Wizard 194

Chapter 194 Foolish men dancing wildly

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 ”Damn it! I feel sick just thinking about it!”

 ”Absolutely. A commoner daring to stand up against Carlo-sama, the eldest son of the Osborn family……”

 Carlo Osborn was irritated.

 He was happy until he found three excellent female elf sisters, but no matter how noble he was, the female elf would not listen to him.

 To make matters worse, his uncle rushed to the house to inform them of his discovery. Naturally, his father, the head of the family, was informed and reprimanded.

 Fortunately for the Osborn, Lila and the others accepted their apology, and although it didn’t become a big problem, the head of the family put Carlo under house arrest in his room.

 After being locked up for a whole day, Carlo’s mother, who was very sweet to him, let him out of his room and he and his friends walked around the city.

 ”Carlo-sama, let’s play with better women than those amateurs”

 ”Hey, I thought <Paradise> was still closed”

 Carlo’s friends are all aristocrats, but all of them are troublemakers for their heads of state. They are a collection of small villains who behave badly, but not fatally, and cannot be punished or expelled from the house.

 Because of this, Carlo has always been surrounded by people who are like him.

 As his friends would tell out, Carlo’s favorite place, <Paradise>, is currently closed due to the succubus scandal.

 ”Actually, I found out where Eve, the prostitute who turned into ……succubus, is being held under house arrest”

 ”Really? How did you do that?”

 The guy who spoke made a man with sober face surprised. In the meantime, Carlo listened in silence to his friends’ conversation.

 ”I hear it from my father’s voice outside the office. He said that a priest is treating her at a house near Paradise, trying to make her human again. Apparently there are usually only guards there”

 ”I see. …….But do you want to play with Eve? It’s not a good idea. Because it’s a succubus, you know, a succubus”

 The other man snickered at the worried man.

 ”You’re an idiot. It’s only a monster. If we hurt her and restrain her, she won’t be able to resist us. And we have Carlo-sama. If it’s Carlo-sama, it’s no problem for us to keep the succubus”

 ”Fuuh~…… of course. Still, as the number one Eve……. Because I like it, I deserve to keep it. But I’ll discipline the other succubus, too”

 ”Hyuuu~! You’re the best, Carlo-sama!”

 Carlo has the magic power and magical skills to be the eldest son of the Osborn family. Although he was not able to become the head of the family due to his difficult personality, he had the ability to compete with ordinary wizards when it came to fighting.

 ”I’m strong”, he muttered inwardly.

 As he muttered so, he thought it would be easy to discipline the succubus, and if she defied him, he could destroy her.

 But Carlo’s naive thoughts would be shattered, furthermore there was no one around him smart enough to realize that at this point.

* * *

 In a detached house in the entertainment district.

 Carlo and his friends had broken into the house. After quickly knocking out the guard standing in front of the house, Carlo and his friends tied him up and dragged him into the house.

 No one noticed the change because they had used an unpopulated area as a house arrest site.

 After they entered the house, Carlo and his friends found Eve asleep in her bed.

 She is wrapped in a neat nightgown, but it does not hide her nasty nature that makes men lustful.

 However, there is a magic circle drawn on the ground around the bed, and the magic circle is keeping Eve, the succubus, from leaving the bed. Naturally, all magic, such as charm, had been blocked.

 Seeing her state, they thought to themselves, “A succubus without life force is very powerless”

 Yes, if only she didn’t have life force.

 ”Now, let’s discipline her”

 Unless there were fools who took the trouble to give her life force.

 Eve might have been able to return to human form.

* * *

 ”Ah~~~……♡ Eve-sama~~ ♡”

 ”Nn…… ♡ Pour more and more~ ♡ Silly~ ♡”

 It was only for a really short time that Carlo had the advantage.

 It’s happened when he stripped off Eve’s clothes, which were too lifeless to move, and enjoyed her full body as much as he could.

 During this time, Eve did not move at all. It’s no wonder. There was no need to stop her when her food had jumped in and was about to be eaten by her.

 After stripped her, Carlo inserted his p*nis and used Eve’s body as he wished.

 Eve’s vagina, which was lacking in vitality, greedily sucked on Carlo’s p*nis, quickly making him ejaculate and sucking out his vitality and magical power.

 At this point, Carlo’s had been sucked by his first taste of the succubus’s energy drain.

 And it had nothing to do with the extremely high quality of life and magic that comes with being the eldest son of the prestigious Osborn family, or the fact that he has a terrible personality. Therefore, after Eve, who was once a whore, draining his life force, she “evolved” into a succubus thanks to Carlo’s vitality and magical power.

 From that point on, the one-sided exploitation began.

 And then, during exploitation, Eve, who now was a succubus, unleashed her magic power, forcibly destroyed the magic circle, and cast a charm spell on Carlo’s friend. With no resistance, the enchanted men give up their lives to Eve and dry up.

 In the meantime, Carlo is madly offering his semen to Eve.

 The only thing on Carlo’s mind now is the joy and pleasure of giving his cum to Eve.

 As Eve had drained the life out of Carlo to some extent and was now sucking up his magic power, she thought it’s a shame to let him dry out like this, so she thought why not use him as bait while she moves around.

 ”Nn~ ♡ Your semen had become thin to the point… Hey ♡ I want you to go wild outside~ ♡”

 ”Yes…… ♡♡ As you wish, Eve-sama~ ♡”

 When Eve smiles and asks for a favor after receiving semen that has been diluted by repeated ejaculations, Carlo stops swinging his hips like a monkey and retreats from above Eve.

 As Eve has enough magic, she spares Carlo some of his magic so that she has no trouble using him as bait.

 And then to fulfill Eve’s orders, Carlo’s eyes blazed with madness and he ran out of the house. When Eve also instructed the corpses of the men she had sucked to death to attack nearby people, the corpses sluggishly followed Carlo.

 (While there’s a commotion, I need to transform Clara and the other girls……♡)

 After she command them, a scream rang out outside.

 Hearing that, Eve leaves the house, disappearing from sight. Eve, who somehow knows the location of her succubus friends by their presence, goes to Clara.

 Thus begins the second succubus riot due to the actions of these foolish men.


 The end of Carlo.

 Eve reappears, and the succubus awakens.

 As a result of Carlo attempt to make her his thing, he was beaten back. So, don’t underestimate a succubus.

 It was a good bait for Eve because he is a skilled wizard…… And because he is the eldest son of the Osborn family, he can naturally use <Gravity>.

 Such a thing flies out of reason and rampages through the city…….

 It’s also a pain in the ass for the temple, which was trying to get her back to human form.

 Also, the Osborn family’s future will be bleak after their own family members got into trouble.

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