Wizard 188

Chapter 188 Visit to the Beltz family

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 On the next morning, after the s*x with Milis had ended halfway.

 Alvin was having a lewd dream again. The dream was exactly the same as the last one, with Milis and Shinji having intense s*x.

 Alvin who was looking forward to Milis’s lasciviousness had his p*nis hard and erect. Alvin is so excited by the sight of Milis’ lasciviousness that he begins to masturbate, taking advantage of the fact that he is in a dream.

 (Mil…… Mil…… how erotic…….)

 Seeing the sight of Milis climaxing helplessly in the same position, cowgirl, on top of Shinji, shaking her hips wildly, he continued to masturbate, and his eyes burning to remember it…… but suddenly his consciousness came to the surface.

 ”That’s a…….dream ……, isn’t it……?”

 Alvin was awakened by the impact of Milis’s arm lightly hitting his face as he slept next to her. And then he felt a strange sensation in his groin region.

 It was because he felt that his p*nis, which had shriveled up last night, was now more erect than ever.

 ”No, that’s crazy. ……Why am I…….”

 He wondered how he could get an erection despite the fact that his girlfriend was being violated. Because yesterday, his p*nis had been so useless. But when he looked at Milis sleeping face beside him, his erect p*nis was slowly deflating.

 (Weird morning erection……)

 As It was still too early to get up, and he was still sleepy.

 He believes that the erection was due to sleep and exhaustion, so Alvin went back to sleep.

* * *

 On the same day, the four members of <Running Wolves> visited the Beltz family as promised.

 They’ve asked Emily and Akane, who are staying at home, to prepare the carriage, buy food, and make other preparations for the trip so that they can return home.

 ”Thank you for inviting us”

 Alvin speaks on behalf of the party, while Renka, Milis, and Shinji bow their heads. The four of them were sitting side by side in the parlor of the Beltz house.


 ”We’ve been looking forward to it. Please make yourselves comfortable”

 Sitting opposite Alvin and the others were Noah and Christina Beltz, father and daughter.

 Noah is smiling calmly and Christina is smiling pretty. In the same room, there is a maid who serves and a knight who seems to be a guard.

 ”The reason I asked you to come today is partly because Chris wanted to hear about your adventures during the succubus riot. I’ve read through the reports from the temple, and you’ve done a really good job, so I’d like to express my gratitude as the head of the four families, thank you very much”

 ”Please allow me to express my gratitude as well. Thank you very much”

 ”As an adventurer, I did what I had to do……!”

 Thanks to Noah and Christina, Alvin managed to return their thanks with humility and without losing his cheeks. Although it was a great achievement, Alvin, as a commoner, did not know what to do when a nobles bowed to him.

 So as Shinji had advised him, it would be rude not to accept the thanks, but it would be disrespectful not to be humble.

 After the thank you, the conversation proceeded peacefully.

 Alvin recalled what he and the others had done since they arrived in city. On the other hand, Shinji supplemented the conversation, Renka and Milis listened attentively.

 Noah was quietly listening to Alvin’s story, while Christina was listening with interest.

 Alvin was not used to talking so much, and his speech was not very coherent, to say the least. Even so, Christina, perhaps because she was in love with him, could not help but enjoy Alvin’s stories.

 Even the slow-witted Alvin noticed Christina’s passionate gaze.

 Not only Alvin, but also Milis, Renka and Shinji noticed Christina’s gaze.

 But that doesn’t mean that Alvin and the others can do anything about it.

 The best thing to do was to finish the conversation and get out of the Beltz house. It was the best solution.

* * *

 ”…… and that’s about it”

 Alvin took a breath when he had finished his story. On the other hand, Christina opened her mouth after drinking a cup of tea from the desk to moisten her throat.

 ”Thank you for your talk. I enjoyed it very much”

 ”Thank you for that”

 Alvin was deeply relieved to see Christina smiling so contentedly. And as he had finished the story of the adventure about saving the city, which had mentioned in the letter, so he had fulfilled the request.

 But just as Alvin was about to open his mouth to speak, Noah spoke up first and Alvin missed his chance.

 ”On a different note, may I ask what spell book you chose for your reward?”

 ”Well…… It’s <Limit Break> and <Gravity>”

 Christina’s face lit up at Alvin’s answer.

 ”You have chosen the magic of the Beltz family…… ♡”

 ”I just learned it for now, and I thought I’d start with training when I had returned to…… home”

 As <Limit Break> is a magic that strengthens the body, which is useful for the vanguard.

 And looking at the member of the <Running Wolves>, which Alvin is the only vanguard, so it is not surprising that he chose to use the <Limit Break>, which means that Alvin was the one who learns it.

 ”Training, isn’t it?……. If you’d like, our knights can teach you how to use <Limit Break>”

 Noah’s words were an unexpected offer.

 And if he misses this chance, he will not be able to learn from someone who is used to <Limit Break>.

 So, without thinking, Alvin reflexively jumped at the idea.

 ”If you don’t mind, by all means!”

 ”I see. Well then, let’s go to our courtyard”

 It would be a long time before Alvin and the others would be able to leave from the Beltz house.


 Al-kun is slowly being affected by the lewd dream……, so it’s still a little while before he realizes it.

 Then they visited the Beltz family.

 Noah and Christina appeared.

 It’s the leader’s job to talk.

 Al-kun’s talking ability is about the same rank, but he seems to have lost his rank due to nervousness.

 They thought they have to leave early, but Alvin decided on an extra round.

 It’s Al-kun versus the Knight of Beltz.

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