Wizard 198

Chapter 198 Rushing into the Entertainment District and The Thoughts of The Succubus

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 <Running Wolves> had gone from the meeting room of the magic guild to the entrance of the entertainment district, and the heads of the guilds had returned to their homes and led their waiting knights to the entrance of the entertainment district.

 All of this movement was done by Blade Valencia’s <Teleport> magic, and it took almost no time at all to move.

 The ability to use the magic many times in a row is the result of Blade Valencia’s abundant magical power and the Valencia family’s continued research.

 On the other hand, the entrance to the entertainment district was well surrounded by guards, and priests dispatched from the temple had gathered to set up a barrier.

 There were also a few residents fleeing the entertainment district, but most of them had already escaped. The priests checked the residents to make sure they weren’t being charmed, and then led them to the evacuation center.

 As for the knights who enter the entertainment district with Alvin and the others, they are directed by the head of the family to enter the entertainment district.

 The knights of the Osborn family were especially spirited, and their spirit was uncanny.

 Despite the urgency of the situation, the guards and priests were moving as planned, showing the high level of skill and leadership of the four families and the temple.

 ”Alright, let’s go too!”

 ”From the looks of it, Carlo, will be dealt by the knights of House Osborn……. So, I think we’d better look for the succubus”

 Alvin and the others were the last to enter the entertainment district.

 As Shinji gazed in the direction of where he thought the rampaging Carlo was, a cloud of dust rose from the sky, and he could see the knights running towards him.

 ”Then we’ll continue on, taking down the moving corpses”

 ”Yes……. I’m sorry because they didn’t mourn properly”

 Alvin and the others walked off with Renka in the lead.

* * *

 A moving corpse is a corpse that is moved by magic.

 They move slowly but their power is strong, and above all, the visual fear of a moving corpse stimulates the fear of amateurs adventurer who do not know how to fight.

 Also, it is very bad to have moving corpses in the city, because people who have been killed by moving corpses will join them.

 However, because of Carlo’s rampage, most of the residents had fled the entertainment district fairly quickly. So, although a certain number of poor people who failed to escape were killed, the number of moving corpses did not increase explosively.

 ”Give that person a peaceful rest <Purification>!”

 Milis unleashes a magic on the moving corpse.

 And when the golden glow hit, the slow-moving corpses turned to dust, and after a few repetitions of Milis’ spell, Alvin and the others succeeded in killing the group of moving corpses they encountered.

 ”Good job, Mil”

 ”Thanks, Al-kun. I’ll take care of the purification”

 Having said that, Milis has cast the <Purification> dozens of times, and her forehead is sweating to a certain extent.

 The moving corpse is quite stubborn and will not stop functioning just by slashing it with a sword. They need to be burned with flames or treated with light magic such as <Purification> that returns the dead to heaven.

 That’s why Milis purifies the moving corpses that Alvin slashes, and Shinji shares his magic power with Milis using <Mana Link>.

 ”Thank you very much, Shinji-san”

 ”Your welcome. Renka, which way to go next?”

 ”Wait a minute……. There are quite a few of them over there”

 After, Renka uses the <Eagle Eyes> to find and destroy the group of moving corpses.

 Alvin and the others were moving towards the back of the entertainment district while defeating the group of moving corpses in this fashion.

 Just then, a series of destructive sounds begin to echo through the entertainment district.

 ”It looks like the knights have started fighting Carlo!”

 ”If we think about it normally, Carlo doesn’t stand a chance. Let’s focus on the succubus”

 One charmed and out of control wizard and a platoon of five highly trained knights. It is a natural that the knights will win if they fight properly.

 The act of deflecting the shame of the house is a very important thing for a noble house. So when Shinji said that it would be better to leave the knights of the Osborn to deal with Carlo, Alvin and the others agreed and decided to focus on the succubus.

 ”It’s a……. waste. I can’t find it from up there”

 ”They shouldn’t be able to get out of the city, so let’s be patient and find them!”

 ”But, let’s defeat them first!”

 Alvin, who had found a new group of moving corpses, held up his great sword as he spoke.

* * *

 ”We’re in trouble~, Eve-chan”

 ”You’re right~……Here’s nothing we can do about it, Clara-chan”

 In the meantime, Eve and Clara, who were transformed into succubus, were in trouble.

 It was a good situation for Eve that she had freed Clara.

 However, the guards and priests were so quick to respond that they were unable to leave the entertainment district, and the four remaining luxury-class prostitutes had been captured by the guards using magic tools prepared by the magic guild, so Eve and Clara were unable to increase their friends.

 Although they had no choice but to increase the number of moving corpses, they were powerless in front of the siege of the entertainment district.

 In addition, the number of moving corpses is decreasing rapidly as the knights rush into the entertainment district. So, there’s no way they can win against an opponent sent out by the same people who prepared so well to trap them.

 And here is it, Eve and Clara were trapped.

 After causing such a commotion, they knew that they could not escape being defeated.

 ”I’m sorry, Clara-chan, for dragging you into this……mess”

 Eve is the victim who has been awakened by Carlo, but she is also the perpetrator who has awakened Clara into a succubus.

 After rescuing Clara and the rest of her friends, Eve plans to flee the city with the others. And having experienced the pleasures of squeezing and sucking the life out of men as a succubus in Paradise, Eve didn’t feel like she could live as a normal human being anymore.

 But for the sake of Hel, who had taken care of her, she was going to get medical treatment and try to live as a human being.

 All of the luxury-class prostitutes had discussed and decided so, and yet.

 Carlo had turned her into a full-fledged succubus.

 Now that she is a succubus, she wants to have friends. She understands that this is selfish, but she feels that she cannot live out her life as a succubus without her friends.

 ”That’s okay, I know how you feel”

 Clara smiled at Eve’s apology and forgave her.

 Because she knew that if she had been in Eve’s shoes, she would have acted the same way.

 ”Thank you…… Clara-chan”

 ”Now, let’s figure out what to do, shall we? If this happens, do you want to go on a suicide mission against Osborn’s knights? I’ll tell them that it’s their stupid sons that got us into this mess in the first place”

 Clara laughed with deliberate cheerfulness in her voice. Eve, who was looking sad, also laughed at Clara’s expense.

 ”Fufufu, that might be a good idea”

 The reason why she let Carlo run rampant was partly as a decoy, but more importantly it was in retaliation for the Osborn, including Carlo.

 It would not have happened if Carlo had been well educated. Although she felt bad for the residents of the entertainment district that she had involved, Eve wanted to do some serious damage to Carlo and his relatives who had made her a whore.

 For that reason alone, Eve’s wish had already been granted.

 And then, the two succubus, who had given up on surviving, were about to move on.

 But, suddenly, the wall of the building they were hiding in blew up.


 They rushed into the entertainment district.

 Moving corpses are weak to say the least. It’s not like a zombie apocalypse movie where someone can get infected by being bitten or scratched, because the number of moving corpses will only increase if they kill the other person.

 It’s tough for ordinary citizens, but if it’s an adventurer, they won’t lose one-on-one.

 They are very powerful, so it’s good to use the mass strategy to overwhelm them with numbers and kill them.

 The four families and the temple responded too quickly, and the succubus Eve and her friends were in trouble.

 If it weren’t for the barrier, they could have had the option to escape, but even that was blocked by the perfect blockade.

 It’s normal to take countermeasures (siege strategy) if doing something dangerous.

 At any rate, Carlo is in the wrong.

 Let’s move on with the story!

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