Wizard 187

Chapter 187 Alvin’s Change

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 After using magic to erase all traces of their instinctive s*x, Shinji’s complexion was slightly pale, no doubt due to the large amount of magic Freri had sucked out of him.

 Freri, on the other hand, was in perfect condition, her skin glowing and full of magic.

 As Freri sat down beside Shinji on the bed, she touched his hair, brushing it smoothly, and Shinji silently let Freri do whatever she wanted.

 [What do you want to talk about?]

 ”Oh…… I thought we should talk about the fact that I didn’t choose the…… <Teleport> spell book”

 [You just didn’t choose it because you didn’t have to, right?]

 Shinji nodded to Freri, who replied with a face as if it were natural.

 ”Thank you for being so understanding. If I need to teleport here, I can ask Flair to do it for me. Because it’s hard to teleport long distances with my magic”

 [Yes, you should ask Flair from the start if you want to use her magic as well. In that case, <Gravity>, which no one can use at present, will be useful]

 ”Yeah. ……I also personally do not want to use Valencia’s magic”

 [Fufufu, you’re very honest]

 As Shinji strives to make rational decisions, it was shameful that he could not deny that he had been emotional. Freri’s hand, which had been stroking his head, withdrew and poked Shinji’s cheek with her fingertip.

 ”Still, <Teleport> is also useful enough. And I didn’t hate magic. ……So, when we have enough money, maybe we can get Milis to learn it”

 Shinji, who frequently moves between his home and inn, understands its usefulness. So, Shinji thinks that Milis, with her large amount of magic power, is more suitable to acquire it.

 (Still, Valencia <Teleport> only make me to travel within this world, and couldn’t cross over to another world……)

 As the four families that sell the spell books prevent the magicians from analyzing them, they can’t be used as a reference. But it’s not a serious problem.

 Because Shinji, who became an apostle, has an existence called Goddess.

 (I’ll continue to be active as an apostle, and eventually I can ask for a way to cross over to the other world as a reward. That’s why my first priority right now is to improve my skills. So, I can handle any kind of work……)

 Freri watched Shinji’s serious face as he renewed his thoughts.

 [Well then, as I’m satisfied, I’ll going back. I have to show Alvin the dream again]

 ”What? You’re still doing that?…….”

 Shinji looks at Freri with a dumbfounded expression. However, Freri’s face is somehow smug.

 [Yes, but I keep your word. I’m not going to let it affect the adventures. ……And recently he had been masturbating more and more, fufufu ♡]

 Freri’s evil smile seemed to be amused, and Shinji chuckled, wondering if he’d be smiling the same way as her when he was cuckolding.

 ”You made him waking up to a strange s*xual habit……”

 [Well, it seems that her lover’s lasciviousness excites him, and since Milis looks really comfortable when Shinji is fucking her, so, it makes him compare it with you]

 In fact, when it comes to s*x, Milis prefers Shinji to Alvin. And the only time Alvin can see his girlfriend in such a way that he can’t is in his dreams. So, it’s no wonder he’s so turned on by it.

 ”I hope it’s only in his dreams……”

 Freri smiled meaningfully at Shinji’s muttering.

* * *

 It was back in the day when Shinji and Freri had started having s*x.

 Alvin was hugging Milis on the bed when she came to his room.


 While kissing Milis, who was smiling happily, Alvin undressed her.

 And as his lover body is very attractive, it made Alvin’s caresses more passionate. While doing that, he remembers the dream of Shinji and Milis intertwining and their lasciviousness and touches Milis.

 (No……. it was a dream. What I do right now was the normal reaction of Mil)

 Milis holds her mouth in shame as she moans, letting Alvin caress her, without seeming to move as aggressively as in the dream.

 Alvin, who see such Milis, can’t help but think of the lasciviousness in his dream.

 ”Fu…… ♡ Nn~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ Fu……♡ Nnn~♡”

 And then Alvin inserts his p*nis into Milis from behind. He also casting the contraceptive magic that allows him to do it raw.

 Her vagina which trained by Shinji, is so tight that the p*nis is relentlessly squeezed, and his waist trembles from the sensation.

 Still, Alvin shake his hips as he tried to hold back his ejaculation.

 The s*x is more powerful than usual, as Alvin tries to get Milis to act like she did in his dream.

 Milis felt the pleasure of the more powerful and his violent movement. And if she hadn’t experienced s*x with Shinji, she would certainly act like in Alvin’s dream.

 However, after having had s*x with Shinji, Milis was now experiencing even greater pleasure.

 So, she is able to keep her voice down and not expose her lasciviousness.

 (Al-kun…… ♡ More ♡ Poke More~…… ♡)

 Nevertheless, Alvin was able to give Milis enough pleasure to make her cum. If only he had been able to keep it up longer.

 Although Alvin was not aware of it, his male pride was hurt by his inability to bring out the lasciviousness in his lover. He knew it was a dream, but he wanted to see her panting subconsciously.


 ”What?!……W, why?”

 Suddenly, Alvin’s p*nis wilted without effort, even though he had not ejaculated. When he pulled his p*nis out, it slumped down.

 Alvin’s face twisted with indescribable pity.

 ”Al-kun, are you okay……?”

 ”Sorry…… Haha, I guess I was just tired…… Sorry, Mil”

 Unable to get it up again, Alvin sat down on the bed.

 Milis is completely uncomfortable, but it is obvious that he has lost his dignity and confidence as a man because Alvin can no longer continue to have s*x with her.

 But Milis is not the kind of woman to push Alvin around in pain. So, seeing such Alvin, Milis, who has a kind heart, hugged him.

 ”Al-kun, just sleep like this today ……♡”


 ”I don’t blame you if you’re tired. I’m sorry”

 Alvin hugged his caring lover.

 ”I’m sorry too. ……Thank you, Mil”

 ”Yes ♡”

 Alvin and Milis lie down in bed, cuddling.

 They close their eyes and fall asleep.

 Alvin is unaware that Milis is picturing s*x with Shinji in her mind.


 This is the story of Alvin and Milis.

 Al is finally starting to be affected by his dreams.

 Milis’s moves are completely bad girl moves and it’s not good ☆

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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.

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