Wizard 184

Chapter 184 Shinji Continues to Avoid Trouble

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 After leaving from the Magic Guild, Alvin and the others decided to head to Magic store that is authorized by the Magic Guild in order to receive the reward spell book so they can leave the city as soon as they finish their visit to the Beltz family and the Mazzola family tomorrow.

 ”It’s not easy to find two of these things”

 ”Well, advanced spell books are quite expensive when bought normally, so we need to choose carefully”

 On the main street they had visited two days ago.

 Alvin and the others walked toward the store they were looking for. As two days ago, when they found the main street, they feel a bit unpleasant to walk around without a purpose, but today they had a reason to go to the magic store, so it made them feel a little more relaxed.

 ”What do you have in mind, Shinji-san?”

 ”Personally, I’m looking for a spell book that’s only sold in this city”

 Shinji immediately answers Milis’ question.

 ”And because the magic guild’s directly managed the store, we’re only deals with the magic of the four families that run the magic guild. Each of the four family magic is the result of the magic they researched, and the results are sold as magic books”

 Although the magic of the four families is not the latest, but the results of their research, the magic of the four families is still powerful.

 Naturally, because the scroll is treated as an advanced spell book, Shinji recognized that this reward was the right to learn two of the four families’ spells.

 ”The Mazzola’s <Analysis>. The Beltz’s <Limit Break>. The Valencia’s <Teleport>. The Osborn’s <Gravity>. These are the four most expensive spell books, so choosing one of them is the best deal” (*Note: 転移 -> Transition/Teleport)

 ”That may be true if we just look at the price, but I think……the most important thing is whether we can use it”

 ”<Limit Break>…… It sounds really cool!”

 Alvin reacted excitedly to Shinji’s explanation, as opposed to Renka’s calm reaction.

 ”For more information, let’s go to the store and pick out a spell book…… Hmm?”

 ”Is there a commotion?”

 Shinji tried to hurry to the store, but a crowd had gathered in front of the magic store, his destination.

 Alvin and the others all felt the same way.

 ”Excuse me. What’s going on?”

 Alvin called one of the onlookers who was looking at the crowd from a distance. A well-dressed man looks over at Alvin and the others, recognizes them as adventurers, and speaks in a quiet voice.

 ”I don’t know if you guys are adventurers from another city. Over there, the eldest son of the Osborn family is tangling with a female adventurer along with his followers. You’d better stay away until the commotion dies down”

 ”What the……!”

 ”Alvin, you can’t get involved with nobles”

 Before Alvin could react, Shinji, Milis, and Renka grabbed Alvin’s body, and Alvin felt a little sad when the three of them stopped him, but considering his usual behavior, he deserved it.

 ”I, I know! So, are things alright?”

 ”Well, you know. As long as the female adventurer stays out of it, they’ll be fine”

 There was no way that an onlooker who was watching the situation with amusement could understand what was going on. So, Shinji turned his attention to the men surrounding the female adventurer.

 From the gap between the men, he could see the familiar pointy hat of a wizard/witches, and if Shinji could see it, so could Alvin and the others.

 ”It’s Iris and the others who are surrounded!”

 ”Still, don’t entangled with the nobles. But I’ll join them if something goes wrong”

 ”……! Yes!”

 Shinji stopped Alvin from jumping out immediately and Alvin did not shake Shinji off because he made it clear that he would help them in case of emergency.

 Renka and Milis, who know how uncomfortable it can be to be tangled up with a man, want to help, but decide to follow Shinji’s advice.

 Just in case, they slowly closed the distance to the crowd to the point where it was less unnatural. Then a man’s voice reached the ears of Alvin and the others.

 ”Come with me. I, Carlo Osborn, am the one calling you”

 ”I’ve told you many times that I refuse”

 The clear refusal came from Lila’s voice.

 The man’s voice is clearly irritated, and his tone has become stronger. However, there is no sign of movement, as if he knows that he cannot forcefully take her away.

 ”Come on”, “I don’t want to”

 This exchange went on and on, though he changed his words.

 As far as Alvin and the others could tell, it was Lila, the leader of the Green Travelers, who had been approached by the Nobles and invited to join them.

 Alvin, Milis, and Renka’s attention is drawn to Shinji, who is most closely related to Lila. Still, Shinji shook his head, indicating that he had no intention of changing his response.

 (Lila would never make a mistake in her response)

 Shinji knew that Lila and the others had learned a lot about various male-related problems as they continued to be adventurers after being freed from Minato’s spell.

 While Alvin and the others are on edge, Shinji keeps a level head and keeps an eye on the situation.

 Lila, who didn’t know that Shinji was watching from outside the crowd, was wishing that the noble would give up soon.

 No matter how noble the nobles is, forcing the Elf Lila to come with Carlo, a human, is an act that may cause problems between races.

 Unless the other party is clearly at fault, such as committing violence, the one who makes the first move will be at an overwhelming disadvantage.

 Therefore, Lila should have stayed where she was and continued to clearly reject the situation. Time was on Lila’s side, and she could wait for the military police to hear the commotion.

 Carlo Osborn, on the other hand, was at the height of his frustration.

 He happened to see a beautiful elf adventurer. As a noble, he thought she would obey him if he called her, but this adventurer did not obey him at all.

 Even when she is surrounded by his follower, she continues to act cocky, despite his shouting.

 (That cocky attitude. I’ll discipline her. ……The power of the Osborn family will take care of the rest!)

 He knew that forcibly kidnapping the elf was not a good idea, but Carlo’s obsession was finally about to overtake his reason.

 And due to this lack of reasoning, he was eliminated as heir despite being the eldest son. ……Still, Carlo is not aware that he is a stupid aristocrat who relies on the power of his family, which is typical.

 And then, Lila senses that Carlo’s presence has changed to a swarthy one.

 As she senses that, Carlo’s hand reached out and tried to grab Lila’s arm.

 It would have been easy to avoid, but Lila didn’t dare to move, claiming that she was in danger and defending herself.

 And when Carlo’s hand was about to touch Lila.

 A sharp voice echoed in the surroundings.

 ”Carlo! You’ve made a ruckus again!”

 ”Tsk…… Let’s go, boys!”

 As a group of armed men were approaching.

 Carlo, who heard the voice, clicked his tongue and withdrew his hand, breaking free of Lila’s encirclement and dispersing.

 His escape was very swift.

 “”Onee-chan, are you okay……?””

 ”I’m…… glad, desu. ……The situation…… is almost tight, desu”

 ”I’m sorry I worried you. I’m fine now”

 Lila smiled at her sisters and Iris, who were covering her back.


 When they were excited about the magic they were going to receive, they got into unexpected trouble.

 The Green Traveler, who had come to city with them, reappeared.

 But, Lila, the eldest of the three elf sisters, was being tangled up with a noble.

 Shinji stopped Alvin and avoided trouble by remaining calm. He almost got involved with all four families of the magic guild.

 It was thanks to Lila’s calm and collected attitude.

 A sister who has been through hard times once is strong.

 Carlo is the stupid son of a nobles.

 He is the eldest son, but he is not the heir. This tells everything.

 There’s still something going on with the magic guild and the four families!

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