Wizard 190

Chapter 190 Girls Talk

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 When Alvin and the knight began to fiercely fight with their swords.

 The round table where Milis, Renka, and Christina were gathered was filled with tension.

 Christina and Milis were looking at each other, and Renka could only watch them, suppressing her restlessness.

 ”Are Alvin-san and Milis-san married yet?”

 ”Not yet, but we are making promises. I’ve heard that aristocrats are engaged from an early age, are you engaged Christina-san?”

 Christina’s fondness for Alvin was obvious without being told, but Alvin’s girlfriend, Milis, was not sure how serious Christina was about him.

 If normal sense is considered, it is unlikely that a commoner and a noble would get together. Even if they did, they would choose a partner who had the financial power like a large merchant family.

 The commoners also understood that nobles were supposed to marry their fiancées and keep their families prosperous, and Milis thought that even if Christina had feelings for Alvin, marriage was another matter.

 ”I don’t have a fiancé. Since my brother is the heir of my house…… I am told that my marriage can be to whomever I want. Of course, there is a minimum line”

 ”Is that so?……”

 Milis talked about her fiancé as a check, but Christina was not bound by that, in fact, she replied in a way that suggested Alvin could be the subject of her marriage.

 And Alvin who was the leader of the party of adventurers who saved the city, would be beneficial to the Beltz family, and if Christina liked him, there would be no problem. This is what Milis and Renka have come to understand.

 Still, they couldn’t say anything decisive about it.

 So, Milis had to check as much as she could in words.

 ”Al-kun and I are planning to get married after we climb <Hateyama>”

 ”<Hateyama>? Why go to such a dangerous place?”

 ”Because that’s what he wants, that’s his goal”

 Christina was frankly surprised to hear the name <Hateyama> mentioned.

 This is a dangerous place with many dangerous monster. Although the rewards are good, Christina knows that the risk of losing one’s life in that place is the highest in the country.

 Any adventurer who sets their sights on such a place, meaning they risk their life, and is unlikely to be accepted as a marriage partner by the head of the family. The reason for this is that there are not many nobles who would take kindly to the idea of a woman becoming a widow no matter what the circumstances.

 (But if he’s an adventurer who can climb <Hateyama> without trouble, I’d like to connect with him. The first step is to get to know each other and get engaged……♡)

 (I hope she’ll give up because we’re going to a dangerous place……)

 There is nothing wrong with Milis for presenting information that a normal girl would have given up. However, Christina is very aggressive in trying to outdo that and get closer to Alvin at all costs.

 This is the power of a girl who falls in love at first sight.

 ”That’s good. I think it’s nice to have a high goal…….”

 ”Thank you for your compliment”

 Christina and Milis smiled at each other.

 ”And I’d like to support that goal”


 ”Yes, and I hope we’ll continue to be a good friend, Milis-san and Renka-san”

 It’s implicitly saying that Christina will not give up on Alvin.

 Still, Alvin’s girlfriend, Milis, did not want to be friends with her. Because if Christina marries Alvin, she will be the first wife and Milis will be the second wife.

 ”I look forward to working with you”

 ”I’m counting on you, Christina-san”

 But, on the other hand, from the standpoint of a member of the <Running Wolves>, a strong connection with the Beltz family is a welcome development.

 And it made Milis and Renka were forced to deal with the situation in a calm manner, as they did not want to get into trouble with the nobles.

 Afterwards, they had conversations that had nothing to do with Alvin, but were more about getting to know each other and their hobbies.

 Thus, the conversation between Milis and Christina about Alvin ended peacefully.


 This is what happened while Alvin was fighting.

 This is not the time to be watching a mock battle (laughs).

 It’s a little short, but it’s a good place to start.

 Christina is a woman who is not engaged to be married, so she has no problem with Alvin.

 Since Christina’s status as a noble is higher than Alvin’s, there is a possibility that Milis will become a second lady if Christina force it……

 Still, the best thing for Christina to do would be to persuade Alvin and Milis to have a good relationship with her, marry her off as a full bride, and take Milis as her second wife.

 So, she should not push too hard and rely on her power, but get along well with them and plan for an unplanned goal.

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