Wizard 183

Chapter 183 Denying Valencia Blood

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 Blade Valencia and the <Running Wolves> met in the lobby.

 All the members of the <Running Wolves>, except Shinji, felt that Blade’s face resembled Shinji’s, but they had no intention of talking to Blade, who was dressed like an aristocrat.

 Therefore, they gave him a light bow and walked on past him.

 On the other hand, Blade had actually seen Shinji’s face, and his suspicion that he was his dead son was growing. .

 But when Blade made eye contact with Shinji, Shinji didn’t show any reaction.

 He just walked over to pass by, just like Alvin and the others.

 ”Wait. You all must be <Running Wolves>, right?”

 When Alvin, Milis, and Renka walked past Blade and Shinji also about to do the same, Blade stopped them.

 As Alvin could not ignore the aristocrat, he turned and nodded lightly in affirmation.

 ”Yes. We are the <Running Wolves>”

 ”I see. I am Blade Valencia, head of the Valencia family, one of the four families that run the magic guild. I need a moment of your time”

 Alvin could only nod his head in silence, but inwardly he was annoyed by Blade’s selfish words and actions.

 Blade’s gaze was fixed on Shinji. And Shinji with his sharp gaze, unafraid to look back into Blade’s eyes.

 ”Your name is Shinji, isn’t it? Mazzola and Beltz are right, we do resemble each other a lot. You were born in Valencia, were you?”

 ”No, I wasn’t. I’m a commoner”

 Shinji and Blade look at each other.

 And with a puzzled look on his face, Shinji immediately denied what Blade had said.

 Alvin and the others gasped at the tension that seemed to be building in the air.

 ”You’re too much like me to just say that, Shinji. I want you to prove it to me. Prove you’re not related”

 Then Blade took out a cord from his pocket.

 Both ends of the cord have a belt attached to them, and in the middle of the cord is a magic stone.

 ”Magic power assessment?”

 ”Yes. If you are a wizard, you should know the theory”

 Magic power varies from person to person.

 But the wavelength of the magic power of people who are related by blood is very similar.

 This magic tool is a magic tool that absorbs magic power when two people put on the belt, and collects the magic power into the magic stone in the center.

 Magic with similar wavelengths will mix, but magic with incompatible wavelengths will repel and disappear.

 Using this property, it is possible to measure how much magic power can be stored in the white magic stone to find out how similar the wavelengths of the magic power of two people are.

 In general, it is said that 80% of the magic power can be stored if there is a parent-child relationship, and 50% if the two people are blood related.

 People in positions that value blood, such as the aristocrat, are required to use this magic tool to check their blood relations upon birth.

 Blade’s son, who is supposed to be dead, have been measured at 85% in the past.

 Blade thought that if Shinji was his supposedly dead son, he would not want to be measured.

 But Shinji didn’t hesitate to pick up the belt and wrap it around his wrist.

 ”If it makes you feel any better, Valencia-sama”

 ”…..Good choice”

 Blade did the same and wrapped the belt around his wrist.

 As Alvin and the others watched, the magic power from Blade and Shinji was sucked up into the magic stone.

 The glittering blue magic power was sucked into the magic stone through the cord.

 Then as the magic power and the magic power try to mix….. most of them repel each other and disappear.

 The result is that the magic power stored in the magic stone is only 10% or so.


 Blade could not believe the result.

 Because he thought that Shinji was his dead son.

 However, the result of the magic tool was negative. Also the magic tool had been tested before he came here, and there was no malfunction.

 This meant that Shinji and Blade were not related.

 Shinji was not surprised by the result and took off the belt from his wrist with an expression of no surprise.

 ”Are your suspicions confirmed?”

 ”……Ah. Thanks for your help”

 Blade’s instincts were telling him that it was his son.

 But the fact that the magic tool clearly denied it made it impossible for Blade to pursue the matter any further.

 Shinji bowed lightly and joined Alvin and the others.

 Alvin and the others also bowed lightly to the standing Blade and then left from the lobby, the stairs, and the Magic Guild building.

* * *

 ”Shinji, what was that all about?”

