Wizard 186

Chapter 186 Looking Back to the Past with Freri

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 After tea time with Lila and the others, Alvin and the others separated from the café and headed towards the magic store on the main street, as originally planned.

 After handing over the scroll, which was a reward from the magic guild, to the clerk, who politely treated Alvin and the other adventurers. They were able to purchase the spell books of <Limit Break> and <Gravity> while receiving the best treatment possible.

 Alvin, Milis, and Renka are still itching to get used to being treated so well since they arrived in Oeste.

 However, Shinji smiled and said that it was because they had done enough to deserve it, and Alvin and the others smiled vaguely.

* * *

 After sunset, Alvin and the others returned to the inn and decided to relax in their rooms.

 As Shinji settled down alone, he remembered the face of his father, whom he had met again at lunch.

 (No wonder. He’s gotten old. ……It’s been more than 10 years, after all.)

 He was the father who used him as an experiment in magic. At first, he hated him for using him as a magic experiment.

 But thanks to his foster father and foster mother who adopted him, he was able to digest his hatred. Even when he sees his real father again, the hatred doesn’t come up.

 Still, he hopes he never have to deal with his real father again.



 Shinji called, and Freri answered.

 Before he knew it, Freri was lying down next to Shinji. Her chest with a good size, was pressed against Shinji’s arm. The sweet scent of her breasts, which was stronger than usual, tickled Shinji’s nose.

 ”No, why are you so eager to fuck”

 [You know, Shinji…… It’s a little nice when you think back to the old days, isn’t it?]

 Freri, who is half flower spirit and half succubus, smells sweeter than usual when she is in a naughty mood.

 Shinji’s goal is to one day visit his succubus parents, and Freri is helping him with that.

 And Shinji called her over today to explain why he didn’t choose the <Teleport> spell book. ……But Freri was in heat, remembering the time when she and Shinji lived in another world.

 Seeing that Freri was in heat and could not talk properly, Shinji decided to let Freri do what she wanted.

 ”When you wanted to talk to me. ……It’s mean when we were over there?”

 [Yes. And the exchange of my first time with Shinji]

 ”Can you please stop reminding me of that?”

 [No~ ♡]

 After the first growth, Shinji thinks that Freri not only has a better style, but she also has the devilishness of a succubus.

 (It’s like a lie because before she grew up, she was even shy when she says with her thoughts……)

 Freri’s first experience was Shinji’s first experience. Although both of them had the knowledge and skills of their parents, there was no way that a virgin, would be able to compete with a half-succubus, and Shinji lost miserably.

 This is a black history that Shinji does not want to remember.

 While Shinji was thinking, Freri dexterously pulled his p*nis out of his pants with one hand and began to touch it with her thin fingers.

 [Shinji’s p*nis was forged by me……♡]

 ”I won’t say it again. Freri will be satisfied now, won’t she?”

 [You make women cry…… ♡ But that’s good ♡ Shinji’s magic, it’s getting better and better and I can grow with it~ ♡]

 Freri gazes at Shinji’s muscular p*nis with a fascinated look on her face.

 Shinji’s magic is transforming with each new woman he embraces, Freri is looking forward to watching Shinji’s magic change.

 When he was fully erect, Freri took her hand away and straddled Shinji’s waist. Freri’s vagina, which was made from the blood of a succubus, was so slippery that it was ready to be inserted at any time, and her love juices dripped onto Shinji’s p*nis.

 Shinji doesn’t want to be squeezed one way or the other. So, he used a function-granting magic to give his p*nis with the ability of <Give Pleasure to Women>.

 ”I’m not doing this for Freri. But, because Freri is also delicious…… I’ll doing this because I want to”

 [Nn~~~♡ As expected, Ojii-san’s and Obaa-san’s son……♡]

 The p*nis is slowly inserted into Freri’s vagina.

 Kotsun ♡ The glans poked the cervix and Shinji and Freri’s genitals came together perfectly. The feeling of Shinji’s p*nis made Freri’s face contorted with pleasure as she began to move.

 And it made Freri’s vagina clamped down hard on his p*nis, and her breasts bobbed and swayed as she bounced her hips up and down, wrapped in a white dress.

 ”Thank you for your compliment……!”

 The succubus couple who raised Shinji were both succubus and incubus who took pleasure in cuckolding people who had specific partners. If so, it’s not surprising that Shinji was influenced by them, as he was raised by them from an early age.

 Although he knows that his cuckolding act is wrong, he believes that he is right as a child of a succubus and is also a respects for his foster parents.

 In the meantime, Shinji pulled down the shoulder straps of her dress with both hands, revealing her swaying breasts and grabbed them with both hands, so he didn’t be outdone by Freri. Also, he thrusts his hips up to match Freri’s, enjoying the softness of her breasts.

 ”Ah~ ♡ Hah~ ♡ Shinji~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ Nuu~ ♡ I can’t hold back my voice~ ♡ I can’t … ♡”

 As Freri’s cute voice leaked out of her mouth, Shinji’s thrusts naturally became more violently. And the red glow of the lewd mark on her body tells him that she is really feeling it.

 Shinji and Freri are partners, companions, masters-servants, and childhood friends.

 Their s*x is unrestrained, and they only want to pleasure each other. It’s like the intercourse of a succubus and incubus, thick and intense.

 And then, at almost the same time, the limit of their endurance came.

 ”Ah~ ♡ Cumming ♡ Nn~~~ ♡”


 As Freri reaches her climax.

 Shinji poured his semen into her tightly clenched vagina.

 Freri’s vagina is twitching and twitching as she tries to suck up the semen, and Shinji can feel the magic being sucked from him as he ejaculates, sending shivers down his spine with the pleasure that only s*x with a succubus can provide.

 Freri was also intoxicated by Shinji’s magic power, which had become more delicious than ever. Feeling that, Freri smiles happily, filled with a sense of satisfaction that says, “I couldn’t be happier than this”

 [It was the best…… ♡ I had climax…… ♡]

 ”It feels too good…… haha ……, you really greedy”

 Freri’s vagina still clamps down on Shinji’s cock and refuses to let go, even though she seems satisfied.

 Finally, Shinji is released after three more attempts at vaginal ejaculation.


 Freri-chan episode

 Let’s take a closer look at Shinji’s past.

 Freri and he are childhood friends, so they know each other pretty well.

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