Wizard 201

Chapter 201 The Second Succubus Riot is Over

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 The second succubus riot is quickly put down.

 The wizard who had been the most rampant, Carlo-Osborn, was taken into custody and taken away by the Osborn family’s knights.

 As Eve and Clara surrendered, there were no more new moving corpses, and the only thing left to do was to defeat the remaining corpses. This was not a difficult task for the <Running Wolves> and the knights.

 However, the problem could not be solved until the succubus was defeated.

 So, <Running Wolves> rushes through the entertainment district, eliminating the corpses, and meets up with the <Green Traveler> who was holed up in a large mansion.

 While they were exchanging information about each other, Lilu came back to the mansion from outside.

 When Lilu mentioned that she had found the corpse of the succubus, the <Running Wolves> decided to follow Lilu to the place where the corpse was.

 The corpse of the succubus was found in an abandoned house.

 Two succubus were lying on top of each other, and there was fresh blood on the floor, forming a pool of blood.

 When Alvin checked the faces, he saw that they were familiar faces.

 Eve and Clara. They were the two people he had met in <Paradise>.

 ”There was also a suicide note with them. This is…….”

 Lilu presented Alvin with a handwritten suicide note that she had collected.

 Alvin checked it out and found that it started with Carlo turning them into succubus, followed by resentment towards the Osborn, regret for causing a scene, and an apology for taking responsibility and committing suicide.

 ”……What an unacceptable thing to do……”

 Alvin stared at the corpse with a sad look on his face, thinking that the two had been both perpetrator and victim.

 When Milis and Renka read the suicide note, they felt the same sadness, but also resentment towards Carlo.

 ”At least let’s mourn them as a human being”

 ”……Yes, please, Shinji-san”

 Human in this world is buried by cremation, and Milis’s light magic can easily make it disappear, but the least the <Running Wolves> can do is to burn them with fire and mourn them as a human being.

 ”<Funeral Fire>”

 As the fire burned the two corpses to ashes, Alvin and the others bowed their heads in silent prayer.

 [The camouflage is complete]

 In fact, it was a fake corpse that they burned.

 It was just another succubus corpse with a face that resembled the two of them, and Eve and Clara had left together with Flair and the others.

 Since Eve and Clara would not be appearing on the stage for a while, it was considered more convenient to treat them as dead, and they would be more prepared if there was no turning back.

 ”Let’s go back to ……report it”

 ”Yeah…… let’s get this over!”

 Alvin muttered after his silent prayer.

 Renka rushed out of the abandoned house to put an end to the commotion started by the desires of several men. Alvin and Milis soon followed Renka.

 ”I’ll go back to Hel’s house”

 ”Okay. See you later, Lilu”

 After saying goodbye to Lilu, Shinji went after Renka.

* * *

 Back at the entrance to the entertainment district, <Running Wolves> informed Pino Mazzola of the succubus’s death.

 Pino was quietly angry when he found out that the contents of the suicide note delivered by the <Running Wolves> were exactly as he had imagined in the meeting room.

 Just to be sure, he uses his <Analyze> spell to examine the suicide note, but he is certain that it is in the handwriting of Eve, the former prostitute.

 Before standing before Pino, Alvin and the others had been examined to make sure they had not been affected by the succubus’s charms, and Pino had concluded that there was no problem, so there was no doubt about the death report.

 (What a mess for a noble……! I have to ask Gaizka to make amends as the head of the Osborne family. Also, I have to check the education of my people again, but…… I have to do my duty now)

 Pino restrained his thoughts from drifting to personal matters, and looked at the guards at his side.

 ”The succubus’s death has been confirmed. We are now lifting the blockade and entering the entertainment district. Let’s move on to the battle of the moving corpses! Don’t miss even one of them, move!”


 ”Ha!!”, the guards saluted and hurry to get ready.

 ”It’s a clean-up battle! Guards! We’re leaving!”, and with that, the guards began to act with various voices and haste.

 ”I must also share information with the heads of the other families. The rest of the clean-up battle can be left to the guards. And All of the <Running Wolves> can leave it that to them. But, I’m sorry, you’ll have to stay in this city for one more day. I’ll make the same conditions for lodging. And you can pick up your reward tomorrow at the Adventurer’s Guild”

 ”Understood, thank you”

 Pino, who had finished giving instructions to the guards, walked hurriedly away.

 Alvin and the others are also tired from all the fighting. And they were very grateful for Pino’s offer.

 (Well, now that the ruckus is over, the four families have their work cut out for them. We’d better get out of city as soon as possible……)

 As Shinji walked with Alvin and the others towards the inn, he continued to ponder.

 (The most active was the knight of the Osborn family. And we’re in the next line who reported the succubus. Since we were only reporting it, I guess we’ll get the usual recognition. Still, there’s nothing good about staying in a city where the top person is wobbly. I think I’ll advise to leave as soon as we get our reward)

 The second thing that came to mind after the future was Eve and Clara.

 To be honest, when Shinji heard from Lilu, he felt like it was beyond the control. He still had some sympathy for them, but what they had done was too much. The situation was such that he had no choice but to take them down.

 (If it hadn’t been for the Goddess’s action, I wouldn’t have forgiven them as an adventurer. But as now they’re a candidate for the Goddess’s servant. I think I should leave the education to Freri and keep my involvement to a minimum)

 However, it was necessary to instill hierarchy in them at least once.

 (For the sake of a reward, I’ll do my best.)

 Thinking about the hardship of holding two succubi, Shinji let out a big sigh.


 Carlo, he’s caught in plain sight.

 Eve and Clara are treated as dead.

 In their suicide note, they reveal that Carlo was the cause of the whole thing.

 It’s easier to put the blame on Carlo if he’s dead! (harsh)

 Because it’s not a false accusation.

 The future of the Osborn family is bleak!

 After this…

 Having s*x with two succubi.

 And then it’s Freri-chan training menu for them.

 [Christina’s Lewd Dream Training]

 [Alvin’s Lewd Dream with swapping flavor (Eve & Clara would transform into Milis

 & Renka)’

 I’m planning to do the following I need to raise her to be a full-fledged whore. Manipulating dreams is an essential skill for a whore, so it can’t be helped.

 Freri-chan’s education as a newcomer is about to begin.

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