Wizard 23

Chapter 23 The Runaway Renka and Akane’s Recovery, 3

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 After a few moments of being watched by Shinji, Akane came to her senses, removed her hands from her body and looked down in embarrassment.

 Shinji was not sure what to say to her, so he remained silent.

 ”Ha…♡ Ha…♡ Akane…how was it…♡”

 Renka, who had regained consciousness from the afterglow of her climax, looked at Akane with a dazed look on her face.

 Akane wasn’t sure what to say to Renka who has a lustrous woman’s face, which is completely different from the usual Renka, but Akane’s gaze wandered here and there as her fingertips touched each other.

 ”Renka, I’m going to pull it out.”

 ”Ah ♡ …Yeah… ♡ Hmm… ♡”

 Shinji slowly pulled his p*nis out from Renka’s vagina, which hadn’t withered despite his ejaculation.

 The semen that could not be contained overflowed.

 Gollup… Akane swallowed her spit and stared at the scene. Akane’s face was becoming more and more flushed as she continued to be in the lustful space, and her eyes were beginning to glaze over.

 Noticing this, Renka got off from Shinji and moved unsteadily towards Akane. Akane was frozen in place, unable to move.

 ”Re, Renka…?”

 ”…Do you want to do it too, Akane…?”

 Akane’s face turns bright red as Renka is pointed out.

 Looking at Akane’s face, Renka hugged Akane with an affectionate expression on her face and then turned her face to Shinji.

 ”Shinji… what are you going to do…? ♡”

 Akane was confused by Renka’s inviting gaze, but she didn’t try to resist and looked at him as if she was expecting it.

 The two of them have an attitude that could be called inviting.

 Despite the fact that Shinji was in a situation where he could have his way with two attractive women, he was not in the mood.

 Shinji was excited by the fact that Renka’s body and mind had been corrupted to the point where she would allow the three of them to have s*x together, but he wasn’t too attracted to the idea of doing it with Akane, who didn’t have a boyfriend.

 ”Shinji, I want you to overwrite her and make her forget about everything…♡”

 However, Renka’s words “overwrite” and “make her forget” struck Shinji’s heart.

 When he thought about it, the act of embracing Akane was also a kind of cuckolding, and Shinji’s desire was lit.

 ”Then, both of you… can you come over here?”

 Shinji invites them to sit on the sheets, which are stained with Shinji and Renka’s love juice and semen.

 Shinji sits in the middle of the bed and Akane sits in front of him. Renka walks around behind Akane and pulls down the chest of Akane’s clothes.

 Akane’s breasts, which had been squeezed tightly together by the sarashi, were now exposed to Shinji’s eyes. Akane turned her face down in embarrassment. (*Note: Sarashi is a white cloth that used to wrap stomach or chest as alternative of bra)

 ”You know, people often stare at me… and I’ve been hiding them…”

 ”They’re actually bigger than mine… ♡”

 ”I, It’s embarrassed to show my breasts, so Renka too…”

 ”Yes, yes… ♡”

 Akane hides her breasts, which have grown bigger than Renka’s, with both hands when the sarashi falls off with a sizzling sound. Renka also took off her own jacket and underwear to look as she was born.

 ”Your nipples are already getting hard… were you excited?”

 ”I think anyone would be if they saw something like that… ♡”

 Then, Akane’s hand is removed and her boobs are rubbed with Shinji’s both hands, the softness of the boobs are enticing him.

 Akane sucked her own fingers to keep her voice from leaking out as she was caressed. The gentle caress of the warm hands does not make her feel rejected, but rather makes her want to be touched more.

 ”Really…it’s already this big…♡”

 ”Wait…aah ♡ Renka… ♡ N…. ♡ Hya…! Shinji-san…!”

 ”I will touch this side.”

 Renka’s hand reached out from behind Akane and pinched Akane’s nipple.

 Renka is trying to give pleasure to Akane’s nipples by pinching, rubbing and plucking them with her fingers, just as Shinji has done to her.

 While Akane’s attention was distracted by Renka, Shinji moved his fingers from her breasts to her private parts. He rubs the entrance of her secret area over her underwear, which was already moist and wet.

 Akane was left on her own as Renka and Shinji caressed her, and she felt the pleasure of it. Her love juices flowing out and making stains on her underwear.

 Akane felt enough pleasure.

 However, as soon as Shinji’s finger touched a different spot, she felt a strong shock that made all the pleasure she had felt so far seem hazy.

 ”Shinji-san…♡ There…♡ There…♡there…♡ What…is it… ♡ An… ♡”

 ”This is the clitoris that I mentioned earlier.”

 Akane’s clitoris was rubbed and she completely lost her composure.

 When Akane leans back, Renka steps back from Akane, supports her back and lays her down on the bed.

