Wizard 196

Chapter 196 The Running Wolves get a reason to intervene in the commotion

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 As the residents of the city look in the direction of the rising smoke, Renka uses her <Eagle Eyes> to scout the area around the collapsed building.

 Renka sees the person who seems to have caused the collapse casting a spell on the residents of the city.

 The sight is so horrible that Renka’s fists tighten.

 ”There’s a wizard on the rampage. He’s attacking the people of the city”


 Alvin’s eyes widened at Renka’s words, and Milis covered her mouth with her hand in disbelief. Shinji, who put his hand on Renka’s shoulder after she finished using the <Eagles Eyes>, opened his mouth.

 ”First, we need to go to the adventurer’s guild and meet up with Emily and Akane. We adventurers must have permission to fight in the city”

 ”……I know. I’m not jumping out of my skin. Everyone, hurry up!”

 Adventurers are not allowed to fight in the city except in emergency situations such as catching thieves or kidnappers. Because adventurers’ main job is to fight monster outside the city, while it is the job of the guards, and the soldiers who serve the country, to fight inside the city and protect the residents.

 After that, Alvin and the others ran in a straight line to the Adventurer’s Guild.

 Seeing from the distance, they saw that the residents of the city were gathered around the Adventurer’s Guild.

 Because, in case of emergencies like this, the national organizations such as the Adventurer’s Guild and the Magic Guild would explain the situation.

 Weaving through the crowd, Alvin and the others entered the Adventurer’s Guild and looked around for Emily and Akane.

 Inside the guild, a good number of adventurers were gathering, and the building was filled with a tense atmosphere.

 ”Shinji! Alvin, over here!”

 Alvin and the others joined Emily and Akane as they heard Emily’s voice waving at them, jumping up and down in the corner of the guild behind the crowd.

 ”Thanks God, you two are fine, right?”

 ”Yes. We’ve been in the guild all along, so we’re fine”

 Shinji let out a sigh of relief as he saw the two of them.

 ”Master! There’s a wizard on the rampage in the entertainment district!”

 ”It’s not just that. There are other dried up corpses walking around. It looks like the work of a succubus”

 ”Oh, no. There’s still a succubus……?”

 While Emily waited for Alvin and the others, she gathered information from the guild staff. The adventurer’s guild is also scouting the area with <Eagle Eyes>, and has confirmed the presence of rampaging wizards and moving corpses.

 Seeing the situation, the Adventurer’s Guild determined that the ruckus was caused by a succubus. And warned adventurers not to head into the entertainment district without permission.

 ”It looks like the guards and the temple will shut down the entertainment district. So we’re going to have to wait until the guild ask us”

 ”Yes, because when facing succubus, quality is more important than quantity”

 ”I know it’s the right thing to do, but it’s frustrating me……”

 Alvin clenched his fists in frustration at Emily’s words. In the meantime, Shinji had no choice but to wait for the situation to move.

 He can’t go to the entertainment district to take credit when the guards and the temple have already moved in and started the blockade, and to begin with, arbitrary actions can be blamed but not praised.

 Also, if he takes credit for his actions, his arbitrary actions may not be questioned, but if he ends up just stirring up trouble at the scene, his reputation will be ruined.

 Shinji does not like to make such a risky choice.

 A grim silence prevailed.

 The only sound was the footsteps of the Adventurer’s Guild staff moving about hurriedly, and time was ticking away.

 Bang, before long, the door to the Adventurer’s Guild opened.

 ”Excuse me”

 Pino Mazzola, accompanied by two guards, entered the Adventurer’s Guild. Pino’s gaze met Alvin’s as he moved to look around the guild for someone.

 As Pino walks over to the receptionist at the Adventurer’s Guild, he starts to talk about something.

 The sudden appearance of one of the heads of the magic guild drew the attention of the adventurers in the city, as well as Alvin and the other members of <Running Wolves>, who watched the exchange between Pino and the receptionist.

 ”All of the <Running Wolves>, may I have your attention, please!”

 Alvin immediately reacts to the receptionist’s loud shout.

 “Yes! Let’s go, everyone”

 Alvin’s words were met with nods from everyone, and they hurried over to Pino and the receptionist.

 ”Everyone from <Running Wolves>, I have received permission from the client, Pino Mazzola-sama, to speak to you here due to an emergency situation. He would like to make some changes to the request. ……Please Mazzola-sama”

 ”Umu. It is fortunate that all of you have not left the city. So, I would like to suspend my request and ask for your help in resolving the current disturbance. You have a proven track record of defeating succubus, and your help would be invaluable”

 These were the words that Alvin and the others had been waiting for.

 Alvin looked at Renka, Milis and Shinji and they all nodded immediately. They all shared the same desire to intervene in this mess.

 ”Of course! Leave it to us!”

 Alvin’s motivating voice echoed through the Adventurer’s Guild.


 The Running Wolves began to intervene.

 The client, Pino, moved immediately.

 After all, it’s great to have a track record of defeating succubus, isn’t it?

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