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Chapter 182 Magic Guild Rewards

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 The next day, after all of them had strolled around the city, Alvin and the others decided to go on their own.

 However, Alvin went out on a date with Milis, and Shinji went out with Renka, Emily, and Akane.

 Before dark, Shinji and his group had returned to the inn. All the women were in a good mood and glowing, so there was no need to tell them what had happened during the day.

 And when the sun went down, Alvin and Milis came back, but everyone was back to normal, so Alvin didn’t notice that Shinji was having physical relations with all of them.

 Thus, Alvin and the others spent a very peaceful day. After enjoying their day off to the fullest, all of them fell asleep except for one.

 Shinji was the one who stayed awake, closing his eyes and thinking.

 The next day at the awards ceremony. He thought that something would happen there, and was thinking of various patterns.

 (Don’t worry…… This is also within the range of what I had expected)

 If the magic guild gives a reward, then the heads of the four families will be present. If that’s the case, he’ll meet the head of the Valencia family.

 It’s not surprising that there was some action, considering the possibility that the Mazzola or Beltz families had already heard about Shinji.

 [Shinji, are you okay?]

 A thought from Freri came to Shinji, who couldn’t sleep.

 [Ah……. No problem. I’ve taken care of it]

 [Then, it’s good. I don’t want to lose the connection with Shinji]

 Shinji chuckled to himself at Freri’s words, knowing Shinji’s situation. Freri knew what he was talking about. She knows that tomorrow’s place will be a dangerous place for Shinji.

 [I need you to keep working for me. Once I get my reward, we’ll be back to adventuring]

 [……Yes. Make sure you continue to entertain me]

 [Sure. Good night, Freri]

 After hearing Freri’s reply, Shinji fell asleep.

* * *

 The next day, Alvin and the other members of <Running Wolves> visited the Magic Guild.

 As soon as they entered the building, Alvin and the others attracted the attention of the staff. The information circulating in the Magic Guild was about a succubus problem.

 Naturally, a lot of information is being exchanged about the <Running Wolves> who have solved the problem, and it’s no exaggeration to say that they are the most popular adventures party in Oeste right now.

 No wonder all eyes were focused on Alvin, the handsome leader of such a hot party.

 Despite the stares and the uncomfortable feeling, Alvin and the others were led by a staff member up the stairs to the top floor of the building.

 Soon, they arrived at the lobby on the top floor.

 The lobby was grandly decorated, with a red carpet extending in a straight line to the door at the back.

 As the staff had complete guided them this far, he told Alvin and the others that they would be entering the doors. After guided them, he bowed and walked down the stairs.

 ”This is <Running Wolves>”

 ”Come in”

 Alvin shouted in front of the door and a man’s voice came from inside. The voice sounded familiar to Alvin and the others.

 Alvin opened the door and they all walked into the room.

 ”Welcome. And it’s been a few days”

 ”It’s been a while, Mazzola-sama”

 The voice came from Pino Mazzola.

 Pino was the one who will give them the reward as he is the most connected to the <Running Wolves>. In addition to that, there is no other head of the families here.

 As long as the Mazzola family is represented by the magic guild, there is no need for the other heads to be here.

 ”Umu. So, let’s talk about the reward right away”

 Pino took out a scroll from his pocket and opened it on the spot.

 When Alvin stepped forward to represent his group, Pino cleared his throat and read the scroll.

 ”As your skill had solved the succubus riot, the magic guild will give you a reward for saving the city. The reward consists of two scrolls of advanced magic. These scrolls can be exchanged for spell books at the magic store on Main Street. You may choose any two spell books of your choice from the store…… That’s it”

 ”Thank you very much!”

 After reading, Pino rewrapped the scroll, tied it with a magical thread, and presented it to Alvin, who accepted it graciously.

 ”Umu…. Well, now that I’m done speaking for the Magic Guild, the Mazzola family would like to ask you something. What do you plan for now?”

 ”We have been invited by the Beltz family, so we plan to visit them once and then return to Medio”

 Alvin was honest about his future plans. Because Shinji had advised him that lying to a noble would only get him in trouble.

 On the other hand, when Pino hears Alvin’s reply, he ponders without changing his expression.

 (Noah used his daughter well)

 Pino, who did not know that Noah’s daughter was in love with Alvin at first sight, knew that the Beltz were planning to incorporate or strengthen their relationship with the <Running Wolves>

 For now, the Mazzola’s are the most involved, but as the Beltz’s grow closer through their private lives, the <Running Wolves> may begin to prioritize the Beltz’s requests over the Mazzola’s.

 Because the more connections the nobles has with a party of capable adventurers, the better of the nobles would be.

 Therefore, Pino must also take action to strengthen his ties with the <Running Wolves>.

 ”I want you to visit the Mazzola family before you return to Medio. It’s to make great connection for us. If you return to Medio, there is a task I would like to ask you to do. Of course, I will pass it through the guild as a nomination request”

 ”Thank you very much. I’ll definitely visit you!”

 Pino offered the clear advantage of a nomination request.

 Pino’s willingness to build a relationship through his work greatly increased Alvin’s liking for him. Of course, not only Alvin, but Renka and Milis as well.

 Pinot nodded his head in agreement, clearly pleased with Alvin’s response.

 ”Umu. I’ll be waiting for you. I’ll be at the Magic Guild most of the day. You can visit me anytime”

 ”I understand. ……..Well then, excuse me”

 Shinji and the others bowed to Alvin and left the room together.

 Alvin, Milis and Renka were relaxed, thinking that everything that needed to be done was done.

 Shinji, however, had not let his guard down.

 For Shinji, at least, the current Magic Guild was a place where he could not let his guard down until he left the building.

 And just as Shinji had predicted, there was someone blocking the way back.

 The man’s face was similar to Shinji’s, even to Alvin and the others, and it made them think that Shinji might look like this when he got old.

 This face made Pino-Mazzola and Noah-Beltz want to check if Shinji was related to them or not.

 The man who blocked them is Blade-Valencia.

 The head of the Valencia family was waiting for him in the lobby.


 Prioritizing advancing the story.

 It’s a bit of a serious part.

 Alvin seems to like the Mazzola family more than the Beltz family.

 Well, as long as there is a woman in his mind, Milis, he prefers the businesslike Mazzola rather than the courting Beltz.

 And then there was the ambush from Valencia.

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