Wizard 189

Chapter 189 Alvin’s Mock Battle

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 Alvin and the others moved to the courtyard of the Beltz house.

 The ground in the courtyard of the Beltz house has been trampled to ensure that it can be witnessed, indicating that the people of the Beltz house are physically active on a daily basis.

 As Alvin prepare to receive his lessons, Shinji followed him.

 After, Alvin borrowed a piece of leather light armor and put it on his body, Shinji also helped him.


 ”I’m sorry. But it’s a chance”

 Shinji, who was speaking in a whisper, gave him a dismissive look, but Alvin was not wrong because a normal adventurer who have buy a spell book, they would try it out themselves.

 In other hand, The Beltz family who was the original founder of the spell book, could teach something which can’t get even if someone wanted to when they try it themselves.

 ”I’m looking forward to it!”

 ”Well. ……Are you okay watching this kind of match, Beltz-sama?”

 Milis, Renka and Christina were sitting around a round table, in the mood to watch the match.

 ”Because I’m from the Beltz family, I’m definitely used to it and Christina will be fine too. And Milis-san?”

 Milis, who had never spoken to a noble before, was nervous. Still, Christina smiled softly to relieve Milis’ nervousness.

 ”Yes, no problem……. Can you handle the <Limit Break> too, Christina-san?”

 ”No, I can’t fight. I’m just used to watching my father, brother and our knights train”

 ”So, the Beltz family is a warrior family……”

 ”Isn’t it noble? Because on my opinion, noble is like that”

 Despite this, Christina’s expression is cheerful. She will not be embarrassed and will continue to speak with pride.

 ”Still, for the Beltz family, I think it’s the right thing to do too. It is also the duty of the aristocrats to put their bodies on the line in times of emergency. <Limit Break> can be said to be a symbol of this”

 Looking at the aristocrat who had caused a commotion in the city the day before, Milis and Renka saw Christina as a very proud and upright aristocrat.

 But the proud and upright aristocratic look on her face changed, and Christina’s expression fell and her cheeks blushed.

 ”By the way, which one of you is Alvin’s girlfriend……? Maybe both of you……”

 ”It’s me……. Alvin and I are engaged to be married, and Renka is Shinji’s girlfriend”

 (Straight to the point!)

 Christina, who has a face like a maiden in love, asked so straightforwardly that Milis replied without deceit.

 In the meantime, on the sidelines of the mock battle, a conversation between the women was about to begin.

* * *

 Alvin, who didn’t know that the women were in such a situation, finished his preparations and confronted the knight of the Beltz family. Shinji and Noah were watching over the two as they faced each other.

 ”Let’s try to use the <Limit Break> first. Don’t forget to cancel it as soon as you cast it”

 ”Yes……. <Limit Break>!”

 As Noah said, the moment Alvin used the magic, he felt a surge of power from deep within his body. Alvin can’t hide his surprise at the feeling of omnipotence that far surpasses when he uses <Body-Strengthening> magic.

 ”<Limit Break> can bring out power in areas where it is not normally used. ……Simply put, it is a magic that removes human limiter a little. If you use it to its fullest, you won’t be able to stand still”

 ”So, this magic should be used only when it is necessary”

 Alvin, who immediately turned off the magic, did not feel sluggish yet. Since <Limit Break> can be used in combination with other spells, including <Body-Strengthening Magic>, Alvin’s heart swells with anticipation as to how much stronger it will be when combined with other spells.

 ”Then, let’s see it if you could see his move. Please take care of him then”


 ”I’m looking forward to working with you!”

 The knight responded to Noah’s words, and Alvin bowed. The knight also bows lightly and holds up a training sword with the blade cut down.

 Alvin also held up his sword and glared at the knight.

 As the <Body-Strengthening Magic> strengthens the bodies of both of them.

 The two also stepped in at almost the same time and began a fierce battle. The two people who took turns to stand around, changing their attack and defense. The metal sound of blades clashing against blades echoes through the courtyard.

 (He~e, as expected the knight of the Beltz family, he’s really good at fighting Alvin)

 (Even though, it’s rough, he has good sense. He’s an adventurer who saves the city)

 The two who were watching were silent. Shinji knew Alvin’s skill and Noah knew the skill of the knight who served him, so they were surprised at the seemingly competitive situation, but they were also honestly admiring it.

 (His movements are fast! There’s no waste! He’s dangerous!)

 (Great intuition……!)

 If adventurers are experts at dealing with monster, then knights are experts at dealing with people.

 The adventurer who fights a variety of monster has to fight in different ways depending on the size and shape of the monster, and has to be flexible.

 Knights, on the other hand, mainly fight against people, and fight against people far more often than adventurers.

 In order to become a knight, one must have a certain status.

 Commoners have no choice but to become adventurers or soldiers, but those who are from noble families have the option of becoming knights in addition to adventurers and soldiers.

 There is no way that a knight, who has been training to become a knight since childhood and has adopted a school of swordsmanship that is designed to fight against other people, can be weak.

 Moreover, as a knight in the service of the four Oeste families, the knight Alvin was facing was quite skilled among knights.

 However, Alvin had also fought a variety of monster and trained diligently until he reached the upper intermediate rank.

 With his good intuition, he was able to overcome the knight’s continuous flowing attacks. Even so, Alvin spent more time defending than attacking.

 In other hand, the knight had the upper hand from start to finish.

 Shinji, who was watching such a high-level and fast attack and defense, opened his mouth.

 ”Alvin, the knight is using the <Limit Break> for a moment in between periods. So, it made you unable to go on the offensive”

 ”Umu, that’s right”

 Noah agrees with Shinji’s reminder.

 The knight has the advantage of moving quickly, sharply, and powerfully by using his <Limit Break> when Alvin is about to go on the offensive or when his sword is about to strike.

 ”Got you!”


 Alvin, who had just learned to use magic, could not turn it on and off with the same dexterity as a knight. Therefore, Alvin can use the <Limit Break> to constantly improve his physical abilities.

 If the opponent is constantly using <Limit Break>, then the knight has no choice but to use <Limit Break> constantly.

 After a few fiercer battles than ever before…

 ””That’s enough!””

 Shinji and Noah’s voices echoed in the courtyard.


 Christina-chan, cut in.

 What kind of story is going to start……?

 It seems that Alvin and the knight were almost evenly matched.

 Alvin, who is able to fight with the knight of a prestigious noble family, is very good with a sword.

 If someone uses <Limit Break> too much, it will take their body a long time to recover. It’s not just surface fatigue, it’s fatigue from the core of the body, so it’s efficient to use it for a moment like the knights……. Of course, if someone use it all the time, they will be super strong and it will be a magic that can be a special move for swordsmen.

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