Wizard 203

Chapter 203 In the bathroom with Clara

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 Both Shinji and Clara stripped naked and went into the bathroom together.

 Clara’s large breasts, which Shinji had once squeezed through her negligee in <Paradise>, pressed against his arm, and his p*nis naturally erected.

 ”Onii~san’s big~ ♡”

 Shinji’s p*nis was the biggest one Clara had ever seen. As Clara’s instincts as a succubus grew, she realized that s*x was just a way to eat.

 So, the fact that Shinji’s p*nis was so big was welcome, and Clara’s expectations were high.

 ”Do you think so? Clara’s skin color also looks the same as when you were still a human”

 ”It seems so. I’ll stay this beautiful brown skin forever ♡”

 Clara left Shinji’s arms, spun around in front of him to show off her body, and urged him to sit on a chair.

 ”Clara will wash Onii-san body ♡”

 Clara smiled wickedly as she poured the slimy slime lotion body soap she had brought in onto her large breasts.

* * *

 ”Onii-san, does it feel good? ♡”

 ”Ah~……It’s the best…….”

 While Shinji sat on the chair, Clara rubbed her body against his.

 She washes Shinji’s body using her slippery breasts and body to every inch of his body, starting from his back and then carefully washing each of his arms one at a time between her cleavage and between her legs. And now she was standing in front of Shinji, washing his muscular chest.

 ”Onii-san, you work out a lot ♡ Your muscles are so tense ♡”

 ”Well, even a wizard needs to move fast”

 ”Fufu ♡ It’s also energetic in this place too…… ♡”

 Chuu ♡, Clara kissed Shinji’s cheek and then moved her body. She goes down and squeezes Shinji’s p*nis between her cleavage.

 Her cleavage is warm and slippery from the lotion, and she rubs her breasts up and down with both hands while pushing from side to side, stimulating the glans all the way to the root.

 Clara’s movements were so smooth that it was easy to see she was used to it. The service was so good that Shinji couldn’t help but moan.

 ”Onii-san, are you going to cum once? ♡”

 She looked up at him and wanted him to ejaculate, but Shinji held back and shook his head.

 Ejaculation without the succubus being subdued would allow the succubus to do whatever she wanted. So Shinji had to make sure that he was in control, otherwise he wouldn’t feel safe.

 ”No, I want to insert it now. You want to feel good too, don’t you, Clara-chan?”

 ”Yes ♡ Then let it flow~ ♡”

 Clara was aware that she had been strangely horny for some time. It’s happen to her because Shinji had cast an estrus spell on her, and as an inexperienced succubus, Clara had suffered the full brunt of it.

 After washing off the foam with hot water, she straddled Shinji and placed his glans at the entrance to her secret place.

 Shinji also grabbed Clara’s hips and did not forget to cast his p*nis with the function of <Giving Pleasure to Woman>.

 ”Then I’ll go ♡ Ah ♡”

 Nupu ♡ The glans inserted into Clara’s vagina. And at that moment, Clara’s body jumped.

 Even though the glans has only just been inserted, it is so pleasurable that she can’t help but stop her hips, and the corners of her eyes are lowered. However, Shinji was not so kind as to leave his partner standing there with such a gap.

 ”Why do you have to stop?”

 ”Ma ♡ 〜〜〜〜〜♡♡♡”

 Shinji pushed his hips back and inserted his p*nis deep into her vagina, the glans reached the back of her vagina. Despite just being inserted, Clara has come.

 Clara had never experienced coming just by penetration before. Even though she knew something was obviously wrong, it didn’t matter because Shinji’s p*nis felt so good.

 Her succubus’s instincts were working against her, as long as it felt good.

 ”Here, let’s move”

 ”Oh ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ This ♡ Onii-san’s dick ♡ Amazing ♡”

 Clara, who was straddling Shinji from the front, hugged him with all her might and pressed her large breasts against his chest. Clara’s legs also wrapped tightly around Shinji’s waist, and her body is only supported by Shinji’s arms.

 Shinji’s hands move from her waist to her hips, grabbing her ass and shaking her hips up and down relentlessly.

 The sound of his p*nis penetrating her vagina filled with love juice echoed in the bathroom, and Clara’s voice became louder and louder.

 ”Hyan~ ♡ An~ ♡ It’s ♡ Good~ ♡ Cumming againnn~~~ ♡”

 Without suppressing her voice, Clara lean her back to the floor. Her vagina clenched to squeeze out the man’s semen, and her cervix sucked on the glans.

 However, it doesn’t make Shinji, who has experienced with Freri’s vagina which was extremely excellent, ejaculate.

 Rather, he takes advantage of the fact that Clara is hugging Shinji with both arms and legs to lift her up and push her down on the bathroom floor.

 By lifting Clara’s hips and pushing her down on the bathroom floor, Shinji was able to cover her so that he could penetrate her from above. It can have been seen that Shinji is trying to make her give in to him with his cock.

 (I’m going to be ruined if he keeps doing this to me ♡)

 Clara said that Freri had gone through the same thing. And that she was giving in not only as a flower spirit, but also as a succubus.

 Her pride as a first-class prostitute and her pride in making men feel good are meaningless in front of the pleasure that the man in front of her is giving her, and she is reduced to a mere female.

 ”Oh ♡ Nnn~ ♡ Ah, ah~ ♡ Onii-san ♡ Onii-san ♡ Ah ♡ Stopppp~ ♡ Cumming~ ♡ Ah ♡ I’m cumming~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ I’m gonna cum again~ ♡ Niiiiii ♡ I can’t do it~ ♡ Noooo~ ♡ Hooo~ ♡ Cummming ♡ Cumming againnnnn ♡”

 Jup ♡ Jup ♡ Jup ♡ Jup ♡

 He kept thrusting into her vagina, which was dripping with love juice.

 Clara climaxes in rapid succession, shedding tears and moaning madly. Still, Clara’s legs were firmly wrapped around Shinji’s waist, preventing him from pulling out.

 ”Okay…… I’m going to cum!”

 ”Nnnnnnn~~~~ ♡♡♡”

 Shinji poured his semen into her womb that had just come down.

 The semen that has been poured into the womb of Clara has been deliciously swallowed by her, and Shinji has poured every last drop of it into the womb of Clara, while he is immersed in the pleasure of having his magic power and vitality squeezed out of him.

 (This…… ♡ What is this magic power ♡ This is so sly ♡)

 Not only was it the best s*x she ever had, but the magic was so rich and deep that it would be rude to compare it to the uncle she squeezed to death on the street. After a few minutes, Clara’s body shuddered and crashed with delight at the deliciousness of the magic.

 A vague, pink, shining lewd crest emerged on Clara’s vagina.

 After, her body rolled helplessly on the bathroom floor, Shinji nodded, hoping that the look of ecstasy on Clara’s face as she breathed hard and the lewd pattern on her vagina would teach her which way was up.

 ”I’m going to go first. Clara-chan, take your time”


 Shinji wiped the sweat off his face and left the bathroom, leaving behind her who was dripping semen from her vagina.

 When Shinji left the bathroom, saw Eve squirming and shaking her body, having gone into a heat because of the charming voice that could be heard from the bathroom.


 Clara-chan version

 Soap play (adult entertainment style)

 Shinji-kun, the man who taught her about the hierarchy of the s*x industry in the first place, gives her a seed press.

 Tomorrow is Eve’s turn.

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