Wizard 21

Chapter 21 The Runaway Renka and Akane’s Recovery, 1

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 It had been a week since Shinji had started going to the monastery with Renka.

 After finishing his quest, he left Alvin and the others at the guild and stopped by the monastery before returning to the inn.

 The activities of <Running Wolves> had become a bit stalled.

 They were able to get used to the desert environment, but they were unable to find the lesser dragon. Shinji wondered if they were being hunted by other adventurers. He checked the monster market to see if they were being hunted by other adventurers, but no lesser dragons had been brought in for the past three weeks, and the materials were becoming scarce.

 They planned to stay in one month, and now that two weeks have passed, they are spending their days wondering if they will be able to find them in another half month.

 Today was the party’s rest day.

 Shinji and Renka had been at the monastery since morning.

 ”I know you want to do something about it, but it’s an inherently time-consuming problem.”

 ”I know that. But you’re only staying her for another half a month, so I want to help you as much as I can.”

 ”Renka. I mean, I appreciate the sentiment, but…. I’m feeling a little better, and that’s enough.”

 In the visiting room, the three of them were drinking tea.

 Renka and Akane were sitting on each side of Shinji.

 The chairs were placed close to each other and the three of them were talking shoulder to shoulder. Shinji and Akane were admonishing Renka for her distraction.

 Shinji has returned to his normal speaking style.

 Akane is now able to talk to Shinji as she is, and she doesn’t shake anymore, even when they are shoulder to shoulder. Shinji felt that things were improving steadily.

 Akane was still talking to Renka as she had in the past, and she could feel that her emotional scars were healing through the contact. As long as she is careful to keep her distance from men, she thinks she will be able to carry on a daily conversation with them.

 She doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to marry or have a boyfriend because she was raped by a goblin.

 She doesn’t want to give Renka and Shinji any more trouble than they already have.

 Renka wants Akane to be happy.

 She knew that Akane had given up on the idea of female happiness, and she wanted to do something about that as well.

 Renka learned the joys of womanhood by being held by Shinji. She wants to tell her that s*xual intercourse, which Akane may have been traumatized by, is actually a good thing and a happy thing. She wanted to do everything she could to help her, even if it was too much to ask.

 Renka fell silent, and Shinji and Akane began to make small talk.

 Renka was watching them with a thoughtful expression on her face as they talked in a friendly atmosphere.

 Shinji had a bad feeling about this thoughtful expression, and was about to rebuke Renka when she spoke up.

 Then, an unexpected word came out of Renka’s mouth.

 ”Would you like to see me and Shinji having s*x?”



 The air in the visiting room froze.

 Shinji’s face went from a smile to a serious expression, and Akane’s face turned puzzled.

 ”I… actually have a huge s*x drive. That’s why I’m having s*x with Shinji.”


 Shinji held his head inwardly at Renka’s frank confession.

 Surely, he hadn’t told anyone about it, but he hadn’t expected Renka to explain her s*xual situation to others. As long as Renka liked Alvin, it would be a fact that Renka should keep quiet about.

 Akane was also baffled and stunned.

 ”Sex with Shinji is amazing. I can feel him filling me up as a woman. For Akane, it might be a scary memory. But if you see me and Shinji together and thinks it’s even a little bit good… then maybe you’ll think about being happy with someone else in the future!”

 After Renka finished, there was silence.

 Shinji’s face was completely serious, and he was thinking about how to keep his mouth shut.

 They have to avoid letting Alvin and Milis know about this.

 Fortunately, they’ll be leaving this town in half a month. He thought, “If we do that, the risk of the word getting out will be much less…”

 ”If Renka is so sure…”

 ”I’m glad you said that!”


 This time Shinji’s face turned into an open-mouthed dumbfounded expression.

 Shinji had no idea what was going on.

 ”Shinji-san, you look terrible. Didn’t Renka tell you?”

 ”It was just an idea. It’s a good idea, Shinji.”

 ”Yes… yes…? I’m okay with it, but are you serious?”

 Shinji can only question his sanity in the face of Renka and Akane’s enthusiasm.

 ”It’s embarrassing, but it’s for Akane’s sake.”

 ”If Renka is so keen, I want to see it.”

 She also interested in loving s*x, she added in a whisper. It’s not surprising that Akane recognized Shinji and Renka as lovers when she heard that they were having s*x.

 ”I’m keeping this relationship a secret from Alvin and Milis, so please don’t tell anyone.”

 Shinji could not do anything but tell Akane that.

* * *

 ”I was a surprised and you could have told me beforehand.”

 ”I’m sorry.”

 After changing clothes, Akane decided to meet up with them, while Shinji and Renka left the monastery ahead of her and headed for an inn on the outskirts of town. On the way there, Shinji decided to give Renka a little talk. Renka apologized quietly and followed Shinji as he walked ahead.

 ”I thought this was a secret between us.”

 Renka was silent at Shinji’s blaming tone.

 Shinji slowed down and walked alongside Renka. When Renka stopped, Shinji stopped as well. He put his hand on Renka’s head and let out a sigh.

 ”It is a good thing that she is a good friend of Renka. But it’s Renka who’s in trouble when Alvin gets the message.”

 ”…That’s right.”

 Shinji did not reply to Renka’s mumbling that she should be in trouble.

 Renka’s heart is shaking.

 He sensed that Renka was becoming unclear about who she liked more, Alvin or Shinji.

 Renka was completely addicted to s*x and it was safe to say that her body had been corrupted. She felt that it was only a matter of time before her heart was corrupted as well.

 Shinji was beginning to think that he wanted to corrupt Renka’s heart as well. He liked Renka so much that he didn’t want to let her go.

 But now is not the time.

 He hadn’t corrupted Milis’ body yet.

 If he corrupted Renka’s mind, it would be an obstacle for him to corrupt Milis. So, Shinji withdrew his hand a little forcefully before Renka could give him an answer.

 ”Well, it’s no use talking about it now. Let’s go for now.”

 ”Well, I guess so. Let’s do that.”

 The two of them started walking towards the lodge.

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