Wizard 212

Chapter 212 Alvin’s Lewd Dream (Swapping)

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 At night, Shinji is summoned to a room created by Freri’s dream magic. Naturally, Eve and Clara were there to greet Shinji, along with Freri.

 [Today’s training will be done in Alvin. The setting is a lover’s swap. Eve and Clara will cast a spell on Alvin to make him feel like you are all Milis and Renka, respectively]

 ”Isn’t…… too strict? That settings”

 Shinji chuckled at Freri’s seemingly aggressive setup.

 [Don’t worry, Alvin will accept it now]

 Shinji looks at the strangely confident Freri with a quizzical expression.

 Freri knew that Alvin was worried about his failure to have s*x with Milis, and that it was because he couldn’t get Milis’ lasciviousness out of her, thanks to her peeping.

 ”If Freri says so, I’ll go along with it……”

 ”We’re well-prepared”

 Shinji was skeptical, but decided to go along with Freri’s request.

 As Eve and Clara, they had learned how to speak well on the journey from Oeste to Medio, and could at least imitate the way they spoke.

 [Very good. Today’s lewd dream, a lover’s swap, will be carried out, so make sure you both cast your spells]

 ””Okay, Freri-sensei!””

 ”Sounds like fun, Freri”

 Shinji smiled at Freri, who seemed to be enjoying her role as teacher more than he thought.

* * *

 ”It’s for Al-kun, but…… it’s still embarrassing……”

 ”Hah~…… Al, it’s only…… this time”

 Alvin regained consciousness at the sound of Milis and Renka’s voices.

 In fact, it was Eve’s and Clara’s voices, but the bewitched Alvin heard them as Milis and Renka’s voices and saw them as Milis and Renka’s figures.

 ”Alvin, are you sure you want to do this?”

 Alvin nodded gravely at Shinji’s voice.

 Alvin, Shinji, Milis and Renka were gathered in a room of a party house.

 There were two beds in the room, with Milis standing beside Shinji and Renka beside Alvin.

 All of them had taken off their clothes and were completely naked, with Milis and Renka’s beautiful bodies, Shinji’s big cock, and Alvin’s p*nis in full view.

 (I couldn’t get mine up and tried…… various things, but it didn’t work and……. I felt so bad that I told Mil about it. Still, she said it was for my own good……”

 Milis standing next to Shinji.

 Alvin felt aroused just by the sight of them.

 ”Okay. We’ll make it a rule that there will be no kissing, and we’ll wear contraceptives during penetration. Okay?”

 (I can’t believe he didn’t wake up from his dream……. He’s been relentlessly sulking for some time now……)

 Shinji was surprised to find out that Alvin was somehow turned on by being cuckolded and awakened into a masochist by Freri. Shinji also really didn’t think that Alvin would accept this dream until just before.

 (Well, let’s do what Freri asked today)

 After confirming that Alvin had nodded, Shinji took Milis’ shoulders in his arms and proceeded to the bed.

 Shinji sat on the bed first and Milis sat in front of him.

 Shinji’s arms go around Milis’ body and he grabs her large breasts with both hands and starts rubbing them as if to show them to Alvin.

 (Nn……, Shiinji-san, suddenly…… ♡)

 As Shinji’s fingers sink into her soft breasts, shaping them, Milis is more than a little embarrassed by Alvin’s attentions.

 Alvin stares intently at the sight of his lover being touched.

 ”Ne~e Al, you’re getting bigger”

 ”I, it’s true…….”

 ”Al-kun, that’s go– Hyaa ♡”

 Alvin’s p*nis, which had been drooping helplessly, was now erect.

 Distracted by Alvin, Shinji squeezed Milis’s nipples, which made Milis’s voice come out, and Alvin’s p*nis responded with a throb.

 ”When did Al get such a taste for getting his girlfriend excited by someone else touching her?”

 ”Ugh, Renka……”

 When Alvin was concentrating on looking at Milis, Renka hugged him from behind and poked his glans with the tip of her index finger, and a moan escaped from Alvin’s mouth.

 ”Hah~ ♡ Ah~, Nn…… ♡ Why ♡ Nn~ ♡”

 Shinji’s caresses were so gentle that Milis was bewildered, but her body was aroused and she let out a sweet cry.

 This is like dream of her lover’s lasciviousness on earlier dream, Alvin thought.

 Seeing so, Alvin’s arousal is higher than ever, and his glans begins to overflow with pre-cum. Renka’s hands also began to wrapped around Alvin’s p*nis and gently rub it up and down.

 ”Isn’t my hand enough for you, Al, you pervert?”

 ”Ugh, Renka……, wait ……, ohhh…”

 Renka’s hand job was already pushing Alvin over the edge. However, Clara (Renka)’s expert hand job kept Alvin’s semen in his testicles, maintaining the perfect line between ejaculation and non-ejaculation.

 ”Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Why♡ Why is this ♡ Why Shinji-san’s fingers ♡ It’s too good ♡”

 Eve also known as Milis was resting her back against Shinji’s chest and seemed to be completely letting her body be at the mercy of the pleasure.

 Gucci♡ Gucci♡ Gucci♡ Gucci♡

 The sound of water can be heard, something that would never be heard with Alvin’s caresses.

 The drool dripping from Milis’s half-open mouth, her pleasure-addled face, and Shinji’s middle finger inside her vagina were all spices of excitement for Alvin right now.

 ”Ahhhhhh ♡ Cummmmmming ♡”

 ”You can ejaculate too, Al”


 Milis climaxes with her back leaning back, and Alvin ejaculates in Renka’s hand almost simultaneously.

 As Alvin watches Milis climax, his p*nis immediately becomes erect, which is not something he normally does.

 And in front of Alvin, Shinji attaches a contraceptive to his p*nis. He places the glans against Milis’s climaxed and weak pussy, and slowly inserts it.

* * *

 ”~~~~, Huh!!?”

 In the middle of the night, Alvin jumped up from the bed in his room.

 He put his hand on his chest to control his rapid pulse, remembered the dream he had just had, and shook his head lightly.

 ”It’s absurd………”

 He didn’t know why he had tried to make Shinji hold Milis in his dream. However, Alvin’s p*nis had become fully erect while he slept, and he was somewhat unsettled.

 (Why am I so excited?…… Mil is supposed to be important)

 Alvin does his best to calm his mind and stop thinking about anything else. It would be a while before Alvin would fall asleep again.

* * *

 [It was still too early. The insertion is still unconsciously rejected by him]

 [Ugh, Shinji-san…… continue, please …… ♡]

 [M, me too……♡]

 Behind Freri’s disappointed muttering, Shinji begins to work with Eve and Clara together.

 In a room filled with flirtatious voices, Freri rethinks her plan to develop Alvin’s s*xuality.


 A lewd dream for Alvin.

 It’s a lover’s exchange, or swapping.

 His propensity for s*xual intercourse is becoming more and more distorted, but he has not yet reached the level of…… having his lover do it in front of him. Freri was too hasty.

 In addition to dreaming and receiving life force, succubus’s specialty is transforming herself into the person of her choice and receiving life force through the dream.

 However, Al who was being cuckolded is beginning to awaken his masochistic side.

 Freri-chan’s sense of smell is amazing.

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