Wizard 211

Chapter 211 Running Wolves Reached Upper-upper Rank

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 After returning to Medio without any problems, <Running Wolves> returned to the party house.

 After returning to the party house and parting ways with Emily and Akane, Alvin and the others hurried off to the Adventurer’s Guild.

 As soon as they arrived at the guild, they applied for a promotion.

 While the staff was working, they waited and talked with Gildeo, the head of the Medio Adventurer’s Guild.


 ”We’ve been working to climb the Hateyama!”

 Alvin gave him an enthusiastic look, and although he understood that Alvin was serious, he couldn’t give him a quick nod.

 ”No, not yet. I can’t give permission for a party of newly promoted adventurers to enter Hateyama”

 Alvin couldn’t argue with his low, heavy words, and he looked down.

 (Well, of course)

 Shinji knew that Gildeo would not give him permission. It was obvious that he would not send a party that had just attained the highest ranking to the most difficult place that is Hateyama.

 ”First, conquer one high-rank dungeon. If a party can’t even do that, I can’t give you permission to climb Hateyama. Because as a branch manager, I can’t let a promising young man die in vain”

 ”……I understand. I will conquer the dungeon first”

 Alvin nodded while looking into Gildeo’s eyes.

 ”Umu. I look forward to seeing what the <Running Wolves> can do”

 Alvin and Gildeo talked until the adventurer’s card was renewed.

* * *

 After leaving the adventurer’s guild, Alvin and the others returned to the party house and gathered in the dining room, where Alvin slumped against the desk and groaned.

 ”Hah, I guess it’s no good now……”

 ”You knew he was going to say that, didn’t you?”

 ”Yeah, but you know what? I thought there is a chance”

 ”Even if he gives you permission, I don’t want to do it”

 Shinji clearly rejected the idea.

 In addition to the fact that they don’t know the extent to which their abilities will be able to penetrate the higher level monsters and also Hateyama is not a dungeon. They also have to deal with the changing nature, unlike a dungeon.

 So, Shinji thought, “I’m not ready for this yet”.

 ”I’m sorry…….”

 ”Al-kun, don’t be in a hurry, okay?”

 Milis comforted Alvin, who looked unhappy. In order to change the atmosphere that had become a little heavy, Renka changed the subject.

 ”Now that we’ve reached upper-upper rank, we can add another special magic to our collection. What should I choose?”

 ”I’m not sure either. Al-kun, have you decided yet?”

 ”No……. not yet. I’ll have to go back to the adventurer’s guild to decide”

 The three of them started discussing about this and that.

 Shinji doesn’t join them, but ponders alone.

 (I’ll leave it to Milis to take care of Alvin. Now that the goal is right in front of us, we need to move forward steadily and without panic, or we may be caught off guard)

 It’s a wizard’s job to advise the leader, Shinji thought. Of course, he didn’t think that his idea was absolutely correct.

 He wanted to give the leader a chance to think by giving him a hard time.

 (It’s a good thing Alvin and Milis are lovers, as long as they can vent their frustrations where I can’t hear them. It’s also a good thing that Renka is on my side, as long as she doesn’t say anything outrageous)

 ”I’m going to go do some research. See you later”

 ”I’m coming with you!”

 As Shinji left his seat, Emily appeared out of nowhere and jumped into Shinji’s arms. Shinji was just in need of some help, so he decided to let Emily help him with his research.

 ”Y, yeah. See you later”

 ”Shinji-san, have a good day”

 After Alvin and the others saw them off, Shinji and Emily left the party house.

* * *

 ”Oh, I’ve done it~……”

 ”Shinji wasn’t mad, you know?”

 After Shinji had left, Alvin was in a state of self-loathing, despite the assurances of Renka, who knew Shinji well.

 ”I was too thoughtless. I got carried away……”

 ”I know how you feel, Al-kun. Because we’re really close to our goal”

 Milis and Renka knew that Alvin had been training since he was a little boy just to climb Hateyama, and they had seen him work hard all his life.

 Alvin thought it would take much longer to reach his goal, but he was surprised at how quickly he was promoted after Shinji joined the team.

 (It’s the result of everyone working together, right?)

 Milis, Renka, and Shinji.

 Alvin thinks that this would not have happened even if any one of them was missing. In particular, he thinks that Shinji has been able to see his surroundings and be flexible.

 Shinji, who has little magic of his own and is a coordinator who is constantly adjusting, once told him that he can’t do anything unless Alvin defeats the strongest enemy, and that he relies on him.

 But Alvin knew that Shinji was the one behind the scenes, the one who made sure that he could fight to the fullest.

 ”I’ll apologize properly later……. Because teacher once said that as a leader when I make a mistake, I need to apologize properly”

 ”Yes, Al-kun, great, great ♪”

 ”That’s the point, Al. If we all work hard, we’ll be able to climb Hateyama in no time”

 Milis and Renka laughed happily, and Alvin laughed along with them.

 As soon as Shinji came back to the party house, Alvin apologized to Shinji for what happened during the day.

 As Renka had said, Shinji didn’t mind and said that he and Emily had done some research on the high-ranking dungeons.

 That day, Alvin and Shinji talked about their future activities until late.


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 Running Wolves has reached the upper-upper rank

 But they won’t be able to climb the Hateyama.

 Still, Alvin got a little impatient, but he’s able to think things through and seems to have regretted it.

 They’d be a really good team if it weren’t for the cuckolding.

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