Wizard 206

Chapter 206 Christina and her Lewd Dream (Fake Marriage)・Before

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 The carriages carrying Shinji and the others have left Oeste.

 The journey was smooth and they were ready to set up camp before dark.

 After dinner, the night came.

 After Shinji finished his first watch, he shifted the watch to Alvin, who was sleeping, and lay down. Feeling sleepy immediately, Shinji fell asleep.

* * *

 [Shinji, you can do whatever you want with Christina in the dreams]

 [Whatever I want……I guess that means practicing dream magic]

 Shinji, who was supposed to be asleep, was standing at home before he knew it.

 It’s a strange thing, but Shinji knows that this is a dream and that the three people in front of him, Freri, Eve and Clara, are not imaginary, but real people.

 [Manipulate dreams and make it lewd dream. It is also an essential skill for a succubus to gain a little bit of life force from it. If succubus doesn’t have a master, this is how they collects the life force. Because it’s not always easy to find the right man to squeeze]

 [‘I understand, Freri-sensei‘]

 Another name for a succubus is a Dream Demon.

 It is said that it is the dream demon’s fault that someone have naughty dreams, but of course, not all of them are the dream demon’s fault. However, it is also true that they are good at magic that interferes with dreams.

 [My dream magic is creating [this room] right now and Shinji was brought here by Eve’s dream magic. Then Clara brought Christina in and Shinji used his dream magic to create whatever setting he wanted to her]

 Four people working together to create an imaginary world using dream magic.

 This way, Shinji can taste Christina’s body in his dreams, and Eve and Clara can practice.

 Shinji looks at Freri and laughs, “That’s a lot of work”.

 Still, Freri who was thinking about how to make Eve and Clara into full-fledged succubus, made Shinji smile.

 (So, shall I do my part well?)

 Don’t underestimate that this is just a dream.

 Someone may not be able to touch their real body, but it can make them feel pleasure.

 Even though they are virgins, they have experienced s*x in their dreams.

 So, in this way, Shinji can teach Christina the sensation of impregnation, the taste of semen, ……and all other s*xual experiences.

 (Even if she forgets the dreams, she can never forget the pleasures that her body has experienced. So, I’m going to make sure I develop her well)

 Shinji was thinking about what kind of setting he wanted to imprint on Christina.

* * *


 Christina was awakened by a man’s voice calling out to her.

 ”Are you okay? Maybe I should stop”

 In front of Christina was Shinji. Christina and Shinji were sitting on the bed, facing each other.

 Christina vaguely remembered why they were alone in the bedroom.

 (For the sake of the family, I married this man)

 Christina was in love with Alvin. However, when Shinji succeeds in developing a magic that can teleport to other worlds and announces it to the world, the nobles are all eager to get their hands on him.

 Unfortunately, her brother dies in an accident, and Christina, the successor to the Beltz family, is unable to take Alvin, a commoner, as her husband.

 Shinji is also a commoner, but he has done a great job developing new magic, and her relatives in the Beltz family are in favor of her taking Shinji in as a husband, rather than against it.

 Shinji, who had been troubled by the commotion around him, and Christina, who had to get a husband, had the same interests, and their relationship was not bad, so Shinji and Christina chose to get married.

 And now they were having their wedding night, the day of the ceremony.

 ”You still love Alvin, don’t you? You don’t have to force yourself to be embraced on the wedding night”

 ”……No, the wedding night is important. If not, people may whisper that we don’t get along. Besides, my family needs an heir”

 There is no telling where the eyes of other families will turn. Because in the aristocrats, one cannot afford to let other families take advantage of them.

 ”It’s tough being a noble……”

 ”Shinji-san is also a member of the noble family from today, so you are not a different. And I know that you are…… concerned about me”

 Christina knows that Shinji has a gentle personality. And although she didn’t have a burning love for him, she thought she could nurture a loving relationship with him.

 ”This is my first time…… so please be gentle, Danna-sama. Then I will try to love you”

 ”Yes. I’m going to love you too, Chris”

 Covering her love for Alvin, Christina locked lips with Shinji.

* * *

 ”Um, where is the lotion?”

 As he was about to pull down the front of Christina’s thin white nightgown, Shinji’s hand stopped.

