Wizard 195

Chapter 195 The beginning of the commotion and Clara’s Transformation

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 After being bewitched by Eve, the succubus, Carlo Osborn’s head was filled with feelings of happiness. He was beyond happy to be useful for Eve and would do everything in his power to achieve that.

 So, in order to carry out her order to go wild, he set his eyes on the largest building in the entertainment district, <Paradise>.

 The magic of the Osborn, who are supposed to protect the city, has turned against the city.

 ”There is no way to escape this power. Crush it! <Gravity Manipulation>”

 Carlo’s magic was unleashed on <Paradise>, and an invisible force struck the building from above. It wasn’t long before the building’s strength reached its limit.

 The first floor was crushed as <Paradise> collapsed with a thunderous boom. The ground also shook with the impact, and a huge cloud of dust rose up.

 Naturally, the people who lived and worked in the entertainment district rushed out from the buildings around the <Paradise>.

 After the people had rushed out, they looked at the rubble of the collapsed <Paradise> and the smoke that continued to rise, and then spoke to Carlo, who continued to stare at the collapsed <Paradise>.

 ”W, what’s going on?”

 ”Osborn-sama, are you injured?”

 The inhabitants of the city believe that Carlo does not commit any fatal misdeeds, although he causes minor disturbances. This is because Carlo is very attached to the Osborn family and would never do anything that would get him expelled.

 But now, Carlo doesn’t care about anything except Eve’s orders.

 ”Go ahead and burn <Fireball>”

 ”Eh? Gyaaa!?”

 ”Hyaaa! W, what the hell!?”

 The fire which was unleashed by Carlo made the inhabitants on fire.

 The same fire also unleashed on the scream people, and in no time, Carlo took the lives of two of the residents.

 ”Run, runnnnnn! He’s finally gone mad!!”


 The residents, who had been watching from afar, scream and run away. Carlo began to chase these people, laughing like a madman.

 ”Haha…… hahaha! Ahahahahaha!”

 ”It’s all for Eve”, Carlo thought.

 (More fuss! More! More!)

 The mad wizard unleashes his magic one after another.

 And then, the entertainment district was transformed into a hell of screaming and shouting.

* * *

 ”He’s really making it flashy~ ♡”

 ”Oh ♡ Ohhh ♡ Cum… Cum… Cumming ♡”

 ”Nn~ ♡ Ojii-san is weak ♡ Please work harder ♡”

 Eve’s smile deepens as she hears the screams of the residents outside her house. Behind her, Clara, who has become a succubus, is knocking down a man and stealing his life force.

 In a house in the entertainment district. The house where Clara had been under house arrest had been overrun by Eve.

 She takes advantage of the commotion created by the sound of Carlo collapsing the building to approach the guards, embraces them, and uses her close-range charm to knock them off their feet.

 The only thing left to do was to let the fascinated guards attack Clara.

 Clara, too, is transformed into succubus by the raw energy she sucks from the guards.

 In order to satisfy her hunger, Clara pushed the man who was offering her his life force in front of her and began to squeeze him.

 Clara, who now a succubus, had taken off her nightgown.

 Her body is that of a high-class prostitute who used to be number two.

 Her breasts are large, her waist is curvy, and her ass is firm. A succubus’s tail also sprouted above her ass, and bat-like wings sprouted from her back.

 Small horns also could be seen through the gaps in her hair. These elements of the succubus were the same for Eve, meaning that the two of them had quit being human.

 In the meantime, the guard’s p*nis erected after being pushed down by the succubus’s seductive atmosphere and charm.

 It’s no exaggeration to say that this man’s fate is over, as there is no way that an ordinary man can resist the touch of a succubus.

 Seeing the p*nis erected, Clara straddled the man and inserted his p*nis into her vagina.

 ”Oh ♡ Ahhhhh ♡”

 ”You’re weak ♡ Ojii-san ♡ You came easily ♡”

 The succubus vagina sucks the semen out of his p*nis.

 The man who is drained of his vitality and magical power at once, becomes thin and thin as he writhes in pleasure.

 Even so, only the p*nis does not wilt. No, she won’t let it wilt.

 Because the man who has been connected to the succubus will not lose his p*nis until he dies.

 ”It’s okay ♡ Just let it come out, okay? Ojii-san life force~ ♡ Clara will eat all of your life ♡ So you can die comfortably ♡”

 ”Ah ♡ I can’t stop ♡ I can’t stoppppp ♡”

 Clara laughs as she tilts her head and wiggles her hips on the man.

 Clara, who had become a succubus, no longer had a human heart and had no resistance to taking a human life.

 Because it is a meal and an instinct for a succubus to take a man’s semen.

 So, the moment she was transformed into a succubus, the human Clara was dead.

 The man could see that his life was coming to an end. But the man felt happy, because it felt so good. It felt so good that he didn’t care about anything else.

 And so, the pleasure-crazed man’s skin lost its elasticity and became wrinkled like an old man’s……

 The man who had had all his vitality sucked out of him was now nothing but skin and bones.

 ”It was delicious~ ♡”

 ”Clara-chan ♡ Let’s go pick up the others ♡”

 Eve hugged Clara, who withdrew from the man with a satisfied look.

 ”Yes ♡ Wait for me, everyone ♡”

 Clara, who hugged Eve back, smiled bewitchingly.

 In this way, the second succubus was unknowingly awakened.


 Clara-chan also transformed.

 Carlo went on a rampage.

 He destroys buildings, kills people, and has a huge fun.

 Eve rescues Clara.

 She has turned into a succubus.

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