Wizard 202

Chapter 202 Shinji’s interview with Eve and Clara

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 After returning from the entertainment district, Alvin and the others were all exhausted.

 They wanted to go to bed as soon as possible, but Shinji told them about his plans for tomorrow.

 Tomorrow, as soon as they received their reward, they would leave Oeste as soon as possible.

 After deciding on this plan, they went back to their rooms to get some rest.

 Emily and Akane had also returned to the inn, and after asking them to prepare for tomorrow, Shinji decided to take a nap.

* * *

 At night, Shinji was teleported to his home.

 The purpose was to meet with Eve and Clara, who had become the servants of the Goddess.

 However, since they had met in Paradise, Shinji thought it would be enough for a simple greeting.

 As Eve and Clara had become the servants of the goddess Arian to atone for their crimes, so there was no need to instill a hierarchical relationship into their bodies, was there? It was not surprising that Shinji thought so.

 [Shinji, may I?]

 [Sure. I’m already waiting]

 Freri, Eve, and Clara appeared in front of Shinji as he answered Freri’s thought with an affirmative.

 Freri was dressed in her usual one-piece dress, but Eve and Clara, who had become succubus, were dressed differently.

 They were wearing simple black bikinis, with no fabric except for the arm guards and high socks, and a lot of skin color to show off their good looks.

 The two girls were dressed like succubus, but they were not used to it yet and looked somewhat embarrassed.

 [This is a basic outfit for a succubus. They should get used to it]

 [Isn’t it cold in that outfit?]

 [It’s fine thanks to the magic added to the bikini]

 [Unnecessarily high performance……]

 As Shinji exchanged thoughts with Freri, no one spoke and silence reigned in the room until Clara finally remembered Shinji’s face.

 ”Are? Onii-san, you’re the one who put me to sleep! Are you an apostle of Goddess-sama?”

 ”Good evening, yes. I’m Shinji, appointed as Goddess’s Apostle, and I’m also Freri’s contractor”

 Shinji smiled and held out his hand for a handshake.

 Eve and Clara took turns shaking Shinji’s hand with subtle expressions on their faces.

 Eve and Clara were expecting someone much more impressive, but were disappointed to see Shinji, a seemingly ordinary and kind young man, come out.

 The two of them, selfishly, thought that there would be someone more dignified as an apostle of the goddess, or a wizard with immense magical power since he was accompanied by high-ranking spirits, or a succubus since he could carve a lewd crest on the elf.

 Shinji responded to their rude reactions with a wry smile.

 ”I guess I’m not the apostle you thought I was”

 ”Ha, haha. I’m sorry, Onii-san. Eve and I were expecting to see someone more like……. amazing person”

 ”Me too, I’m sorry. Well, please take care of me from now on, I will do my best under Freri-sensei”

 Shinji laughed and forgave them for their honest apologies, but he vowed in his heart that he would make them pay for it later.

 Shinji continued talking without paying attention to Freri, who looked pleased to be called a teacher.

 ”I see. Do your best……. But, have you heard about what’s coming up?”

 ”Yes. But are you okay, Onii-san? Freri-sensei told me that you can share your life force and magic power with both of us”

 Clara looked at Shinji with concern.

 As a luxury-class prostitute, Clara prided herself on her ability to have good s*x. Although, she was the second most popular prostitute in the world, behind Eve, but her s*xual skills and physical condition were second to none.

 Now that she had become a succubus, she wondered if she would be able to make Shinji cum unilaterally.

 Eve seemed to feel the same way as Clara, and she had the same look in her eyes.

 Freri didn’t dare tell them much about Shinji.

 She only told them that she was half flower spirit and that she had made a contract with Shinji as a flower spirit.

 ”It’s okay. I’m not going to tell you what I can do. Anyway, you both talk differently than before”

 ”That’s the way we talk in the brothel. Fufu…… Onii-san…… I’ll change the way I talk……♡”

 When the natural-looking Shinji mentions the way she speaks, Eve changes the way she speaks to the way she speaks in the brothel.

 As a part of their character building as prostitutes, both Eve and Clara changed their speech to match their appearance while serving customers.

 Eve, who is the number one prostitute, uses a quiet and polite tone of voice, aiming at the gap between her pretty face and her nasty body. Clara also had a pretty face, but she differentiated herself by using a bright, slightly cheeky tone that matched her healthy tan.

 ”I think I’ll ask you too to change it. I want to have fun while we’re doing it”

 ”Mo~♡ Onii-san, you’re so naughty~♡”

 Clara followed Eve’s lead and changed the way she spoke.

 Nihihi ♡ Clara’s smile also changes as if she is teasing Shinji. As she approaches him, she can’t feel the magic power from Shinji, but if he and Freri-sensei say so, it’s assumed it’s okay.

 In fact, Shinji’s magic power is less than Carlo’s, but he has held many women. Furthermore, Shinji’s magic has a special depth to it, as he has embraced many women and transformed his own magic with incubus magic.

 [Shinji’s magic is a special treat for succubus. I’ve had good chemistry with you since the beginning, but now Shinji’s magic is like a very aged wine. I know now what my mother meant when she said that the magic of an experienced incubus is amazing]

 [Stop saying that I’m like a vintage wine!?]

 Shinji can’t help but retort to Freri, who says that he has changed especially since Shinji has held women of other races, including elf, spirits, and winged races.

 Furthermore, his function-granting magic could make her feel good, and she doesn’t forget his magic which was delicious. All of those was the reason that Shinji is one of the best masters in the world.

 ”All men are erotic, right?”

 ”I know~ ♡ Onii-san~ ♡ First, let’s take a bath with me~ ♡ Eve-chan is a submissive character~ ♡ After me, you’ll go to bed with her~ ♡ So, I’ll wash you in the bath~ ♡

 ”Okay……♡ Clara-chan, please take care of him……♡”

 Clara hugged Shinji’s arm.

 The two sweet voices were so pleasant that Shinji turned to the bathroom as Clara invited him.


 ( ˘ω˘ ) Suya…

 A talk between Shinji and the two succubus

 Shinji, looks like a normal guy on the outside, so it’s not surprising that they are confused.

 The more girls he holds, the better his magic will be! So he need to hold more girls from other races (sense of mission)

 When she was a prostitute, Eve seemed to have created a passive character and Clara an offensive character.

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