Wizard 197

Chapter 197 Sort Out the Current Situation with The Magic Guild

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 After accepting Pino’s request, <Running Wolves> teleported to Pino’s office at the Magic Guild together with Pino’s magic.

 It’s a kind of <Teleportation> magic called <Return>, and the effect is to return to a point marked in advance.

 It is a spell that consumes less magic by limiting its ability to return to a predetermined location compared to one-way transfer, and can be learned from the magic guild’s spell book.

 After arrived, Pino left the office and headed to the meeting room on the top floor of the magic guild.

 Pino walks briskly in the lead, followed by Alvin and the others behind his two guards.

 During this time, Emily and Akane are staying at the Adventurer’s Guild. Since it’s the <Running Wolves> who take the requests, they can’t work together, even though Emily is a skilled adventurer.

 Also since Akane had long stopped being an adventurer and could not fight, Shinji asked Emily to protect Akane, and she agreed with a smile.

 ”I’m back”

 When they entered the meeting room, all eyes were on Pino and the others.

 Noah Beltz, Blade Valencia, and the pale face of Gaizka Osborn were waiting for Pino to return.

 ”Welcome back. We’ve been waiting for you”

 ”This is the report…. The blockade of the entertainment district is complete. The fleeing residents all have been protected and are being transported to the temple. If there is no reaction to the charm, they will be sent to the evacuation site. The residents who have gathered at the Adventurer’s Guild and other state-run facilities have been informed of the completion of the blockade of the entertainment district and asked to evacuate”

 Blade’s eyes narrowed at the sight of Shinji, but Shinji kept an unconcerned look on his face and stayed behind Pino with Alvin and the others.

 ”……Carlo has been wreaking havoc on the former <Paradise> in the entertainment district. Still, we don’t know where the succubus is yet”

 As the head of the Osborn family, Gaizka wanted to go and beat up his idiot son right now, but he couldn’t abandon his duties as head of the family.

 In other hand, as a member of the family of the person who had caused this commotion, he must send the Osborn guard to the forefront of the blockade and was taking command in the conference room.

 ”As you can see, I was able to get the help of the <Running Wolves> at the Adventurer’s Guild”

 ”Thank you. So, let’s get the current situation straight”

 Pino sat down on a chair and his guards stood behind him.

 Noah said a few words and urged Alvin and the others to take a seat, which they did.

 ”Carlo Osborn is the one who is wreaking havoc in the entertainment district. He is being manipulated by a succubus’s charm. In addition, it’s been confirmed that there are moving corpses, so it’s been determined that this is the work of a succubus.

 In fact, we have been working with the temple to isolate and treat prostitutes who have been turned into succubus in the entertainment district.

 We also had an agreement with the temple to raise the flares in case of an emergency, but since there were no flares coming from the two locations, we believe that the two succubus have escaped.

 Therefore, we implemented the siege plan that we had prepared just in case. Guards have blocked off the entertainment district, and priests from the temple have set up barriers around the entertainment district to prevent the succubus from leaving the city”

 Shinji, who had felt that the guards were moving very fast for an emergency situation, was satisfied with what he heard.

 (Although, no one would have thought it would be this big of a deal)

 It was obvious from Gaizka Osborn’s condition.

 His son had caused this much trouble. And he didn’t know what kind of responsibility he would have to take later, but he could easily imagine that the future of the Osborn family would be gloomy.

 ”The magic circle that imprisoned the succubus was working fine. Without outside interference, escape would be impossible”

 ”I don’t know where the leak came from, but I’m guessing Carlo got wind of it. Normally, this is not possible, but I think it is possible for him because he is such womanizer. ……This is a shameful story…….”

 Gaizka muttered without power to the words of Blade.

 Everyone in the room can imagine how dangerous it is to have s*x with a succubus, but no one dared to say anything.

 ”The only way to end this mess is to capture or kill Carlo. Also, it is necessary to defeat the succubus and identify them. Each of us will send out a squad of elite knights from our four families. We’ll also have the <Running Wolves> join us so there will be a total of five units attempting to control the entertainment district. Do you have any objections?”

 There was no one who objected to Pino’s proposal.

 The heads of the houses each agreed, and Alvin nodded.

* * *

 A large mansion in the entertainment district.

 The old woman who runs the entertainment district lives in the house.

 Her name is Hel. She was a commoner with no family name, but she was one of the richest women in Oeste, who had made a fortune in her lifetime by successfully running her business with her natural talent.

 Hel was sick in bed because the prostitutes he loved like daughters were turning into succubus due to the succubus riots in <Paradise>.

 It was inevitable, considering the fact that she had found out that the evil had reached not only the six luxury-class prostitutes but also the high and middle class girls.

 Fortunately, the high and middle class girls had not been turned into succubus for long and were able to return to normal after being treated in the temple.

 And after receiving a report that the remaining six luxury-class prostitutes would return to normal with time, Hel sought the elf potion to restore vitality to her weakened body.

 The <Green Traveler> was the one who visited Hel at the request of the Adventurer’s Guild.

 ”This is enough for me, thank you”

 ”No, no, no, I’m glad I was able to make a potion after all these years. It was well worth the effort because with so many valuable herbs, I can make all sorts of things”

 Lila went to the entertainment district with a request to make specially blended herbal teas and herbal medicines using expensive medicinal herbs with nourishing effects prepared by Hel.

 Of course, Iris, Lili, and Lilu were with her, as they had been asked as part of the party.

 Lila’s potion-making skills were excellent, and Hel was very satisfied.

 Afterwards, the five of them were enjoying tea time at Hel’s invitation when the sound and impact of <Paradise> collapsing hit the house.

 Hel wanted to evacuate, but she was in bed and could not move quickly enough. She thought about having one of her men carry her out, but decided against it when she saw the moving corpses wandering around outside.

 With his men in the house, Hel chose to stay in the house.

 Lila and the other member of <Green Traveler> advised by Hel to escape from the entertainment district, but they couldn’t abandon the helpless Hel and the others.

 Thus, unbeknownst to Shinji, Lila and the other member of <Green Traveler> were left behind in the entertainment district.


 This and That at the Magic Guild.

 The heads of the four families are at work.

 They were able to blockade the area quickly because they were prepared for any eventuality since they were treating a succubus.

 The elite from the four families and Alvin and the others work together to put things to rest.

 At the same time, Iris and the three elven sisters seemed to be in the blockaded entertainment district. Will there be any encounters with moving corpses on the prowl, a rampaging Carlo, and two succubi?

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