Wizard 199

Chapter 199 Eve and Clara’s Plea

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 The walls of the house where Eve and Clara are hiding are blown out, and it opens up a huge hole.

 Both of them immediately sit up and try to escape, but the intruder is faster.

 It was the elf warrior, Lilu, who broke into the house.

 As the moving corpses were gathering in the house of Hel, Iris was entrusted to defend the house, which is the base of operations, and Lilu, who is an attacker, was acting as a ranger to eliminate the moving corpses around them.

 And that’s when Eve, Clara and Lil’s gazes met.


 Eve and Clara were unable to prepare themselves for Lilu, who immediately held up a thin sword. But they were able to find a ray of hope in the fact that they were able to meet Lilu in this situation, and they bowed their heads vigorously on the spot.

 The reason why they suddenly bowed their heads was….

 ”Wait! We want to surrender!”

 ”Please! Tell the master of your succubus crest!”

 Eve and Clara were able to detect the presence of Shinji’s lewd mark on Lilu’s body.

 It occurred to both of them that the Shinji crest on Lilu’s body meant that there was a succubus controlling the elf in front of them. It’s natural for two people who do not want to die to think that they would rather be under the protection of another succubus than be destroyed.

 ”……I won’t accept your surrender after what you’ve done”

 After they pointed out pointed out Lilu’s lewd mark, for a moment, her eyes widened and she gasped in surprise, but then she quickly returned to her strong gaze and declared with a thin sword pointed at them.

 From the point of view of those who are not familiar with the situation of the Eve, it seems as if they are just trying to rampage and then surrender when they have no chance of winning.

 And as an adventurer, Lilu couldn’t accept the surrender of the succubus that had overrun the city.

 After that, Lilu quickly moves into Eve’s body.

 As an amateur, Eve had no way to block Lilu’s attack. But as the tip of her thin sword was about to pierce Eve’s throat.

 ”It’s that guy’s fault……!”


 It stopped just before it hit Eve’s throat. Lilu quickly withdrew her sword and stepped back lightly to get away from Eve and Clara.

 Lilu do that because she couldn’t ignore Eve’s words.

 Even though she had already forgotten about the incident, she had been manipulated by Minato’s charm eyes, and now that she had come to terms with the possibility that the man had caused the commotion, she had no intention of attacking them without question.

 Lilu opened her mouth to Eve, who was looking very pale.

 ”I’ll listen to your ……story first”

 ”T, thank you!”

 Eve bows her head to Lilu in a tearful voice.

 ーーーBlah, Blah, Blahーーー

 After hearing all about Eve and Clara’s situation, Lilu let out a big sigh. She was glad that she had stopped the attack, and wanted to praise herself for doing so a while ago.

 ”We got tangled up with that guy. He was a real pain in the ass”

 ”He had a bad reputation among us prostitutes. Still, everyone put up with him because he made us a lot of money……”

 ”I even acted like I was going to cum because he was so confident, even though it wasn’t a big deal at all. Also he’s an annoying guy if I don’t make him feel good”

 The bad things that Eve and Clara said about Carlo never stopped.

 Lilu felt sympathy for Eve and Clara.

 If this annoying man hadn’t messed with Eve, this disaster would have never happened and Eve and Clara would have been able to become human again.

 Lilu, who had been troubled by Minato, had also been forced to help him with his evil deeds while she was charmed.

 Although she hadn’t done anything that would cause serious damage to the city, she had helped Minato charm girls who had boyfriends.

 But thanks to Shinji, she was able to start over. And then Lilu thought that Eve and Clara should have a chance to start over in the same way.

 ”I understand the situation, so I’ll ask it”


 Eve’s and Clara’s expressions brightened at Lilu’s acceptance.

 They do not have any idea what kind of partner they will be under, but from the looks of Lilu, it seems that the master-servant relationship is not bad.

 And then Lilu sends her thoughts to Shinji through the lewd crest. While Eve and Clara stared at the scene.

* * *

 [Shinji-san, Shinji-san]

 While walking through the entertainment district, Shinji noticed a rare thought from Lilu and decided to respond to it.

 [What is it? I’m in the middle of a request to take down the succubus in the entertainment district, so can I ask you to do it quickly?]

 [I’m with that succubus right now……]

 Shinji was flustered by this completely unexpected conversation, but he calmed down and resumed his thought process with Lilu.

 [Are you okay, you don’t seem to be charmed? But I’ll be right there to help you]

 [Oh, wait a minute! Shinji-san, this succubus…… is originally human. Can you help them somehow?]

 Shinji’s mind was filled with a series of unexpected stories.

 [A person who has become a succubus cannot be returned to normal. Besides, how can the nobles in the city let a succubus who has caused so much trouble goes unnoticed?]

 [I know, but…… the reason they became succubus is because of the stupid noble. I feel they are just like the old me]

 Lilu knows that Shinji is right.

 But still, Lilu couldn’t give up so easily.

 [I’ll send Freri and Flair over there. Anyway, let’s think about it later]

 [Ah……, yes! Thank you, Shinji-san]

 Shinji’s words made Lilu’s voice flutter with happiness.


 The story of Lily, Eve and Clara.

 It seems that Lilu felt sorry for them because they were all in trouble because of the man.

 Eve and Clara didn’t resist and surrendered immediately.

 If it hadn’t been for the <Green traveler> with the lewd crest, they would have been defeated, so they are now connected by the same thread.

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