Wizard 192

Chapter 192 Alvin’s thoughts

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 ”–I’ve been thinking about it all night”

 The next day after breakfast.

 Alvin, who had finished preparing for their visit to Pino-Mazzola and was resting until the appointed time, began to speak in front of Shinji, Milis, Renka, Emily and Akane.

 ”It’s about the young lady from the Beltz family”

 ”You mean the young lady who is in love with Alvin?”

 Alvin nodded and continued.

 ”Yes. From what I saw and heard yesterday, I don’t think they’ll going to use their power to force us”

 ”Well, that’s good. If they were going to go ahead with it forcefully, it wouldn’t have been surprising if there was talk of marriage or engagement yesterday”

 Alvin’s thoughts were confirmed by Shinji’s nod.

 ”I’m sure that’s because Mil is part of the party and if they pushed things too far, the <Running Wolves> could disband and there would be no profit for them too”

 ”Yes. I think so too”

 If Milis is a village girl who has nothing to do with the party, forcing her into marriage will not interfere with party activities. Of course, it would look bad, but it would make the connection to the senior adventurer clear.

 Both Alvin and Shinji thought that the reason why they didn’t go ahead with the marriage was because they feared that Milis might leave the party and the <Running Wolves> might be disbanded or weakened.

 ”So, I think they’ll probably end up doing something like…… deepening our relationship while building up the outer moat. But, if they don’t give up! We’re leaving the city” (*Note: Outer moat? Is it parable? – > つつ外堀から)

 Alvin seemed to think that it would be safe to leave Oeste, but Shinji thought there was a chance that they would come after them, taking into account the presence of the insignia.

 ”But it’s not uncommon for aristocrats to marry their fiancé who lives far away and only see him a few times, so distance is not a reason”

 ”I think so too, Al-kun”

 ”I’m sure they’ll come up with some excuse”

 Alvin’s face tightened as the three of them denied it.

 Emily tilts her head curiously.

 ”Is she such a jerk that you want to reject her?”

 ”She’s a good girl who would be a good friend if it weren’t for Al-kun”

 ”If she was a jerk, my conscience wouldn’t have been hurt”

 After Alvin’s story, Milis and Renka had to admit that they had a good time. As the daughter of a noble family, Christina was a good listener and a good speaker, and neither Milis nor Renka had a bad image of her.

 It was the same for Alvin.

 Seeing the three of them talking so happily, Alvin was shaken from his thoughts of refusing at all costs prior to the visit to the Beltz’ family.

 ”Still, I want to marry Mil, and I want Mill to be my legal wife!”

 ”Well, the problem is that if you accept a noble’s daughter, Miss Christina, who has a high position, she will be your legal wife”

 However, Alvin doesn’t want to change his mind and has no intention of changing his mind that he wants to take care of Milis first, whom he has loved since they were children.

 ”Can we work this out somehow? The only thing I can think of is for the young lady to become a commoner”

 ”That’s all I can think of. ……But that’s impossible”

 ”The Beltz would hate us to death”

 Alvin could not give a definite answer to Akane’s question. As Shinji said, to ordain Christina, who has no flaws, would be like selling a fight to the Beltz.

 In the first place, Christina seemed to have a strong sense of responsibility as a noble. So, even though, she falls in love, but it’s unlikely that she would leave everything and follow Alvin.

 ”So when she makes a definite approach, I’ll turn her down once and for all! Until then, I’ll be careful not to be alone with her. That’s what I’m going to do”

 ”I’ll try to stay close to Al-kun when Christina-san comes over”

 Milis smiled at Alvin, who made a fist and declared. Renka and Akane nodded, and Emily encouraged him to do his best. And so on.

 Shinji smiles to himself as Alvin renews his determination.

 ”I’m sorry to interrupt your good mood, but I have a plan, do you want to hear it?”

 ”What else do you have in mind?”

 Shinji nodded quietly as all eyes focused on him.

 ”First, Alvin will become a noble. And when he becomes a noble, he will be able to choose his own legal wife”

 ”Oh, we can do that?”

 Alvin’s eyes widened at Shinji’s unexpected words, as did Milis, Renka and Akane.

 ”But commoners can only become honorary knights. And if you want that title, you need to do more than just save a city and be recognized by the country. Some of the leaders of the most successful adventuring parties in the past have become honorary knights, so it’s not a pipe dream”

 ”Is there such a thing……?”

 Alvin muttered and fell silent.

 Shinji is also thinking while watching the situation.

 (Still, since I’m an apostle, there’s a good chance that a problem like the succubus incident will come around again. If that’s the case, I can solve the problem by making Alvin an honorary knight. That way, I might be able to embrace Miss Christina too someday)

 Christina is a beautiful young lady.

 But Shinji’s plan to poison her, made a new path for Alvin.


 Alvin also thinks about his own situation.

 It is important to sort out the situation and reconfirm the problem.

 If Alvin becomes a noble, he can solve the problem of his wife.

 Although, the Beltz family is higher in rank, but the freedom to choose is given to the one who marries.

 They are forced to…… run up the career ladder!

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