Wizard 20

Chapter 20 Renka’s request and Shinji’s request

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 It’s been a week since Renka and Milis went to see Akane.

 The <Running Wolves> activities in the desert city are going well.

 They started out with simple gathering quests, getting their bodies used to the blowing sand and dry climate. Currently, they are gathering information on the lesser dragons while fulfilling requests to defeat monsters.

 ”I have a favor to ask.”

 It was late afternoon on the day of <Running Wolves> rest.

 When Shinji was reading a book alone in his room, Renka came to visit him.

 Alvin and Milis had gone out on a date in the morning and were not at the inn. They probably wouldn’t be back until the evening.

 Renka had also gone to the monastery of Akane in the morning, and seemed to have just returned.

 When she came to his room, Renka looked at Shinji and told him what she wanted.

 ”I want you to be the one who trains Akane so that she won’t be afraid of men anymore.”

 ”What exactly do you want me to do?”

 Shinji couldn’t think of a quick solution to the problem of overcoming Akane’s phobia of men. He was going to help out as much as he could, but he asked Renka what he was going to do.

 ”For now, you can talk to each other… or holding hands?

 ”I’m going to try and see how it goes. I can’t think of anything else either, but I’m sure Alvin is familiar with her.”

 Renkas replied to Shinji’s well-intentioned remark with a frown. Shinji tilted his head without any reason coming to mind.

 ”She said that when she met you in town, you seemed to be kind and caring. She said that she seemed easier to talk to you than Al.”

 ”Um, I changed my wording a little and spoke politely. Maybe that’s why? If that’s the case, I don’t mind. Just let me know when we’ll be there and I’ll try to make it free.”

 ”Okay. Thank you, Shinji.”

 Renka smiled happily.

 The two of them were in a friendly atmosphere, but Shinji suddenly smiled as if he had thought of something.

 ”Renka, I have a favor to ask you, will you do it?”

 ”It depends.”

 Shinji’s smile turns a little nasty, like the one he gives during s*x. Then he took out some clothes from his luggage compartment into the room and showed it to Renka.

 It was a maid’s uniform.

 But the shoulders were exposed and the cleavage was visible for the chest. There was a hole underneath the cleavage, so it went without saying what it was used for. The length of the skirt is also short, exposing a lot of the thighs.

 It was a completely erotic maid outfit.

 ”Can you wear this?”

 She did not need to ask what he would do if she wore it. Renka’s face turned bright red.

 But this was the first time Shinji had asked her out himself since they had started to have a physical relationship in the name of s*xual relief. And Renka felt pleased by the invitation.

 Then, she knew she wasn’t the only one who wanted it, and her apology that she was only using Shinji was fading away.

 And the joy of being wanted as a woman also arose, and she wanted to respond to Shinji’s wishes.

 ”…Yes, of course..

 ”Really? I’ll be outside, so you can call me when you get dressed.”

 Renka nodded shyly as she took the clothes from Shinji.

 I’m not sure what to make of this.

* * *

 ”W, what do you think…?”

 ”It looks great on you. You look very beautiful and s*xy.”

 Renka exposes her figure to Shinji, even though she is red with shame.

 He can easily see the lines of her body, which makes her style stand out. Renka has become a splendid erotic maid with both beauty and lewdness.

 ”So, let’s get to work, shall we?”

 After taking off his pants and underwear, Shinji sat in the corner of the bed and opened his legs. His already fully erect p*nis was exposed to Renka.

 As Renka does as she is told, she kneels down in front of Shinji and gently grasps his p*nis with both hands.

 ”Chu… ♡ Amu… ♡ Rerorero… ♡ Juzo… ♡ Jupu… ♡”

 She lightly kissed the tip of the p*nis and then invited the huge p*nis into her mouth.

 Renka’s tongue licks around the p*nis. She caresses around the glans as if she knows where Shinji is comfortable, which shows how familiar Renka is with sucking on his p*nis.

 ”That feels good, Renka.”

 ”… ♡ Hah… ♡ I’m so glad ♡ Should I take it again…?”

 Renka looked up at Shinji, who was looking down at her with a look of pleasure on his face.

 While she releases his p*nis from her mouth, her hands continue to caress it, squeezing it with smooth hands and smearing it with a mixture of saliva and pre-cum. The hand job that Shinji had taught to her is improved and made him feel like he was about to ejaculate.

 ”Today is a good day, so let’s try this one.”

 ”Hyaa… ♡ I can’t believe this hole between cleavage is for that.”