 ”I’m going to make you wet thoroughly…”

 ”Shinji-san ♡ Faaaaa ♡ No ♡ That’s not good ♡♡”

 He made Akane lie down and open her legs, then he pulled down her underwear and kissed her clitoris.

 The cunnilingus that started there was a series of pleasures that Akane had never experienced before.

 When he licked her plump clitoris and bit it sweetly, Akane could only roll over onto her back in pleasure.

 Shinji licked away her overflowing love juices, and his tongue licked around her private parts.

 The entrance in particular was thoroughly loosened for the insertion that was about to take place.

 All her thoughts of being dirty or embarrassed were blown away.

 And The fact that she had been defiled by a little goblin had already vanished from her mind.

 After the cunnilingus was over, all that was left was the instinct of a female seeking a male.

 ”Then… I’m going to insert you.”


 ”It’s already completely wet…♡”

 In the missionary position, Shinji’s swollen p*nis was placed at the entrance of Akane’s secret part.

 Akane put her arms around Shinji’s neck and let him lead her.

 On the side of the bed, Renka watches Shinji and Akane, while Shinji’s p*nis slowly enters the vagina.

 ”Ahhhh ♡♡♡ Amazing… ♡ It’s big… ♡ And warm… ♡”

 ”Akane-san… it feels good inside you too.”

 ”I’m so happy… ♡”

 The vagina, overflowing with love juice, firmly accepted Shinji’s big p*nis. There was no pain, just warmth and pleasure.

 Shinji’s words filled her with joy, and her vagina tightened.

 Akane’s legs were tightly wrapped around Shinji’s waist, and she squeezed him so tightly that her big boobs were crushed.

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ …Hmm ♡ Shinji-san…♡ Shinji-san…♡”

 Shinji slowly begins his pistoning motion.

 Akane’s vagina was an excellent one.

 The vagina was so tight against Shinji’s p*nis that it tightened without any slack, and when he thrusted deep inside, the hard nub stimulated the glans ♡.

 Shinji continues to thrust deep inside Akane, who keeps calling out his name as if in desperation.

 Despite the fact that this was the first time Shinji had ever tortured her, Akane was feeling the pleasure.

 Akane’s love juices overflowed and splashed every time their hips slammed into each other.

 Akane’s body was completely submissive to the male named Shinji.

 And she completely forgot about the little goblin, and just enjoyed copulating with the male who gave her the greatest pleasure.

 While she was doing this, Akane felt a climax coming on that she had never felt before.

 She felt a tremendous amount of pleasure coming her way, and she squeezed Shinji tighter.

 ”I’m going to cum…!”

 ”Yes ♡ Please ♡ Ah~~ ♡♡♡ …. N ♡♡♡”

 Shinji ejaculate deep into her vagina ♡.

 The semen is released with great force and fills Akane’s vagina.

 Akane climaxes as she feels the large amount of semen in her vagina and her body twitched. It was the best climax ever, even better than the cunnilingus.

 ”Hmm… good job, Akane-san.”

 ”He… ♡ Thank you so much…♡♡”

 Shinji pulled out his p*nis, making a sound like “Nupo…♡”.

 Akane thanked Shinji and finally took her arms off his neck, her face full of ecstasy.


 A pair of arms reached out from behind Shinji and wrapped around his body. It went without saying that the owner of the voice was Renka.

 When Shinji turned around, he found a completely horny Renka waiting for him with love juice dripping down her thighs from her private parts.

 Shinji pushes Renka down.

 Her sweet voice echoed in the room again.

 It was between mid-afternoon and dusk when they entered the room.

 The three of them never came out of the room.

 After everything was over, they had cooled down.

 It seems that there was a female ranger who was so embarrassed by what she had done that she couldn’t even show her face from under the covers.

* * *

 Late that night.

 Milis was alone in her room, sucking on the sheets and comforting herself while keeping her voice down.

 She was getting used to the slow caresses and clitoral rubs of daily masturbation. It was a way to relieve the s*xual desire that she had been unable to have during s*x with Alvin.

 And it’s not Alvin’s face that comes to Milis’s mind as she masturbates.

 Milis masturbated to an incident that occurred less than two weeks ago.

 (Al-kun… I’m sorry, I’m sorry ♡… I’m just thinking about it ♡)

 The apology and guilt spiced things up and Milis climaxed easily.

 Even if this doesn’t relieve the tingling in the back of her vagina, it can disguise her s*xual desire.

 After cleaning up the mess, Milis lies down on the bed.

 Milis doesn’t realize that the tingling is due to the aphrodisiac magic that has been imprinted in her vagina by the Shinji’s two Creampie…


 Shinji may have developed a new taste…

 Renka died of shame when she cooled down!

 Milis can’t get enough of frustration!

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