Wizard 185

Chapter 185 Iris Loves Magic

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 ”It was disaster, Lila”

 ”Yes. But then again, there are people like that everywhere”

 After Carlo and the others had fled and the silver-haired man who had taken their place apologized, Shinji called Lila and the others as the commotion subsided.

 And they decided to leave and go to a café on Second Street to take a rest.

 ”I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything for you……”

 ”Nothing. Don’t worry about it, really. Having a third party intervene won’t solve the problem anyway, and when dealing with a……. nobles, making a bad move can often make things worse too”

 Alvin felt guilty that he could only watch, but Lila really didn’t care.

 ”After all, we’re four women adventurers, and we must be able to handle events like this on our own. In fact, I was more than happy that you were watching over us”

 Lila smiled as she said this and looked at Shinji, who nodded and smiled back.

 Alvin felt a kind of invisible trust between the two. He realized that it was necessary to believe in the other person and watch over them instead of just trying to help them.

 ”Of course, it depends on the situation. I think Alvin’s willingness to help others is important, even if it wasn’t necessary for Lila and the others”

 ”I agree. I think Alvin’s willingness to help people is important”

 ”Oh…… that’s right!”

 They laughed at each other and moistened their dry mouths with drinks.

 ”So how did you end up in that store?”

 ”Actually, Iris-chan wanted to go to the magic store because she said she wanted to see the magic books that the four families publish”

 ” ……Yes. ……If I came to this city, I wanted to take a look at it, even if I couldn’t buy it, desu. ……I’ve always admired the ……4 family’s magic books, desu”

 Iris, who was talking with Milis and the others, joined Shinji and the others in their conversation.

 With fascinating looks on her face, Alvin couldn’t help but ask her what she wanted to talk about.

 ”Iris, if you could buy two of those things, what would they be?”

 ”……Brother Al, are you going to buy two?”

 Iris’s eyes narrowed and Alvin nodded as if he were being pushed. And now Alvin remembers that Iris has been talking about magic for quite some time.

 He turned pale, thinking that he had talked to the wrong person, but it was too late.

 ”……Do you know what kind of magic can be obtained from the magic books of the four families? ……It’s not like I only know the names <Analysis>, <Teleport>, <Limit Break>, and <Gravity>”

 ”O, ou, …… well, that’s……. Uh-…….”

 Alvin’s stare at Iris, who speaks much faster than usual, makes him break out in a cold sweat, for he would not have known the names of the magic if Shinji had not told him.

 As for Alvin.

 [Which one do you recommend?]

 [I think this one and this one!]

 He was expecting a light response but he was already in no mood for that.

 ”Is Iris-chan love magic?”

 ”Yes. It’s a long story, but I’ve seen Iris-chan train in magic, so I understand her passion.

 (Help me, both of you!)

 Alvin looked at Shinji and Lila, who were smiling down at Iris. In other hand, Iris recognized Alvin’s act of removing his gaze from Iris as an answer to his ignorance of magic.

 ”……I need to give my brother Al a proper explanation. ……First, let’s start with <Analysis>. ……The greatest feature of this magic is its versatility, which can be used outside of battle—“

 Unable to stop Iris from talking, Alvin continued to listen to Iris’s story in silence. Shinji wanted to continue to listen to Iris’s story from the side, but decided to stop halfway through because it might occupy a seat in the cafe forever.

 ”Iris-chan, let’s talk about it another time. For now, I’ll give Alvin a brief explanation”

 ”……Yes……No problem, desu. ……Also Senpai, which one…… will you choose, desu?”

 Alvin was relieved that Iris had stopped talking about magic, as he was curious about which magic Shinji was going to choose.

 ”I was going to suggest Alvin with <Limit Break> and then I or Milis could use <Gravity>”

 ”……As expected of Senpai, desu”

 Shinji’s answer seemed to match Iris’s, and she smiled happily. When the party was talking about the magic of choice, Renka and Milis, who had been talking with Lili and Lilu, joined in the conversation.

 ”From the name of the spell, I assume that <Limit Break> is a body-strengthening magic?”

 ”Yes. Since we only have Alvin as our vanguard, we need him to get stronger first”

 Recently, Flair was often summoned, so it is not always Alvin alone, but if the vanguard is strong, the rearguard can support without anxiety.

 ”Mil and Renka, is it good?”

 ”Yes ♪”

 ”Me too. I agree. ……I think Shinji should learn the <Gravity> spell and I want Mil to continue to support Al as usual”

 Milis nodded obediently to Renka’s words. It’s a good idea to have some sort of a way to attack, but Milis’ primary role is to support Alvin who was the vanguard.

 Also, it was Shinji’s role to use magic according to the situation, and he was glad to have a new hand to play.

 ”I think so, too. What about you, Al-kun?”

 ”I think that’s a good idea too!”

 ”Well then. I’ll learn <Gravity>”

 Shinji’s face lit up as the three agreed. This was the magic that Shinji had always wanted to learn.

 ”……Senpai, that’s nice. I’m going to try my best to save some money, desu”

 ”As the magic of the four families is secret information, so you can’t practice after seeing it, and you have to buy it”

 ”……Still, I want to see it…… And if I can remember it, I want to try it out, desu”

 The magic of the four families has been crafted in such a way that it cannot be practiced. Of course, the same is true for magic rituals.

 But Shinji laughed and nodded to Iris, whose eyes sparkled with hope that she would be able to see him use it.


 After the trouble, it was time for tea.

 It’s no exaggeration to say that Iris-chan is a magic geek. She is the type of person who talks too fast when she likes something.

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