 With a shy smile, she continued to play with the tips of her blonde hair with her index finger.

 ”You see, my mother told…… me that it hurts if it’s not properly lotioned and slippered. I’ve heard that it’s a wife’s duty to be well prepared……”

 Christina was aware that s*xual intercourse could be painful.

 This is because Christina’s father and mother, who are now close friends, did not love each other when they were first married, and her father, a noble, had little s*xual experience and was not good at it.

 When Shinji heard Christina’s words, he smiled inwardly, thinking that he had a lot to teach her.

 ”Chris. If I caress you properly, you won’t need any lotion. I’ll take care of it, okay?”

 ”……Yes, Danna-sama”

 Christina nodded as Shinji stared at her with intense eyes. Christina’s heart also pounding as Shinji looked at her with a manly gaze that she rarely gets to experience.

 Shinji’s hand who had stopped earlier continues to unties Christina’s nightgown, revealing her beautiful skin and soft breasts, slightly smaller than Renka’s, but large enough to fit in his palm.

 She is embarrassed and tries to hide her breasts, but Shinji moves her hands away and begins to rub them.

 (His hands are warm……. And it’s kind of comfortable)

 Shinji’s hands carefully squeeze Christina’s breasts.

 No matter how much he touched her firm and soft breasts, he never got tired of it, and he continued to make love to her undeveloped breasts, changing the intensity of his rubbing and kneading.

 Christina’s body trembled as her hardened nipples rubbed against Shinji’s palms.

 ”It feels good, doesn’t it, Chris?”

 ”Da, Danna-sama…… ♡ It’s so weird ♡ When you touch me like that ♡ That place ♡ Even weird ♡”

 Shinji’s fingers pinched Christina’s hardened nipples and rubbed them gently, causing her to squirm with pleasure.

 It was the first time she had ever felt such intense pleasure from a nipple, and Christina’s mind was a blur as she let Shinji take her.

 ”You’re so cute, Chris”

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Danna-sama…… ♡ Kyaa ♡”

 Shinji’s caresses made Christina blossom as a woman.

 When Shinji runs his tongue down her neck, she offers her neck for him to lick.

 (I never knew touching each other could feel so good……♡)

 It was a completely different feeling from the warmth she felt inside when she was in love with Alvin.

 Being touched by Shinji, Christina could feel her body rejoicing at the feeling.

 (If it was with Alvin, it would be more……)

 It would be more satisfying and pleasurable if she could be touched by someone she liked. But the moment Christina thought this, Shinji’s finger, which had somehow made its way down to her clitoris, touched her clitoris, and her eyes widened in pleasure, and she climaxed lightly.

 (What was that?….. ♡)

 Alvin’s image disappears from Christina’s mind as her mind goes blank for a moment, and Shinji’s finger strokes her clit.

 ”Chris, you get this wet when you feel good. You can see why you don’t need lotion, right?”

 ”Ah ♡ No way ♡ I …… ♡ become like this …… ♡”

 Shinji smiles at Christina as she is tossed about by the unknown pleasure.

 Nuchu ♡ Nuchu ♡, Shinji continued to caress Christina’s private parts while making deliberate sounds of her love juices flowing from her private parts.

 It was a long time before Shinji was satisfied and the stiffness left Christina’s secret parts. Her sweet voice echoed through the bedroom as she continued to be caressed.


 Christina-chan, first time.

 She has little s*xual knowledge. Because she is an ignorant young lady who only knows about general education, such as how to have a child by ejaculating into the vagina, and not about what kind of play there is or how to caress.

 The “imaginary world” created by the dream magic method consumes a lot of magic power and life force.

 So, if someone gives a naughty dream and is given a little bit of life force, there is no deficit at all.

 This is also a beginner’s training, Freri-chan is very good at taking care of them.

 Let give it an example.

 Imaginary world uses 50 life force.

 Eve and Clara use 5 life force to get their actors together in the dream magic (Shinji and Christina)

 Christina’s lewd dream restores 15 life energy (It’s enough to make her wonder if she’ll be able to sleep the next day. And It’s divided into between Eve and Clara [7.5]. Freri didn’t need it because it’s their training)

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