Wizard 204

Chapter 204 Eve, Instant Fall

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 Just before Shinji came out of the bathroom.

 Eve knew that the two of them had started to engage when she heard Clara’s charming voice coming from the bathroom. But the sound was not what Eve had imagined, and she could feel Clara’s lack of control.

 (Clara-chan, are you seriously feeling it……?)

 When she was at the brothel, she had heard Clara’s voice during play, and she remembered that her voice sounded cheerful, like she was enjoying s*x with a man.

 But when she did now, the room was filled with the sound of Clara’s climax and the animalistic sound of her being violently tormented.

 The thought that it was her turn to be fucked made her throat gulp with anticipation. Eve’s body was also tingling and she looked restless, but Freri was watching her with a blank expression on the surface, but inwardly she was enjoying herself very much.

 (Clara has fallen. I don’t know about Eve, but Shinji’s magic and p*nis are so good, it might be hard for her to resist when she was just starting out)

 It’s true that Eve and Clara need to be replenished with life force and magic power to train the newcomers.

 Because as magic power is needed in order to use succubus magic, so if they don’t have enough life force, they won’t be able to move properly, and also some types of succubus magic use life force to work.

 Freri, who had been given the right to educate them by the Goddess Arian and had made a temporary contract with them, found out that Eve and Clara had just become succubus and did not have enough magic power and life force.

 As there was a possibility that Freri would involve Shinji in teaching them succubus magic, and Shinji was Freri’s master.

 So, If Freri worked for Shinji, it might be more convenient for her to have Eve and Clara’s help. She asked the goddess Arian to confirm that there was no problem with Shinji’s handiwork, in fact she would welcome it.

 (It’s easier to do things when they know that Shinji is awesome. Because Shinji will be helping with the training for the newcomers)

 Freri had already thought of a few ideas for the new girl’s training.

 During this time, there were no conversations between the nervous Eve and the thinking Freri. But, suddenly the sound of the bathroom door opening echoed in the quiet room, revealing a completely naked Shinji.

 Shinji who had come out only lightly wiped off his sweat, and his p*nis was still dirty from Clara’s previous ejaculations into her vagina. In the urethra, there was a slight residue of semen which have a residue of magic power that only a succubus could understand.

 In addition to the fact that the mere smell of it was enough to make her go into heat, the effect on Eve, who was lacking in both magic and life force, was profound.

 Eve who had a mellow expression on her face, approached Shinji and crouched down in front of his p*nis. Seeing that, Shinji didn’t stop her, but instead brought it to her mouth.

 ”Can you clean it for me?”

 ”……Yes ♡ Nmu ♡ Nbu ♡ Jyuru ♡ Nmu~ ♡”

 Eve welcomed Shinji’s p*nis into her mouth without hesitation. She licked the entire rod with her skilled tongue and stimulated the glans with particular care, carrying a small amount of semen into Eve’s mouth.

 The remaining magic in the semen was enough to make Eve’s vagina tingle and drip with love juice.

 As Shinji’s p*nis leaves her mouth, Eve hugs him with a lustful look on her face.

 ”Hurry up ♡ Hurry up, let’s have s*x ♡”

 The way the number one prostitute spoke was completely broken.

 Shinji, who saw that, couldn’t help but chuckle at the fact that Eve seemed to have fallen even before he inserted his p*nis.

* * *

 ”Ah ♡ Nn ♡ Ah, Ah~ ♡ Fahh~ ♡”

 The bed made a creaking sound.

 Eve was pinned down from behind by Shinji and forced to crawled. No force was put into her arms, and she was unable to raise her upper body. Shinji held her up by the hips, and he poked and ravished her vagina with his strong p*nis from behind.

 But Eve is not ashamed of this.

 Her instincts told her that she should be willing to give in to a male who could give her such a pleasurable s*x experience, and who could give her such delicious magic power.

 Her long, slender tail wiggles, her wings flap, and her hips shake.

 Eve was giving Shinji all the flirtatious looks she could think of.

 ”Nnnn~ ♡ Breast ♡ Please squeeze harder ♡”

 She asked Shinji to squeeze both of her breasts, and he did so without any pain. Still, Shinji was a little worried because she was falling so hard.

 [Freri. Is Eve okay?]

 [She’s not fine. She falls too easily. Still, Eve needs to be trained. And the way people who try to tame succubus is with their magic power and life force]

 Bachu ♡ Bachu ♡ Bachu ♡ Bachu ♡

 Shinji had leeway to exchange thoughts with Freri while shaking his hips. It was a sign that he was becoming more tolerant of s*x with Freri.

 [But for today, it’s good. It will be convenient if she can’t resist Shinji’s cock]

 [Okay okay. I’ll leave the rest to Freri]

 Bikun ♡ Eve climaxed with her back leaning back. In other hand, Shinji endure the vaginal pressure of Eve’s climax for the unknowable number of times, so as not to ejaculate.

 ”Hurry up ♡ Magic power ♡ Life force ♡ Please ♡ I’ll become crazy…… ♡ I can’t hold it……♡”

 As if begging for forgiveness for Shinji’s reluctance to ejaculate, Eve turns around and looks up at him with tears in her eyes. He still wanted to torment her, but he decided to ejaculate first.

 He took his hands off her breasts and placed them on either side of Eve’s body, and as she felt his hands tighten, she noticed that Shinji’s mood had changed.

 Pan! ♡ Shinji slammed his hips down on Eve’s ass with a powerful thrust and she let out an indecent moan.

 At the same time, she knew that the thrusts were just a confirmation of Shinji’s answer, and that she was about to get fucked up again.

 ”Ah~ ♡ Hiii~ ♡ Oh~ ♡ Nooo~ ♡ Cumming~ ♡ Again~ ♡ I’m going to cum again~ ♡ Cummmming~ ♡ I’m cumming all the time~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Cumming again~ ♡ Nnnnnn~ ♡ Please quickly~ ♡ I’m going to be crazyyyy~ ♡”

 Eve’s head was stained with pleasure as she was fucked in the sleeping back position. She was crying, drooling, and dripping with love juice.

 After a few moments, aiming at her lowered womb, Shinji spurted his semen into her.

 ”I’m going to cum…….!”


 Sensing that, Eve climaxed deeply and profoundly as she leaned back.

 Her womb catches the semen poured into it, and her body collapses, intoxicated by the taste of the most exquisite magic power.

 And then, on top of Eve’s womb, in the same place as Clara’s, a pink shining lewd mark was carved.

 After Eve had collapsed without a problem, Shinji pulled out his p*nis and took a breath when he felt a soft breast pressed against his back.

 The one hugging Shinji was Freri, who had taken off her dress and was now completely naked.

 [I’ll do it too. I just need magic power]

 ”Thank you for your concern”

 Shinji turned around and hugged Freri’s shoulder. Before he knew it, Clara had returned to the room from the bathroom and was glancing at Shinji and Freri.

 ”I don’t think this is going to end anytime soon,” Shinji mutters.

 The skinship of the three beautiful succubus continued late into the night.


 Oh no, Eve-chan is too sloppy……?

 Well, Eve and Clara were brought to their knees without any problems.

 There’s no reason why a newcomers succubus can’t do the same with Freri.

 They’ve just become succubus, so they don’t have any knowledge of magic or how to use it, so it’s no wonder they’re a bit wobbly.

 It’s just that Eve has always been a little bit naive.

 Now, I’m ready for the newcomer training.

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