Wizard 216

Chapter 216 Shinji considers Hayate and Shizuku’s future

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 Shinji heard Hayate’s statement, but he didn’t reply right away and thought about it. Hayate was looking at him with a clinging gaze while he remained silent.

 [Sylphy, do you think Hayate is not going to make it?]

 [I guess so. Hayate was diligent in her training, but it seems that forcing her to go to …… will not yield good results]

 Just to be sure, the conclusion remains the same even if he asks Sylphy, the monitor.

 Shizuku wants to continue to go out with Hayate but Hayate wants to break up with Shizuku, Shinji thinks about which of the two opposing views he should support.

 To tell the truth, he doesn’t really care which way they go.

 However, it was a request from the goddess and there was a reward at stake, so he wanted to achieve the best result possible.

 ”You haven’t told Shizuku about this yet, have you?”

 ”Yeah…… Shizuku’s been a little intense lately”

 ”I see. I guess it’s better not to talk about it yet. …… By the way, do you have any idea why Shizuku’s on edge?”

 ”No. ……I don’t know…… I guess she can tell from my attitude that I don’t want to fight……”

 Maybe, the fact that Hayate has a crush on Alvin, and Shizuku is worried that she might change her mind. But Shinji didn’t dare to say anything.

 It is obvious that Hayate will just deny it even if she says it outright.

 (The best thing to do would be to break up Hayate and Shizuku, let Hayate marry someone else and let Shizuku fight as an apostle. The problem is that Shizuku’s motivation is her love for Hayate)

 Shinji had previously proposed to Shizuku that he would impregnate Hayate as a s*x friend just once so that they could stay together.

 But he hadn’t received a response yet, still judging from Hayate’s behavior, he thought it would be a good idea to meet with Shizuku and get her approval.

 (It would be easiest to make Hayate suffer all the disadvantages and follow Shizuku’s wishes. But……it’s a bit pathetic, isn’t it?)

 Hayate has to give birth to and raise the child of a man she doesn’t like, while Shizuku gets her wish to some extent.

 If Hayate’s feelings were for Shizuku and she could only fall in love with other women, it would be understandable, but Hayate has a very normal view of love and is finally ready to reform.

 (Anyone can abandon her like this. But now that I’ve taken on the job, I’ll do whatever I can)

 Shinji has a history of being abandoned because of his low magical power. His father never gave him a single training. If he did nothing and abandoned Hayate here, he would be just like his own father, and that annoyed him.

 But as long as she was a stranger, he didn’t mind abandoning her. Still, at this moment, Hayate was under the care of the Goddess Arian, and as an apostle, Shinji had no intention of cutting corners in his work.

 (If I’ve tried everything and it doesn’t work, just give up. And……. it would be more exciting if Hayate married someone and became a married woman)

 In addition, Shinji has always wanted to add his interests and tastes to his work.

 After thinking this far, Shinji no longer felt like forcing the plan he had proposed to Shizuku.

 ”I understand what you’re saying. And I’m glad you consulted me in this way. Hayate should not talk to Shizuku about the breakup alone. She seems to be a bit heavy in love……”

 ”Ah~……Does it look like she might be a bit of a yandere to me?”

 Hayate’s face tightened at Shinji’s words.


 ”Yandere is the type of person who will kill his/her lover if break up!”

 ”Oh, yes. Yeah, that’s a good possibility”

 ”Eh. ……R, really? I didn’t notice that at all……”

 As a matter, Hayate inwardly held her head as Shinji nodded as a matter of course.

 She’s dating Shizuku, and of course she loves her. Even so, she could not understand why she would want to kill her rather than break up with her. It’s a natural reaction for a normal high school girl.

 Shinji wondered if she had just realized this.

 ”For now, Hayate is going to maintain the status quo. It’s best not to take any unnecessary action. I’ll see if I can find a better way to break up with her”

 ”Th, thank you for your time……”

 After learning the shocking truth, Hayate sagged down like a shriveled vegetable.

* * *

 That night, Shinji had a meeting with Freri and the others at home before calling Shizuku.

 After receiving Hayate’s consultation, Shinji had been trying to figure out how to get Hayate and Shizuku to part peacefully, and when he couldn’t come up with a good idea on his own, he turned to his partner Freri, who came up with an idea.

 [Eve likes girls. If you can change the target of her obsession from Hayate to Eve, you can make it work. Eve also can use magic to change her appearance to human, and Clara can be added as support to make her feel more secure]

 Shinji pondered over Freri’s suggestion.

 If it’s Eve, there’s no need to hide information about the apostles. He could introduce her as a servant of the same goddess, not an apostle.

 She’s more of an amateur fighter than Shizuku, and she’s training to become one.

 Also, Eve is obligated to work as a servant of the Goddess Arian. If that’s the case, he didn’t see any problem in pairing her with Shizuku as her partner and lover.

 (Let’s put Shizuku on Eve! I guess)

 The question is whether or not Shizuku’s obsession can be transferred from Hayate to Eve, but Shinji thinks it’s worth a try.

 [Goddess-sama has allowed it]

 [I see……]

 While Shinji was pondering, Freri had already confirmed with Goddess Arian that he would could pair Shizuku with Eve.

 [Eve. Can you do it?]

 [I will do my best if Goddess-sama and Freri-sensei command it!]

 [I will support you. It’s important to use succubus’s magic and guide her well. Because forced hypnosis is too much work]

 [I understand……]

 Because when Shinji hypnotized Renka, he must do it slowly, corrupting her body, corrupting her mind, debasing her thoughts with pleasure, robbing her of her ability to resist, and then imprint her mind with, “Shinji has many s*x partners. A lewd crest is a sign of s*x friend. It’s a natural part of being an attractive male”

 It also took a lot of time to do this, because if he hadn’t done it right, or if he hadn’t met her before, she would have easily resisted.

 (Sure, hopefully it will all work out)

 Hayate didn’t have to fight and was able to live a normal life.

 Shizuku will be able to live as an apostle with her new lover.

 Shinji will be able to target Hayate as a married woman, he won’t have to take care of Shizuku, and he can report to the goddess Arian that the two apostles have been rehabilitated.

 It was well worth a try.

 [If so, I’ll ask Eve to help us. And Freri, can you send Eve to me? I want to get ready for Shizuku]


 [I’ll do my best!]

 Shinji and Eve came to his house and started to work on the settings.


 This is the first time Hayate consulted with him.

 Hayate finally realizes that Shizuku is a girl with a heavy heart.

 She’s cute and devoted when she’s in a good relationship, but when it comes time to break up with her, Hayate finds out that she’s a yandere, and she’s in tears.

 After discussing it with Freri, they decide to change Shizuku’s dependency on Eve, who can handle girls.

 Eve enters a punishment game where she has to seduce a yandere.

 The story moves forward.

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