Wizard 205

Chapter 205 Promotion of The Running Wolves

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 The day after Shinji had s*x with Freri, Eve, and Clara.

 In the morning, Shinji, Milis, Renka, Emily, and Akane were relaxing in the inn’s lobby.

 Alvin had gone to the Adventurer’s Guild to get their reward for the other day, while Shinji and the others were loading the carriage they had brought to the inn and waiting for Alvin to return.

 ”Are you sure you didn’t forget anything?”

 ”Don’t worry! I’ve already checked everyone’s rooms!”

 Not only did Emily do that, but each of them had checked their own rooms.

 When Shinji nodded and turned to the entrance of the inn, Alvin had just arrived back at the inn…… with Christina for some reason.

 It’s not surprising that everyone who was left at the inn was wondering (why?!). Christina, on the other hand, plucked at the hem of her dress, gave a lady’s bow, and smiled.

 ”Good morning, everyone, I happened to meet Alvin-san in front of the Adventurer’s Guild, so I sent him this way”

 ”I see. Thank you, Beltz-sama”

 Shinji bowed firmly and thanked her. After that, he raised his head and looked at Alvin, who had a somewhat wry smile on his face.

 Alvin comes back to Shinji and the others.

 (That’s……. Didn’t I have told you to be careful not to be alone with her? Why are you coming back in the same carriage with her?)

 (I just couldn’t say no, you know! Before I knew it, we were getting into a carriage! There were guards and stuff, so it wasn’t just the two of us!)

 While Milis and Renka were thanking Christina, Shinji and Alvin were whispering to each other.

 It’s no wonder Alvin couldn’t say no to Christina in a one-on-one meeting, but Shinji can’t help but complain.

 As if to discourage Shinji, who still wanted to complain, Alvin decided to announce the good news out loud.

 ”Listen to me. When I went to get my reward, I was told we’ll be promoted! We’ll be in the upper-upper rank! They said we can renew our adventurer’s card in Medio!”

 ”Al! Really!?”

 ”We did it! Al-kun!”

 Milis and Renka, who had been looking at Alvin with frowning eyes, shouted with joy when they heard Alvin’s words.

 It’s a great achievement to have saved a city once, and based on their demeanor and past achievements, it was determined that the <Running Wolves> deserved to be promoted to an upper-upper rank.

 When Alvin showed them the letter from the adventurer’s guild as proof, Milis and Renka clasped hands in delight.

 Shinji, who had been about to complain, gave up his sermon and smiled happily when Emily and Akane congratulated them.

 ”Congratulations, everyone”

 ”Thank you, Christina-san!”

 Alvin thanked Christina, who was smiling and laughing.

 It was not possible to be silent in the carriage, so Alvin and Christina talked the whole way from the Adventurer’s Guild to the inn.

 Christina was both a good talker and a good listener.

 As a noble, Christina’s conversational skills were very high, and although it was difficult to talk at first, Alvin soon found himself chatting happily with Christina.

 Alvin was told that he could call her by her first name as well as Milis and Renka.

 (He has gotten a lot friendlier with her in a short time, hasn’t he?……)

 Shinji had a headache as Alvin’s friend. But, the closer they got to each other, the more delicious it would be for him who wanted Christina’s body, still it wasn’t the right time yet.

 Because Alvin’s status was still that of a commoner.

 ”Then let’s renew our adventurer’s card when we get back to Medio. Alvin, we’re ready to go”

 ”Thanks! Thanks, guys! Christina-san, excuse me…….”

 ”Oh, are you guys want to leave the city?”

 Shinji decided to tell Alvin that they could leave at any time so as not to start a conversation between them.

 Although he felt close to Christina, Alvin was more concerned about Milis and his travel plans than Christina.

 ”Yes. The sooner we leave, the more distance we can cover. ……It’s been a while since we left the party house”

 ”I see. Well, I’ll see you in Medio”

 Alvin blinked, unable to understand Christina’s words.

 ”Do you also go to Medio?”

 ”Yes. I’m planning to leave the city after noon and go to Medio. I’ve been told by my father to leave the city temporarily as it is going to be very noisy for a while”

 He sounded disappointed, but Christina, looking at Alvin with a slight blush on her face, looked rather pleased.

 ”I’ve never really stayed at the Medio mansion …….Milis-san, Renka-san, let’s have tea again, if you don’t mind”

 ”Yes…… we would love to”

 ”Okay. See you soon, Christina-san”

 Christina smiled, bowed, and left the inn.

 When they all saw her off, an indescribable silence fell over the place.

 ”Well, let’s go home as planned”

 ”Yes. Come on, Al. Let’s go”

 ”Y, yeah. Let’s go……”

 Shinji’s words sent everyone into action.

 Each and every one of then thinks that the relationship with Christina is still unbreakable.

 [Leaving the city…… Mufu ♡]

 Freri’s happy thoughts reach Shinji.

 [Are you planning something?]

 [Shinji helps me out on the night on the road. Let the training begin]

 Freri replied as she sent the thought back as they got into the carriage.

 The training for the new succubus.

 Shinji, who had a vague idea of what was going on, put on a happy face.

 ”Shinji, what’s wrong?”

 ”No, nothing. We can finally go back to the party house. I had a good time at the inn, but I feel most at home in my room”

 Renka, sitting next to him, tilted her head.

 Shinji smiles as he holds Renka’s hand.


 It was a tentative routine.

 The activities of the <Running Wolves> were recognized, and they reached the upper-upper rank they had longed for.

 When they return to Medio, their adventurer’s card will be updated.

 Christina will also be coming to Medio.

 Well, Oeste is going to be a mess for a while, so it’s no wonder her father wants to get her out of the city.

 Freri’s newcomers training begins.

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