Wizard 22

Chapter 22 The Runaway Renka and Akane’s Recovery, 2

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 Shinji, Renka and Akane gathered in one of the rooms of the inn.

 The bed in the room was larger than usual, and more luxurious than the other rooms, as it was designed for three people.

 ”So, are you sure you want to do this?”

 ”Yes, because I think we’ve already come this far.”

 ”I think so too!”

 When Shinji reconfirmed, Renka and Akane did not seem to have changed their minds. Akane is a little more excited. Shinji smiled bitterly and took Renka’s hand.

 ”So… shall we do it, Renka?”

 ”Yes… ♡”

 Shinji puts his arm around Renka and hugs her tightly. Renka also put her arms around Shinji’s back and they hugged each other.

 And then Shinji kissed Renka’s lips.

 (Ah…kiss…it’s been a long time…♡)

 Shinji hadn’t kissed Renka’s lips since their first-time having s*x. He sometimes sucked on her nipples or did cunnilingus, but he stubbornly avoided kissing her.

 Kissing is the most important act of affection. Shinji thought that every time they kissed, they would become more affectionate.

 Renka was intoxicated by her first kiss with Shinji in a long time and actively pressed her lips against his.

 The two of them seemed to be lovers in every sense of the word.

 ”Chuu…♡ Nnngh…♡ Rero…♡ Rero…♡”

 Renka’s tongue licked Shinji’s lips. Shinji also extended his tongue and entwined it with Renka’s tongue. Akane slurped at the lewd sight of their tongues wriggling unpleasantly, intertwining and mixing saliva.

 Renka kissed him for a while, but Shinji tapped her shoulder lightly and slowly released her tongue and lips.

 A thread of saliva hung like a bridge, then slowly broke.

 ”Hmm… ♡ Hmm, Akane…? Doesn’t the kiss look good?”

 ”Yes, you look very happy.”

 ”Shinji is a good at kissing too… Hyan ♡”

 While Renka was distracted by Akane, Shinji put his hand on Renka’s short shorts and pulled it down. He touches the entrance of her secret area with his fingertips, which feels slightly damp from the kiss alone, over her underwear.

 A lusty voice leaked from Renka’s mouth.

 ”I have an idea, so let’s make it easy for her to see.”

 ”Okay, Shinji. Akane, just look at us…♡”

 Shinji spun Renka’s body around and hugged her from behind. Then Shinji sat down in the corner of the bed and let Renka sit between his knees.

 Shinji touches Renka’s thighs with both hands and opens her legs so that she is exposed to Akane.

 Renka’s face was red with shame, as if she was embarrassed.

 But Shinji was relentless in his caressing.

 One of Shinji’s hands touched Renka’s navel. His fingers moved from her navel to her stomach, stroked slowly around, and then crawled up to her crotch. His hand slipped into her underwear, and his finger touched the entrance of her clit ♡.

 ”Renka, you’re already wet.”

 ”Don’t say it…♡ Ah…♡ Hmm… ♡”


 When Shinji’s finger rubbed against Renka’s secret area, it made a nasty sound and her love juices twisted around Shinji’s finger. While making deliberate sound, Shinji uses the rest of his hand, which is not caressing, to slide Renka’s underwear to the side and show Akane her private parts.

 The sound of Akane’s throat clearing was loud enough for Shinji to hear.

 ”This is the clitoris… it’s a place where you can feel good.”

 ”Ah ♡ Ha ♡ No ♡ That place… ♡ N… ♡”

 Shinji rubbed Renka’s plump clitoris with his middle finger, and pinched it between his thumb and finger, causing Renka’s body to jump and shake with pleasure.

 Renka left her back to Shinji and let the pleasure flow through her. The fact that Akane was watching her made her body even hotter and more sensitive than usual.

 ”It feels so good to put the finger in while touching the clit…”

 ”Ah ♡ Shinji’s finger ♡ Feels so good…♡ Ah ♡”

 Shinji’s long, thin middle finger is slowly inserted into Renka’s vagina.

 The vagina, which had been twitching at the entrance, welcomed Shinji’s finger as if it had been waiting for him. Shinji’s finger scraped through the thick vaginal passage, and the slow insertion began.

