Wizard 200

Chapter 200 An action to be performed on Eve and Clara

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 ”That’s why I’ve taken over the situation~noja!”

 Flair and Freri appeared in front of Lilu, Eve and Clara, who were waiting in the abandoned building.

 As Freri didn’t want to say a word, Shinji asked Flair to take charge of the situation.

 Flair is very enthusiastic and declares in a pose with his right hand sticking out in front of them, but Freri looks normal and observes Eve and Clara.

 Eve and Clara are seated upright on the floor in front of Flair, looking very anxious. They were expecting the arrival of a succubus, but instead they were met a high-ranking spirit, and all they could do was sit quietly because they sensed the strong magical power that Flair possessed.

 Also, Eve and Clara couldn’t imagine how great the succubus who could carve a lewd mark on Flair.

 But the reality was that he was a human wizard, but they had no way of knowing that now.

 ”I have been told what has happened so far~noja. On top of that, my Lord says that personally speaking feels sorry for you and wants to help you. However, the truth is that you were not just retaliating against the nobles, but also you were voluntarily destroying the city and turning its inhabitants into moving corpses, it’s different from Lilu and the others who were brainwashed by charm~noja”

 Flair and Shinji are talking, exchanging thoughts.

 Shinji thought that it was too much to shelter them with no consequences. Because no one was manipulating them, so they were doing this of their own volition.

 It was understandable that they wanted to retaliate against not only Carlo, but also the Osborn, and that’s why they made the damage bigger, but having a reason doesn’t mean they can do anything.

 So, Shinji thought, there must be some kind of atonement.

 However, as a single adventurer, Shinji had no idea how to make amends.

 So, Shinji decided to consult the Goddess through Flair.

 ”Therefore, you must make amends through your future work, as a condition for your life to be spared. My Lord is also an apostle appointed by the Goddess Arian. As a servant of the Goddess, you will live to help more people than those you have killed”


 Eve and Clara could only stare at each other in black and white at the thought of something that was far beyond their imagination.

 They thought they were going to be under the command of a great succubus, but instead they were told to become the servants of a goddess, and both of them were in a state of panic.

 A typical servant of the Goddess is a priest who serves the church. As prostitutes, Eve and Clara could not become priests now, no matter how hard they tried.

 It is said that there is no such thing as a noble profession, but the reality is different.

 If someone were to ask them which is more noble, a priest serving God or a prostitute selling spring, they would all say priest.

 Because serving a God is considered honorable.

 How can they, who have sinned and become succubus, perform such an honorable duty? So, it is not surprising that they stop thinking about it.

 [They’re really surprised]

 [Of course]

 Shinji could only laugh at Freri’s words.

 Shinji couldn’t help but ask the goddess Arian if he was really going to take them under her wing? And then he got a confirmation.

 Goddess Arian said that there were no demons among her subordinates.

 Pure demons such as succubus, which were not originally part of the goddess worship culture, were not a good match for the goddess Arian.

 So, Goddess Arian decided to keep the two of them in her possession, with the idea that they were ex-humans who had just become demons and were not yet poisoned by evil ideology and still had faith in Goddess Arian.

 In addition, Shinji who was her apostle, is a man who can crush a succubus in his embrace, and he can bind their bodies and minds.

 [There is no need to worry about rebellion because the other party owes you a debt. Goddess-sama’s stomach is black too. Because it’s not possible to become a world ruler with a clean slate]

 [Well, as education has been entrusted to me, so I’ll take care of them for a while]

 In exchange for Shinji’s cooperation with the goddess, he will receive a reward. Also, Freri who was Shinji’s spirit, was asked to educate Eve and Clara who were novice succubus so that they could become a full-fledged succubus.

 The fact that Freri is half succubus, half spirit, and can communicate directly with the Goddess Arian is one of the main reasons why she was appointed as the educator.

 Freri’s connection to humans, demons, spirits, and the Goddess made it possible for her to raise the two girls to become full-fledged succubus while at the same time instilling faith in the Goddess.

 ”What do you think~noja? Are you willing to serve the Goddess-sama with all your heart?”

 ””If, if only I could serve Goddess-sama!””

 Eve and Clara put their hands on the floor and bowed deeply in surrender.

 (How merciful……)

 (We must serve Goddess-sama to the best of our ability……!)

 At this point, their faith in the Goddess Arian was at an all-time high.

 Flair gazed with compassion at the two of them as they wept and trembled at the goddess’s grateful words.

 Lilu, who pleaded for their lives, also patted her chest at the ending, which was more satisfying than just saving their lives. Although she sympathized with them, there was still sin in them.

 ”Umu. Then let’s put an end to this mess~noja!”

 Flair’s voice rang out.

 Thus, Eve and Clara, who had become succubus, became part of the Goddess Arian’s servants. There is no one here who knows at this point what kind of future this will bring.

 But there is at least one thing that is known.

 It was that Shinji would violate Eve and Clara until they swore to obey him.


 Eve and Clara are now under the jurisdiction of the Goddess.

 They are assigned to, Goddess-sama’s servants.

 And assigned to, Shinji’s subordinate Freri

 On assignment, training to become a full-fledged succubus.

 That’s pretty much it.

 There is no such thing as an apology, so the policy is to pay back with their future work.

 Once they become a full-fledged succubus, they will be used by the Goddess.

 Whether it’s worse than death or a better environment, only the Goddess knows! Which is it?

 From the Goddess’s point of view, increasing the valuation of her servants is an advantage.

 Still, they’re going to stay under Shinji’s wing until they become full-fledged members. Because it’s easier to ask for help from a calm local resident like Shinji-kun than from a hot reincarnated person…….

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