Wizard 207

Chapter 207 Christina and her Lewd Dream (Fake Marriage)・After

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 The entrance of Christina’s vagina had been loosened by Shinji’s caresses, and his finger entered without resistance. His finger rubs around the shallow part of her vagina, as if he is checking her out.

 ”Chris is very sensitive…… and cute”

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Da, Danna-sama ♡ Please don’t say anything embarrassing ♡ Nnn ♡ Ahh ♡”

 Christina’s face was even redder than before, and she was so embarrassed that she covered her eyes with one arm. Shinji’s smile deepens at her innocent behavior, and makes an irresistible chuckling sound.

 ”It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’m glad you can feel it”

 ”R, really? ♡ Ah ♡ Nn ♡ Danna-sama ♡ Wait, please ♡”

 And then Shinji took Christina’s nipple in his mouth.

 As he sucked on the sensitive nipple, Christina felt a sweet numbness.

 He also crushed it with the tip of his tongue, rubbed it up and down, and bit it sweetly.

 Shinji continues his caresses with varying degrees of intensity so that Christina would never become accustomed to the pleasure.

 The continuous pleasure was so intense that Christina could not think about anything else.

 Christina could feel a strange feeling slowly rising up from deep inside her. Although Christina was confused by the unknown sensation, it was not uncomfortable but rather comfortable.

 (Something coming ♡ It’s like before ♡ Oh ♡ No ♡ I can’t stand it ♡)

 Christina’s sensitive body which was made sensitive by the Lust Magic, lean back and Christina climaxed for the second time.

 Kyuuu ♡ Shinji finally took his mouth off her breasts when he finished feeling her tightening vagina with his fingers.


 Christina looks up as Shinji calls her name.

 She saw that Shinji had taken off his pants and his p*nis was erect, and Christina’s face turned red like a boiled octopus.

 (Wow…… it’s so big, can it really go in ……?)

 She understood what her mother meant when she said it hurt to see the size of a man’s p*nis for the first time. It was only natural that it would hurt when something this big entered her, Christina could not help thinking.

 ”It’s going to be okay. I’ll take care of it”

 ”……Yes, Danna-sama ♡”

 Shinji gently stroked Christina’s cheek.

 Christina’s eyes, which had been shaking with anxiety, regained their composure as she stared at Shinji. She could trust Shinji’s words, as he had touched her a lot and made her feel good.

 And then Shinji’s p*nis is inserted into Christina’s vagina.

 The position was missionary position. Being able to stare at her partner’s face gave Christina the greatest sense of security.

 Her vagina, which had been softened by her two climaxes and was overflowing with love juice, accepted Shinji’s big cock. Christina felt a shiver run down her spine as she felt a large, strong p*nis enter her, and it’s completely different from when the tip of a finger had entered her earlier.

 As Shinji’s p*nis broke through Christina’s virgin membrane and reached the back of her vagina.

 Christina felt some pain, but was relieved to find that it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. Rather than pain, she felt comfort and relief from the pressure and heat of the p*nis filling her vagina.

 ”You worked hard, Chris”

 ”Danna-sama ……♡ Ah…… Chu ♡ Nn……♡ Chu ♡”

 Shinji treated her with the utmost tenderness and care.

 The joy of overcoming the joint effort of losing her virginity for the first time was so great that Christina’s thoughts of what she would do with Alvin disappeared as if they had never existed in the first place.

 She happily accepts Shinji’s kiss, wraps her arms around him and hugs him back, then Shinji sticks his tongue inside Christina’s mouth as she returns the kiss.

 ”Nn ♡ Nnnn……♡ Chu, rero, juru……♡

 Christina was surprised, but offered her own tongue to Shinji’s tongue.

 As she let Shinji lead the way, his tongue suddenly stopped moving.

 Feeling inadequate, Christina started to intertwine her tongue with his. This time, Shinji’s tongue moved in time with Christina’s tongue, and they began to seek each other out, and Christina became engrossed in the intense pleasure.

 After a long, long kiss, Shinji and Christina’s lips part.

 Shinji looked down at Christina, who had a debauched look on her face as a string of saliva trailed down her cheeks.