 Every time Shinji inserted his finger into her, her love juices flowed from her secret area and stained his fingers and the sheets. He occasionally crushes her clitoris with his fingertips to stimulate her, and her body gets ready to receive him.

 Akane, who had been watching Renka’s pleasure-fueled lust with a red face, suddenly sensed something strange about her own body.

 Her vagina, which hadn’t responded at all since the goblin had raped her, tingled slightly. Akane felt her face as well as her body becoming hot.

 ”I think it’s enough… Renka, should I insert it now?”

 ”Ah…♡ Hah~ ♡ Yes…♡ Akane, are your heart ready?…♡”

 ”Y, yes…♡”

 When Shinji finished caressing her, she looked regretful, but Renka’s face turned into that of a horny female as she felt the male symbol against her hips.

 As Renka stood straddling Shinji’s body, he lay down on his back and removed his pants and underwear.

 He was now lying on his back with his pants and underwear off, exposing his big p*nis to Renka and Akane.

 ”I’m going to insert it… ♡”

 ”Ah…Eh…? Wow… it’s so big… it’s totally different… ♡”

 Renka lowered her hips from the straddling position. Shinji’s p*nis is guided into Renka’s vagina and is slowly swallowed. Renka sits on top of Shinji’s hips.

 In the reverse cowgirl position, Shinji looked at Renka’s slender, beautiful back and buttocks. He could tell that Renka was willing to seek pleasure from the sight of her shapely ass being pressed against him.

 When Akane saw Shinji’s p*nis, she had a momentary flashback to the sight of the goblin’s p*nis, and her face turned pale.

 However, Shinji’s p*nis was so magnificent and erect that it was rude to compare it to the goblin’s crude p*nis. The difference between the two made her feel less rejected, and her returning female instincts made her find the muscular p*nis attractive.

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Nh ♡ Huh ♡ Shinji’s… ♡ It’s so good… ♡”

 Renka’s body was in a state of ecstasy after not being made to cum during the foreplay. She lifted her hips boldly and lowered them aggressively in order to get more pleasure from the beginning.

 The sound of her love juices making nasty noises with each penetration shows that Renka is really getting into it.

 She was so immersed in pleasure that she no longer cared that Akane was watching.

 ”Hmm ♡ I’m sorry… ♡ I’m going to cum…. ♡ First… ♡ Cummmmmming…… ♡”

 Renka climaxed at the same time as she lowered her hips to Shinji’s waist.

 She shakes her hips and tightens her vagina, begging Shinji to cum, but Shinji holds back his ejaculation.

 Akane saw Renka’s back slumped as she soaked in the pleasure of her climax, and she seemed to be enjoying a woman’s happiness to the fullest.

 Akane’s gaze inevitably became heated, and she finally realized that she was unconsciously wetting her crotch.

 ”Hah~… ♡ Hah~… ♡ I’m sorry… ♡ I came first… ♡”

 ”It’s okay… I’ll keep going, okay?”

 After recovering from the aftermath of her climax, Renka looked back at Shinji and lowered her eyebrows apologetically.

 Shinji was trying to create a sweet atmosphere with Akane in mind.

 Shinji does not smile unpleasantly, but smiles as if he is working on Renka, and raises his body and begins to piston his hips up and down, thrusting into the back of Renka’s vagina.

 ”Ah ♡ This is ♡ I can’t believe it ♡ I’m going to cum again… ♡”

 The vagina, which had already climaxed once, was about to climax again, but Renka held back desperately. She shakes her hips to match Shinji’s movements to make him ejaculate.

 The sound of her hips and buttocks slapping against each other becomes shorter and shorter, leading both of them to climax…

 ”I’m going to cum…!”

 ”Let it out…♡ Inside me…♡♡ I’m cummmiinnnng ♡♡♡♡”

 A large amount of thick semen was released from the p*nis that was thrust deep into her vagina, filling her vagina. Renka who has been holding out for a long time, also climaxed by his creampie, and her face was sloppy as she accepted the semen.

 Akane, who had been watching Renka being creampied by pressing her hips, unconsciously put her hands on her breasts and crotch.

 Akane felt a sweet numbness as she played with herself.

 Akane who was playing with her body met Shinji’s gaze who had been ejaculated abundantly.

 Shinji continued to watch Akane in silence.

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