 Alvin opened his mouth as they left the Magic Guild. Shinji explained about the magic tools without hesitation.

 ”So it’s really just someone else”

 Renka exhaled somewhat relieved, and Shinji nodded as if it was obvious.

 ”That’s what I’m saying……”

 ”But you actually look exactly alike, so it’s no wonder he was suspicious”

 ”Yeah. I was really surprised too”

 ”I was surprised, too……”

 Shinji agreed with Alvin and Milis.

 Even Alvin and the others saw that the magic tools denied the blood relationship, so the topic was changed without further discussion.

 ”And then we have a connection with the Beltz and Mazzola families”

 ”It’s nice to have a nomination request, Al-kun!”

 ”Ou! Keep up the good work, we’re going to get a lot of achievements!!”


 Shinji followed behind Alvin and the others who were in a good mood.

 Unlike Alvin and the others who were excited about the nomination request, Shinji was relieved that he had been able to fake it.

 Shinji definitely had Valencia blood in his veins, and Blade Valencia was definitely Shinji’s father.

 [It went well, Freri]

 [……That’s good. But don’t let your guard down until you leave from city]

 [I know. Thank you, Freri]

 As Shinji exchanged thoughts with Freri, he thought of the couple of succubus who had raised him when he was still a child.

 (Dad, Mom……)

 Like the Mazzola family’s <Analysis>, the Valencia Family had a magic that they continued to study.

 The magic is <Transition>.

 A high-rank spirit can easily create a series of spells with its abundant magical power, but not a human. So the Valencia family had been studying the magic of <Transition> for generations.

 And Braid-Valencia was the one who created a new magic called <Transfer Gate>.

 It was a magic that could reduce the consumption of magic power far more than normal <Teleport> by connecting gates that had been set up beforehand.

 If successful, this would be a major project that could change the distribution of the country.

 So after he successfully experiment it with the wild animals and goods with <Transfer Gate>, it was time to experiment it with humans… And the first one who will be used for the experiment was the young Shinji, who was the eldest son of the Valencia family, but had little magic power and was kept secret as someone who didn’t exist.

 And when the first experiment using human started, the young Shinji was pushed by Blade to enter the gate, but he never came out of the other gate. This led Blade to stop the experiment and start redeveloping the gate, which he judged to be dangerous.

 And, then he immediately started to redevelop the gate……

 Still, Young Shinji who disappeared into the gate was not dead.

 He was fortunate enough to have crossed over to another world without dying. In the other world, Shinji was picked up by an unusual couple of succubus and incubus.

 Shinji was raised by the couple’s with playful ways, and Shinji called them his mother and father.

 And as Freri’s mother was a friend of the couple, Freri had known him since then.

 The incubus, or male succubus, can take in the magic of the woman he holds.

 Shinji, who learned this magic from his father, has been gradually absorbing magic from the women he has held and transforming it into his own magic. That’s why the magic power of Shinji now is completely different from when he was born.

 Therefore, he was able to fool the parent-child relationship through the measurement of his magic power.

 Shinji knew that there was a magic tool that was very expensive and was trusted by the aristocrat. Also, there was no other magic tool that could be used to check blood relations.

 So Shinji had predicted that Blade would use this tool in all likelihood.

 As a result, Shinji’s prediction was correct and he was able to return home safely.

 (He’s the kind of guy who would definitely come to erase his own son if he knew I was still alive……)

 Thus, Shinji successfully avoided a big trouble.


 Shinji’s past was revealed.

 As expected, it had something to do with the Valencia family.

 A young Shinji was transferred to a different world as part of a magic experiment, and was picked up and raised by an unusual couple of succubus and incubus. That’s why he has a high level of erotic magic.

 And then, it’s a story about a young Shinji who returns to his original world and lives as an adventurer.

 As there is no such thing as a DNA test, so the only way to measure it is by magic. If someone can control their own magic, they can also control the wavelength of their child’s magic before they are born. Furthermore, the magic of the succubus is so powerful that it can even change the s*x of the child to a girl or make the child look like its mother! (emphasis added)

 How did he come back to his world? The author will explain later….

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