 ”I’m about to move”

 ”Nnnnn ♡ Fuaaaa ♡ Aaaaah ♡”

 Shinji slowly pulled his hips back and the p*nis slipped out, then he moved his hips forward again and the p*nis entered.

 The pain of losing her virginity was gone as they kissed deeply, and her vagina, now fully loosened, tightened around the p*nis on its own.

 It was the most intense pleasure Christina had ever felt as the p*nis penetrated her tightening vagina.

 Unable to keep her voice down, Christina clung to Shinji as hard as she could.

 ”Danna-sama ♡ It, it’s ♡ weird ♡ it doesn’t hurt at all ♡”

 ”It’s not weird. Sex is supposed to feel good”

 Shinji’s hips began to move more violently as he realized that Christina was beginning to feel pleasure.

 ”Faah ♡ Ah, ah ♡ It feels so good ♡ Sex feels so good ♡”

 ”I feel good too. It feels so good inside of you”

 ”Re- ♡ Really? ♡ Danna-sama ♡”

 Christina’s vagina was in a condition that she didn’t think she’d ever experienced before.

 It’s a great vagina that can take Shinji’s huge cock, tighten his p*nis, and give her pleasure even when he gouges deep into it.

 Christina is already in love with Shinji’s p*nis.

 As an aristocrat and a lady, Christina never thought that s*x could be so good and pleasurable.

 The pleasure of having her vagina gouged out, the pleasure of her vaginal walls rubbing against each other, the pleasure of their tongues intertwining, the pleasure of her breasts being squeezed… Christina is intoxicated by all the pleasure Shinji is giving her.

 (It feels so good ♡ Sex ♡ It feels so good ♡)

 Christina’s thoughts were filled with pleasure.

 (What a mellow look on her face. I wonder if Christina is vulnerable to pleasure)

 ”Maybe there was something repressed?”, Shinji thought, but Christina’s weakness for pleasure was a good thing.

 And then he thought again, “I’ll make her so that she can’t be satisfied without s*x with me”.

 ”Hyaa ♡ Ah ♡ Come ♡ It’s feels so good~ ♡ Danna-sama ♡ Danna-samaaaa ♡”

 ”I’ll cum……. Conceive it, Chris!”

 ”Faaaaaaa ♡♡♡”

 Shinji’s p*nis reached its limit deep inside her vagina.

 Doppu ♡ Doppu ♡ Bupuu ♡ Buu ♡

 The thick semen, full of the will to impregnate, is sprayed into Christina’s womb, which was coming down. Even as he pushed her hips back and forth, Christina’s powerful ejaculation brought her to a deeper and more pleasurable climax than ever before.

 (Danna-sama ♡ is coming out…… ♡ Amazing ♡ It’s hot…… ♡)

 Christina quietly accepted the long, long ejaculation.

 As a woman, she felt the utmost happiness at the sensation of having semen poured into her, and her expression was enchanting.

 When Shinji’s ejaculation was over, they looked at each other, still connected.

 ”It felt good, thank you Chris”

 ”Me too, Danna-sama…… It felt good”

 Chu ♡ Christina felt a great sense of happiness as their lips met.

 Christina felt a great sense of happiness, and was very satisfied.

* * *


 Suddenly, Christina wakes up.

 Christina is lying down on a bed in a carriage heading to Medio. Perhaps it was the unfamiliarity of the journey that made her feel tired and dull.


 Suddenly, she felt a chill in her groin and hurriedly touched it with her hand.

 When she touched it, her underwear was soaked with her sticky love juices, and she almost screamed in embarrassment.

 Christina was in a hurry to get rid of it before the maid came to take care of her.

 She doesn’t realize that the memory of the pleasure is still in her body.


 Christina-chan’s First Ecchi Chapter

 Shinji-kun has made her happy.

 He is gentle, sweet, and plays with her pleasure to make her temporarily forget about love.

 Christina doesn’t remember the contents of her dream, but her body remembers the pleasure. Let’s develop it until he can touch it in reality.

 Christina is soft with pleasure. But it’s because Shinji is a man of many wars that he’s able to do this.

 It takes three days to get to Medio.

 Traveling is hard.

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