 Shinji pulled his slippery p*nis out of Renka’s hands and pulled her hands to adjust her lower boobs so that they were above his p*nis. He then thrusts his p*nis into her firm cleavage from below.

 Shinji’s huge p*nis was almost at Renka’s mouth, and the smell of male s*x made her even more aroused.

 ”I want you to drip saliva on it… and use both hands to apply pressure as you move it.”

 ”Nbe.. ♡ Hmm.. ♡ I wonder if it’s like this… ♡”

 ”Yes… you’re good at that, Renka.”

 ”It’s so hot… ♡ It feels so good… ♡”

 Renka shook her body as her saliva made her cleavage slippery. She uses her hands to push her breasts from side to side, rubbing them against his p*nis. She can’t help but think that the shivering p*nis is adorable, and she get excited about serving it.

 ”Ah…good. I’m going to cum…!”

 ”It’s… ♡ So much… ♡”

 Shinji thrusts his hips up and ejaculates at the same time.

 A lot of semen is released from the glans, staining Renka’s face and breasts with a white cloud.

 Despite the fact that this was the first time he had ever ejaculated on her face, Renka closed her eyes and looked entranced as she received the semen. Shinji’s male scent made her uterus tingle with excitement.

 He pulled his p*nis out of her cleavage as he let out every last drop of his cum.

 Renka’s expectations were raised by his erect p*nis, which did not wilt even after ejaculation, and without Shinji saying anything, she stood up and took off her wet underwear.

 He pushed Shinji’s breastplate and pushed him down onto the bed while straddling him.

 ”Can I insert…?”

 While holding his p*nis in one hand and placing it at the entrance to her secret region, Renka asked Shinji to confirm. Shinji nodded his head to confirm it, and Renka slowly lowered her hips to welcome his p*nis into her vagina.

 Her body, which has been stimulated by fellatio and paizuri, tightens around the p*nis as if she were waiting for it. Renka’s face was completely bewitched by the pleasure of the penetration, pushing aside the tight of her vaginal walls.

 ”I want you to make me cum today, Renka.”

 ”Yes…♡ I’ll do my best to serve you…♡”

 Shinji just folded his arms behind his head and looked up at Renka.

 Renka placed her hands on Shinji’s thighs for support and slowly pulled her hips back. Just before the p*nis is about to slip out, she lowers her hips again and inserts the p*nis. A sweet breath came from Renka’s mouth as she rubbed the glans with all her vaginal passage and shaking her hips slowly to give Shinji pleasure.

 ”Ah ♡ Fu… ♡ Fu… ♡ Hmm… ♡ Shinji, how is it…?”

 ”Oh…it feels so good. I think I’m going to cum soon.”

 Renka was delighted to see Shinji observing Renka with a pleasant expression. The pleasure of the service and the pleasure given to Renka was intoxicating.

 From the joint area, there was a nasty squishing sound, and the movement of Renka’s hips became more and more violent, increasing Shinji’s sense of ejaculation.

 Biku, Biku! His p*nis trembled.

 When she felt a hint of ejaculation, she dropped her hips and pushed the p*nis deep into the vagina.

 ”♡♡♡♡ Hmm… ♡ Ah… ♡ This feeling… ♡♡”

 Semen was released vigorously, and she felt heat deep inside her vagina. Renka’s vagina quivered with joy and she climaxed at the same time. While climaxing, her vagina tightens as she pushes her hips to squeeze out the semen until the end, completing her service to the p*nis.

 (Creampie, it’s addictive… ♡)

 Renka was completely addicted to cumming inside.

 She breathed hard, intoxicated by the joy of being filled as a female.

 Shinji continued to silently watch Renka, who was motionless in ecstasy.

 After that, Renka’s services continued until Shinji was satisfied.

* * *

 Meanwhile, Alvin and Milis went on a date to a private inn and had s*x.

 When it was over, Milis was in Alvin’s arms. Alvin was tired and quiet, sleeping slightly.


 Milis’ expression is dark as she stares at Alvin’s profile.

 Sex with Alvin had been warm and happy.

 However, after having s*x with Shinji, Milis’s young body had experienced the most exquisite pleasure and was not fully satisfied with s*x with Arvin. In other words, she could not cum.

 Her vagina tingling when she remembers the beastly s*x she had with Shinji, where Alvin’s p*nis could never reach Milis’ innermost parts.

 (I have to forget…. Al-kun, I love you…)

 Milis hugged Alvin to calm her body.

 Renka addicted s*x with Shinji.

 Milis not satisfied s*x with Alvin.

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