Wizard 213

Chapter 213 Alvin’s Distorted Life as an Adventurer

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 The next day, Alvin, who had been excited by the sight of Milis being caressed by Shinji in the dream, showed up at the dining room with an indescribable feeling of guilt.

 ”Al-kun, good morning ♪”

 Milis, who had been up earlier, smiled at Alvin as she placed the dishes on the table next to him.

 ”Good morning, Mil”

 ”……? Al-kun, what’s wrong?”

 Alvin returned the greeting, but to Milis’ eyes he seemed less energetic than usual. There was no way he could say that he was excited by the dream, so Alvin had to fake it.

 ”No, no. It’s nothing. I just feel sleepy”

 ”Fufu, then go wash your face”

 ”Yeah, I will……”

 Alvin left the dining room quickly and opened the bathroom door. Normally he would knock, but the distracted Alvin forgot to knock.

 ”Kyaa……, Al! You should knock first!”

 ”Oops. ……Good morning, Alvin”

 Alvin caught Shinji hugging Renka’s waist in the bathroom and the two of them snuggled up together. Being caught, Renka’s cheeks flushed with shame.

 ”I, I’m sorry…… I’ve been in a daze”

 ”No, we’re sorry too, Renka, we’ll finish later”

 ”Yeah……. I’m sorry too, Al”

 This was happened because Renka bumped into Shinji in the bathroom and felt like spoiling her lover a little in the morning. It would have been better if she could have held it in until she got to her room, but it was just the two of them in a deserted bathroom and she wanted to…… be spoiled by him a little.

 Shinji was also a bit naive, and thus realized that it was they who were at fault. Because the bathroom is one of the most public places in a party house.

 It also not the place for lovers to communicate with each other in a communal party house.

 ”It’s okay, have you two eaten breakfast yet?”

 ”No, not yet. Alvin hasn’t eaten yet, right? I’m going to the dining room first”

 Alvin didn’t want to be noisy.

 Because sometimes he also had a sudden urge to make out with Milis. So, he had no problem tolerating a little huddling.

 ”Okay. I’ll be right there”

 ”See you later, Al”

 Renka waved her hand briefly.

 Seeing Renka’s hand, Alvin was reminded of his dream from last night, so he averted his gaze and made his reply.

* * *

 ”It was delicious. Thanks for the food, Akane”

 ”Your welcome. I’ll clean-up”

 While Akane was cleaning up breakfast, Alvin and the others, who had nothing urgent to do, decided to stay in the dining room and chat.

 During the meal, Alvin had regained his normal state and was able to enjoy chatting.

 ”Nee~, Shinji, can you rub my shoulders again later?”

 ”Okay. I’ll be in your room later”

 Shinji nodded to Renka, who was talking as if she remembered.

 ”Renka, is your shoulder stiff too? Sometimes I ask Al-kun to rub my shoulders too. Right? Al-kun”

 ”That’s right. I do it occasionally”

 There was no need to ask why their shoulders were stiff.

 Renka’s breasts are big, but Milis’s are even bigger, so Alvin sometimes rubs her shoulders for her.

 ”Is Shinji’s shoulder massage really good? Maybe it’s because he uses magic”

 ”Yes. While massaging, his hands are warmed and vibrated slightly. It’s like a technique from a professional masseuse”

 In fact, Shinji’s massage is on par with that of an expert.

 Why is his massage skill so good? The reason is probably not worth mentioning. But for now, he is just giving a regular massage to his girlfriend, Renka.

 ”Just by listening to you, I can tell it’s going to feel good”

 ”I don’t feel like massaging myself anymore, you know?”

 ”Maybe I should go to a massage place once in a while”

 Maybe it was because of last night’s dream, but Alvin had to interrupt Milis, who seemed to be interested in a massage.

 And Alvin said something that Alvin would never have said in the past.

 ”Why don’t you ask Shinji to give you a little massage right now?”

 Alvin’s heart was beating faster, though he was trying to act casual.

 (How could I get excited about something I saw in a dream? I should feel uncomfortable when I see Shinji touching Mill… Still, sorry, Mil, just for once)

 Alvin wanted to deny himself that he was excited by the dream. It was really painful for him, but just once because he is excited right now. So, that was why he had suggested it to Milis.

 Milis was inwardly puzzled.

 She couldn’t believe that Alvin would encourage Shinji to touch her. Milis couldn’t understand why Alvin would suggest it when there was no indication that he was having an affair.

 ”If Al-kun says so……”

 As a result, Milis decides to follow Alvin’s words.

 Milis’s heart was pounding as she made a fist in her lap under the desk where Alvin couldn’t see her.

 In front of her lover, she was being touched by her cheating partner, even if it was over her clothes. The immorality of it was immeasurable.

 ”I understand. Then just for a little while. If it feels good, you should go to a massage place”

 ”I’ll try that”

 Shinji moved behind Milis, who was sitting as naturally as possible.

 He put his hands on Milis’ shoulders and began to massage them, while using the warmth of his hands and the magic of his thumbs to vibrate slightly where they touched.

 ”Oh……, Nn, Nn……, you’re really…… good at that……”

 ”Is that so? I’m glad to hear it”

 While paying attention to Alvin’s condition, Shinji continued his massage.

 Without any compliments, Shinji’s massage was quite good, and the warmth of his hands combined with the slight vibrations made Milis feel like she was in heaven.

 ”Nn…… Ah, Nn……♡”

 ”Your shoulders are so stiff…… and tense. Okay, it’s over”

 ”Hah……♡ It’s not just a little…… stiff, still, it felt really good…… because my shoulders get stiff so easily”

 ”Shinji, I’m next!”

 Renka watched in silence, but then jealously raised her voice and demanded Shinji to do the same.

 ”Yes, yes, Renka, I’ll do it in your room”

 ”Then let’s go! I’ll see you later, both of you”

 She took Shinji’s arm away from Milis and they left from dining room.


 ”Oh, no. Is it good already? You look like you’re feeling really good, and……. you’ve got some stiff shoulders, so I think you should get some…… massage”

 Alvin speaks on the spur of the moment.

 Alvin’s reaction was to look at the way Milis was being worked by Shinji’s hands.

 He was both shocked and aroused at the same time.

 ”It felt good, and it was better than Al-kun’s, but…… I want Al-kun to do it”

 ”Thanks you……, Mil. So let’s go to my room and continue”

 Milis smiled as she said this, but the truth is that her vagina would start tingling if she were to be subjected to any more of this, and she would lose all reason.

 (Mo~ ……Shinji-san. I’ll have you have s*x with me later ♡)

 (Why am I so excited about…… that dream, or is it just my desire?)

 The feeling of excitement outweighs the discomfort. And even though Shinji was better than him in terms of pleasure, the fact that Milis had chosen him over Shinji made him feel a strong sense of love.

 (I feel like I can do that now…… s*x)

 Unlike when he had failed, Alvin could clearly see that his p*nis was stiffening.

 He pulled Milis’s arm and went into his room.

 The massage continues, and Alvin pushes Milis down.

 It was done.

 Although it was not enough due to the size of his p*nis, it was not a bad s*x for Milis, who was very demanding.

 (Al-kun …… ♡ It was very good ♡)

 (……I had this kind of fetish……?!)

 Alvin had to admit.

 Those dreams were coming from his own desires.


 So ends the sixth part.

 It started with the incident in Oeste and ended with their promotion.

 Shinji-kun tamed two succubi and asked them to push Alvin to M propensity.

 Alvin is now aware that he like being cuckolded and is becoming a masochist.

 (☞゜ヮ゜)☞ Shinji, the human massage machine

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