Wizard 191

Chapter 191 On the night after they visited the Beltz family

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 After the tea party and the mock battle, Alvin and the other members of <Running Wolves> left the mansion and returned to the inn with great regret.

 Each of them returned to their rooms and spent their free time.

 And in his room, Shinji was alone with his thoughts.

 After the match, they were invited to have lunch at the Beltz’s house, but they politely declined, expressing their gratitude that he couldn’t take care of everything. Instead, they received something that was more difficult to handle.

 It was an insignia with the family crest of the Beltz family engraved on it.

 For a normal party of adventurers, it is a great honor to receive an insignia. This is because it is a sign of trust from the family and a clear indication of their connection.

 However, the person who gives the insignia to the party also has the risk of damaging the name of the family if it is misused, so they only give it to trusted commoners. Therefore, there was no way they could refuse to accept such an important insignia.

 However, accepting the insignia did not mean that they would be seen as a faction of the Beltz family. So, it is possible for a party of successful adventurers to receive the insignia from more than one noble family.

 This subtle connection is both a good thing and a bad thing about the insignia.

 (If only Miss Christina wasn’t in love with Alvin, I’d welcome it with open arms……)

 If the adventuring party is trusted enough to be given the insignia because they had become a part of the family, it won’t be an ugly story if Christina gets involved in something. Of course, it’s common sense……

 But, it’s different in this case, the head could make the excuse that his daughter is involved in their work.

 It is obvious that Christina is going to be involved with the <Running Wolves> in some way.

 (Although, it was one of the things that Alvin expected to happen after he saved Miss Christina that day and fell in love with him)

 As long as they keep in mind that they don’t want to have anything to do with the nobles, it’s not a bad thing to have connections with them as they work their way up.

 Now that Shinji was able to avoid being questioned by his own father, he could take the protection of the Beltz family, who were equal with the Valencia family, as a way to protect himself.

 If Shinji was just a commoner, he could be assassinated and hidden, but if he was under the protection of the Beltz family, it would be a different story.

 Because nobles do not keep quiet when their relatives are attacked. There will always be an investigation, and if possible, retaliation.

 If it came out that Blade Valencia denied the result of magic tools but still killed him because he looked like his dead son, the Valencia family would obviously be blamed. It also brings down the authority of the Valencia family. In other hand, Shinji couldn’t believe that his own father would do such a risky thing.

 The problem was.

 (If they got together under the current circumstances, his real wife would become Miss Christina. It made both Alvin and Milis uncomfortable, and it made Renka uncomfortable too. So, as a friend, I can’t accept Miss Christina)

 Then what to do, Shinji thought to himself.

* * *

 That evening.

 After finishing dinner, Alvin heard the door of Milis’ room opened. Alvin thought that Milis was coming to his room, but Milis’ footsteps were not coming to his room, but to another direction.

 In that direction were Shinji’s private room and Renka’s private room.

 Gulp, Alvin feels his heart skip a beat.

 Gently, he opened his door a little and hears Milis knocking on the door. There is a sound of opening the door and entering the room.

 (No way, Mil would go to Shinji’s room……)

 Alvin could not tell which room Milis had entered through the crack in the door. If the lewd dream was a true dream ……then, Milis went into Shinji’s room.

 He clenched his fists. But Alvin realized that his p*nis had gotten bigger.

 This excitement should come from the tension of confirming the truth, but he is dismayed as to why this is happening.

 (W, why am I excited……? But I have to check anyway)

 Alvin slips quietly out of the room and sneaks around the hallway.

 His heart is pounding painfully.

 When he arrived in front of Shinji’s room, Alvin quietly put his ear to the door and examined the room.

 There was no sign of…… anyone.

 (Tha, that’s right……! What am I doing……?)

 Breathing a sigh of relief, Alvin was ashamed that he had doubted his girlfriend.

 Looking away from the fact that his p*nis was more erect than ever, he continued to put his ear to the door of Renka’s room, which was opposite him.

 he could hear the…… people talking in hushed tones.

 [I’m sure …… Christina-san wants to marry Al-kun. What should we do……?]

 [Well, we can’t do anything badly since it hasn’t been clearly stated yet. But, Renka and I both want to do something about it]

 [Yes, Mil. We’re going to have Al and Mil’s wedding and our wedding together]

 ……Alvin could hear the sound of Milis discussing Christina with Renka and Shinji.

 [Still, Christina’s a noble……]

 [We can’t force her……]


 Alvin walks away from Renka’s room, not wanting to overhear any more of Shinji and Renka’s friendly consultation with Milis.

 (I totally got shaken up by the…… weird dream……)

 Alvin returns to his room and lets out a deep sigh.

 Why did he think that Milis might be having an affair with Shinji? Also, why did his p*nis become erect?

 It was as if he had been expecting to see Milis in a lewd state as a result of their s*x……

 (Do I really want to see Mil’s naughty figure so badly……?)

 Alvin collapsed on the bed, disgusted with himself.


 Time for Shinji to think.

 If the nobles like someone, they’ll get a request for nomination.

 They can get paid well, and their guild’s reputation will go up, which is basically a good thing.

 As for the rank of the guild, the highest is the upper rank, but if someone want to be highly regarded and active in the guild, it is essential to get a nomination request from a noble.

 What is Christina’s problem?

 Also, Al-kun is starting to get more and more addicted to the strange fetish!

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