Wizard 193

Chapter 193 Nomination request from the Mazzola family

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 After discussion, Alvin and the other members of <Running Wolves> were visiting the Magic Guild to meet Pino Mazzola.

 As Pino had talked to the staff of the Magic Guild beforehand, Alvin and the others were shown to the room where Pino was working.

 ”It’s <Running Wolves>”

 ”Please, come in”

 ”Excuse me!”

 Alvin knocks on the door and Pino responds to his voice.

 Pino was working in a neat and clean room. With bookshelves full of books and the smell of paper and ink wafting through the air, the room had the feel of an office.

 At his desk, Pino was working on some papers. In addition to Pino, the butler and his staff were also working, and it was obvious at a glance that they were at work.

 ”Take a seat on the couch, please. ……Everyone, we’ll take a short break. We’ll resume until I bell the rings. Until then, stay out of the room”

 ””I understand””

 As Alvin and the other four sat on the couch, Pino left his desk and sat in front of Alvin.

 ”Thank you for coming. It’s been two days since the day of the reward, how is your time here in the city? Quite different from Medio, isn’t it?”

 ”Yes. I’ve enjoyed many new experiences”

 ”That’s good. ……Now, let’s talk about the request. I’ve already spoken to the Adventurers Guild. And here’s the certificate. Please check it at the Adventurer’s Guild before you leave the city”

 When Alvin and the others looked down at the paper that Pino had placed on the desk, they saw that it was stamped with the seal of the Adventurer’s Guild, indicating that the request had gone through the Adventurer’s Guild.

 Upon quickly checking the contents of the paper, they saw that it was a request for delivery.

 ”This is what I want you all to transport”

 Pino took out a beautiful little box from his pocket that looked like it could hold a ring. When Pino opened the lid, he showed Alvin and the others what was inside.

 In the box, there was a ring with a beautiful jewel embedded in it.

 ”A ring?”

 ”Umu. I want you to take this to the Mazzola family residence in Medio”

 After closing the lid, Pino attached a tag to the joint of the box and stamped it with the family crest.

 ”This is a very precious jewel with a special magic attached to it. So, it need to take it in person. Normally, I would leave this to my vassals, but I think I will leave it to you who will return to Medio. And at the house, there is a blood relative of mine. So, there is the possibility that you will be asked to do some work when you return to Medio”

 ”I understand. I’ll make sure it gets there!”

 Pino’s words made Alvin very happy.

 It was as if the Mazzola family had told him that they would continue to appoint him even after he left Oeste and returned to Medio.

 With this request, Pino intends to test the <Running Wolves>.

 The last time, <Running Wolves> had done a great job of saving the city and had at least a minimum of courtesy, so Pino had a high opinion on them.

 But this time, he wanted the <Running Wolves> to show their sincerity by entrusting them with an item that looked obviously expensive.

 (My family often deals with rare items. If they’re blinded by money, they can’t be trusted in the future. If they’re dishonest, I’m willing to give them to Beltz)

 Alvin politely put away the small box.

 ”When do you plan to leave the city?”

 ”Well, after going to the adventurer’s guild, I’m going to talk to a party I know and then leave the city…… So, I think it will be around noon today”

 Pino’s probing gaze was directed at Alvin.

 ”I see. Aren’t you going to say hello to the Beltz family? I’ve heard that you are well liked by Miss Christina. Do you know that…… you must see the noble lady often, or she will be in a bad mood?”

 ”No! There’s nothing going on with Miss Beltz……! I’ve already got a girlfriend……”

 Alvin, frothing with panic, looks sideways at Milis and denies any relationship with Christina.

 Seeing Alvin’s attitude, Pino could tell that he was being honest and not lying.

 (Was it because he had a girlfriend at the same party that prevented him from forcing the issue? If so, did he switch to…… closing the outer moat?)

 Thinking about this, Pino nodded curiously.

 ”Well. A…….noble lady is not a quitter. If you don’t want to marry her, you’ll have to deal with her firmly”

 Pino in his younger days was also the heir to the prestigious Mazzola family, and had many difficulties with women. However, Alvin did not know that, but he felt a strange familiarity with Pino’s voice, which was full of real feeling.

 ”Yes……! Thank you for your advice”

 Pino nodded generously as Alvin bowed deeply.

 (From the looks of it, he doesn’t seem to have a thing for Miss Christina. Rather, he wants to take care of his girlfriend. It was a good decision of him to work away from Miss Christina)

 Pino stood up from the sofa while pondering this.

 ”It’s time for me to get back to work. I’m counting on you, <Running Wolves>”

 ”Yes! Excuse me!”

 Alvin and the others bowed and left Pino’s office.

 In this way, the <Running Wolves> received a request for appointment from the Mazzola family.

* * *

 ”Mazzola-sama is a good man……”

 After leaving the magic guild, Alvin and the others were heading to the adventurer’s guild. Emily and Akane were already on their way to the adventurers’ guild, where they were to meet up with the others.

 Shinji couldn’t help but chuckle at Alvin’s happy words, while Milis and Renka were all smiles.

 ”He’s completely relaxed about it……”

 ”But I can understand how Al feels”

 ”Yes. I’m glad to have your support, Mil”

 When Milis was talking to Alvin, who was walking ahead of her with a gentle look in his eyes, Alvin turned around.

 ”Can’t I talk to Mazzola-sama and ask him to do something about it instead of becoming an honorary knight?”

 ”If you’re going to ask for a favor, you’re going to have to pay for it. ……Because you’re asking for a favor from the Mazzola family, which is of the same rank as the Beltz family. So, I think it’s possible as a last resort”

 In that case, Shinji would like to avoid this move because it would completely cut off his relationship with Christina, but he thought it would be better to give up on Christina than to face the worst case scenario of the <Running Wolves> being disbanded.

 ”What kind of price would that be?”

 ”I honestly have no idea…… Huh!?”

 Shinji could only chuckle at Milis’ question.

 But as he was just about to open his mouth to continue the conversation.


 With a thunderous sound, a large cloud of dust rose up at a considerable distance.

 ”What is that!?”

 ”What’s that noise?”

 Alvin and Renka were the first to react and looked in the direction of the rising smoke. By all means, the smoke was coming from inside the city, and it was clear that something bad was going on.

 ”……Isn’t <Paradise> has gone?”


 Shinji, who had recovered most quickly from the confusion, muttered, and Milis shouted in surprise. The four-story building that had stood out yesterday had suddenly disappeared.

 ”<Eagle’s eye>!”

 With the help of the magic that allows her to see from above, Renka’s vision saw the situation.

 The environment around <Paradise> had been destroyed, as if by an invisible force, and the scene was horrific.


 A request for appointment from the Mazzola family.

 Al’s interest in Mazzola has skyrocketed!

 Pino is also thinking about a lot of things as he makes his move. Alvin is full of emotions after Pino leaked out his information.

 The Oeste chapter has only just begun.

 It will end when they leave the city!

 Next chapter, the story will return to the time line just before the collapse of Paradise.

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