you, Shinji!)

 Shinji was in the middle of being tossed around by Renka and Emily when Alvin looked at him with gratitude.

* * *

 After strolling through the magic shopping district, Alvin and the others decided to return to the inn just before dark. When they arrived at the inn, they were politely greeted by the employees.

 ”We are keeping a letter for you”

 ”Thank you! Shinji! It’s from the Magic Guild!”

 Alvin received two letters from the employees.

 One of the two letters Alvin had received from an employee was wrapped and stamped with the same seal as the invitation he had received from the Adventurers’ Guild, so even Alvin recognized it.

 Hearing Alvin’s voice, Shinji came to Alvin’s side. Renka and Milis had also gathered to see what it said.

 ”The other letter was from the…… Beltz family. Why don’t we start with the letter from the magic guild?”

 Shinji had a bad feeling about the letter with the Beltz family crest stamped on it.

 Alvin opened the letter and checked the contents.

 ”They want us to come to the magic guild the morning after tomorrow. Apparently, we’ll get a prize there”

 ”That’s pretty much what I expected…… Now, what about the Beltz family?”

 Shinji breathed a sigh of relief at the predictable content.

 If they’re taking a break for too long, their intuition gets dull. Because Alvin and the others who are aiming to reach Hateyama are planning to repeat moderate battles to build up their skills.

 So, they can’t stay in Oeste forever.

 ”……Hey, what’s the meaning of this?”

 ”Can you show me? …….”

 Shinji took the letter from Alvin, who was tilting his head, and checked the text.

 The letter was filled with cute characters, and the summary was that she wanted to come to the house to hear about the adventure of saving the city because she couldn’t hear about it last time.

 (Hearing the story is just a pretext, but I guess she wants to see ……Alvin again. That young lady)

 Looking at Alvin, Shinji thought that the young lady had fallen in love with him and it was troublesome.

 ”It’s an invitation to talk, isn’t it? It’s a letter from a young lady that Alvin helped the other day”

 ”Oh~, I can’t refuse it……, right?”


 Alvin, who was nervous at the Beltz house was clearly not in high spirits, and Milis’s glare made Alvin break out in a cold sweat.

 ”It’s hard. I think it’s more practical to just go talk to her quietly and leave city as soon as possible”

 ”I knew it……”

 Alvin sighed in dismay.

 If Alvin want to marry Milis, he needs to avoid the noble’s daughter.

 ”Just don’t be alone with her, that’s all”

 Alvin nodded silently at Shinji’s words.


 They went window shopping in the magic shopping district.

 The main street is for the wealthy.

 The second street is for adventurers and commoners.

 Alvin and Milis are holding hands, as if on a date.

 Shinji is just being pushed around. He can’t win in the daytime…… (laughs)

 The date with the Magic Guild has been set.

 And the Beltz family has invited them.

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