Wizard 209

Chapter 209 Christina’s Dream (Surrogate Pregnancy)・After

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 As Shinji’s p*nis enters her.

 This alone causes Christina’s hips to shake with pleasure, and her guilty, melancholy expression becomes sloppy and debauched.


 ”I had inserted it deep into you”

 When the glans contacted the back of the vagina, Christina climaxed quietly. Shinji watched with a wry smile as she struggled to keep the strength from her arms.

 Kyuuut ♡ The vaginal pressure tightens comfortably, and Shinji waits for Christina to calm down.

 (Lie…… ♡ So easy to come…… ♡)

 When the afterglow of the climax subsides, Christina is astonished. It was easy to imagine what would happen when he started to move if she was like this just by inserting it.

 ”Christina-san and I might be compatible with each other”

 ”What are you talking about……Aahhhh ♡”

 Christina tried to argue with Shinji’s words, but her words were cut off by the pleasure of his p*nis being pulled out of her.

 ”Nuuuuuu ♡ Ahhhhhh ♡ No ♡ This is no good ♡”

 Slowly, slowly, Shinji’s hips move back and forth, pushing her vaginal walls apart and making Christina moan.

 Even though her memory is gone, Christina’s body remembers the pleasure of having s*x with Shinji, and she flirtatiously clamps down on his p*nis.

 Unconsciously, Christina’s hips also swayed in time with Shinji’s movements, and she thrust her hips out as if to offer them to him.

 (It feels so good ♡ Why is it like this? ♡ Oh ♡ Danna-sama ♡ Please forgive me ♡ Because ♡ It feels so good ♡)

 Shinji noticed that Christina’s hips were moving, and gradually increased the speed of his hips. At the same time, he thrusts harder and harder into her vagina to train her to feel more pleasure deep inside her vagina.

 ”I didn’t know you were so naughty, Christina-san. It’s so tight, and it feels so good when you squeeze my cock”

 ”No ♡ Ah ♡ It’s different ♡ I’m ♡ I’m not naughty …… ♡ Nn ♡ Why? ♡ Usually, I am not like this …… ♡

 ”Then we must be compatible”

 ”Hah ♡ Nn ♡ No way ♡ Don’t say that ♡ Nnnnnnnnn ♡”

 Shinji blame her while telling her that she is sensitive and that they are compatible but in fact because of the aphrodisiac magic, still Christina didn’t know it.

 During intercourse, her completely descended cervix sucked on the glans of his p*nis, and when Christina climaxed, it tightened up to squeeze out her semen.

 ”You came again. It looks like we won’t be able to finish if Christina-san couldn’t keep up with me. ……So, I’m going to go hard”

 Shinji held her hips firmly in place.

 Christina’s arms could no longer support her body, and her upper body fell to the bed, leaving only her lower body lifted up in a pathetic position.

 Christina could sense that Shinji’s mood had changed drastically. Christina’s vagina fluttered with excitement at the strong words that sounded like male trying to impregnate a female.

 ”Ah ♡ An ♡ Hah ♡ I’m going crazy….. ♡ Ah ♡ Amazing ♡ I don’t know this ♡”

 Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡

 Shinji’s began to thrusts Christina with no concern.

 Still, Christina’s throbbing vagina was dripping her love juices without feeling any pain, and Shinji was enjoying the way his hips were slapping against Christina’s ass.

 On other hand, Christina lifted her hips to make it a little easier for Shinji to pound her.

 And she had no time to think about her husband, Alvin, and her mind was completely occupied with pleasure.

 (It feels good ♡ It feels good ♡ It feels good ♡)

 Christina is a self-disciplined person who has lived her life seriously.

 She had never felt burdened by this, and thought it was a natural thing for a noble. However, such thoughts were immediately blown away when she was confronted with this pleasure.

 She had never known that s*x could feel so good.

 (The more serious a girl is, the more likely she is to fall for it, isn’t it?)

 Shinji laughed as he looked down at Christina, who was completely at his mercy. He knew from experience that the more serious a girl was and the less s*xual experience she had, the more likely she was to get hooked.

 As he endured the feeling of ejaculation, Shinji started his last spurt.

 ”Hii ♡ Nnn ♡ Come ♡ It’s coming ♡ It’s coming again~ ♡”

 ”I’m going to cum…..!”

 ”It’s commmmmming♡”

 A large amount of semen poured into her womb.

 Shinji cum while pushing into the back of the vagina and it feels so good for Christina that made her head goes blank with the most pleasure of the day.

 (Ohhhh……♡ Being Impregnated……♡ Feels so good♡)

 She unconsciously rubs her plump ass against Shinji. Shinji exhales a deep, satisfied breath as her vagina tightens to squeeze out the semen.

 Christina feels it from behind her back, and is relieved to know that they are both satisfied.

 Shinji releases his hips and pulls his cock out, causing Christina to lie face down on the bed. When Shinji turned her over on her back, she could see his still erect p*nis.

 ”I’m still going to try to conceive as much as I can”

 Shinji’s p*nis was again placed at the entrance to her secret area.

 And that became an excuse for Christina not to resist.

 (I can feel good once more……♡)

 Her husband’s needs are no longer on Christina’s mind.

 She was now a single female who was lewd and lascivious in s*x with men other than her husband.

 ”Yes……♡ Please conceive me ……♡”

 Shinji puts his lips on Christina’s lips, who makes the sloppy smile of a fallen woman.

* * *

 ”Her body has already been corrupted, right, Freri-sensei?”

 ”I have a feeling that her heart is falling too, Freri-sensei”

 ”Well, a dream is a dream. It makes her forget, so her heart won’t change in reality. But she will never forget the pleasures that are etched into her body…… and mind”

 The three succubus were talking as they watched Shinji and Christina continue to copulate from outside the “dream”.

 ”The more pleasure that carves into her mind, the more difficult the setting can be set up. So, Shinji, I can’t wait to see what you dream up tomorrow”

 ””We’ll do our best to practice the dream magic too””

 The three succubus giggled together as they listened to Christina’s charming voice.


 The second day of the lewd dream had end.

 A scene where Christina, a married woman, is corrupted.

 Her body is being developed to the point where she is no longer a virgin in reality.

 If this dream world continues, Milis and Christina will have Shinji’s child. While raising the child with Alvin, the fallen women will collude with each other, and Renka will backdoor them, and they’ll have s*x with each other.

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