Wizard 217

Chapter 217 Shinji Introducing Eve to Shizuku

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 Shinji had decided the setting with Eve, who was the actor, Clara, who would act as support, and Freri.

 Eve’s appearance had been altered by using concealment magic to make her horns, tail, wings, and other parts of her succubus form invisible and untouchable, and by using transformation magic, she had changed the color of her hair from white to light brown.

 Her face and style are still same, but the change in hair color gives Shinji a much different impression.

 She was dressed in a black one-piece dress of the same design as Freri and the other spirits, but a different color. On top of that, she wears a witch’s robe and a hat.

 Her breasts are so big that they can be seen even from the top of the robe, giving her a natural s*xy look.

 ”Okay, not bad”

 ”Thank you”

 When Shinji nodded his head in satisfaction, Eve replied nervously.

 ”To be honest, I’m not worried about the conversation. Because you’re once a luxury-class prostitute and you’ve talked to a lot of people”

 Eve nodded silently at Shinji’s words.

 She’s been talking to and sleeping with a lot of different men, and she’s been through a lot of difficult relationships. The difference in life experience between Shizuku and Eve is quite large.

 ”Still, watch out for inconsistencies in the setting. And the other thing is to keep your guard up. Because Shizuku is watching her partner very carefully. So, don’t let her know you’re acting or anything”

 ”I understand!”

 Shinji believes that the reason why Hayate and Shizuku were able to live together so peacefully until the Goddess caught them was because Shizuku had been able to observe Hayate and adapt to her tastes.

 ”I’ll call Shizuku then. Are you ready, my apprentice?”

 ”Anytime, Master” (*Note: Master -> Shishou)

 After seeing Eve nod, Shinji summoned Shizuku.

* * *

 ”Shinji-san, it is nice to finally meet you face to face”

 Shinji had blocked his thoughts from Shizuku until now.

 Because if there was an urgent problem, Marie would contact him, and since Marie didn’t contact him until they met again, he left Shizuku completely alone until the nomination request was completed.

 ”I’m sorry, I was busy with the nomination request”

 ”No……. I know why”

 Shinji, who was busy with work from the Goddess, could not complain, and Shizuku could only reply.

 In addition to that, Eve was standing next to Shinji. And Shizuku was not the kind of person who would scream in front of someone she had just met.

 Seeing that Shizuku was looking at Eve, Shinji opened his mouth.

 ”This girl is Eve. Goddess-sama has entrusted her to me as an apprentice witch. Unlike Shizuku and the others, she was born in this world and after her death, she was reincarnated by the goddess. Since I’m going to be teaching her magic for a while, I hope you’ll get to know her too”

 ”I’m Eve. It’s nice to meet you, Shizuku-san”

 [Use weak charm magic there]

 Eve smiled at Shizuku and used a weak charm magic according to the thoughts she received from Freri.

 Eve’s smile, which is adorable even from a same gender point of view, worked especially well on Shizuku, who has a yuri tendency. As the charm magic seeped through the cracks in her heart, Shizuku couldn’t help but blush.

 ”Nice to meet you…….”

 Shizuku’s first impression of Eve turned out to be a very good one.

 (A very pretty girl……)

 She was not even jealous of her looks, and she accepted her presence. Shinji smiled inwardly at Shizuku’s apparent positive reaction and continued to talk.

 ”Eve, this is Shizuku. She’s an apostle of Goddess-sama, and she’s currently training under me in magic. And so, she is your senior. Shizuku’s strongest attribute is water and Eve’s is darkness, but both of you are witch, so get along”

 ”Yes, Master. I’ll be training with her from now on, please take care of me, Shizuku-senpai”

 [One more time]

 In the midst of her polite greeting, Shizuku feels that Eve is anxious to be accepted.

 And tickled by the desire for protection, Shizuku is not able to resist the charm magic.

 The reason for using a weaker charm spell is to reduce the backslash when the spell wears off. Because a strong charm leaves a strong sense of discomfort when the spell wears off.

 On the contrary, a weak charm leaves less discomfort, and in this case, it is easy to conclude incorrectly that she was surprised and infatuated by the cuteness of the first meeting.

 At the meeting earlier, Shinji and Freri told Eve that it was important to make a good impression in such a small and steady way.

 ”It’s nice to meet you, too. Eve-san…….”

 When she was called Shizuku-senpai, Shizuku remembered that when she was in her original world, a new student had joined her club as a junior.

 It was a good memory for Shizuku to support a junior student who was anxious just like the current Eve, and to work hard together in the club activities.

 Eve grasped Shizuku’s hand and shook it.

 The softness of Eve’s hand made Shizuku feel a little nervous. This is also due to the magic of weak charm, but Shizuku would never notice.

 (……I have Hayate-chan. Calm down…… Calm down)

 ”I’m glad Senpai was so kind to me……♪”

 ”Nn…… let’s work hard together”

 ”Yes ……♪”

 Shizuku inwardly agonized as Eve’s smile changed to a friendly one.

 [She’s good at acting]

 [Still, don’t be such in hurry. Let’s take a look first]

 As Freri cautioned, Shinji began to wonder if this strategy might work.

 ”I’ll send Eve there in the morning. Shizuku, can you practice magic with Eve? And since our party won’t be busy for a while, I can take care of the two of you for the time being”


 ”Yes, Master”

 Shinji nodded his head in satisfaction at the honest reply.

 ”We’re only meeting today, so let’s stop here”

 ”Okay, but…… Um, I’ll see you tomorrow……”

 Shizuku takes an attitude of wanting to say something to Shinji, who tells them that they’ll split up, but she doesn’t say anything.

 Because after having a pure junior named Eve, she didn’t have the energy to talk about the idea of corrupting Hayate that Shinji had proposed earlier.

 Shinji was aware of this, but he didn’t urge her to talk about it. In fact, he took advantage of the opportunity to send Shizuku home.

 ”Good night, Shizuku-senpai”

 ”Yes, good night”

 Seen off by Eve, Shizuku was teleported back to the inn where she had come from.


 Eve is an apprentice witch.

 It’s not a mistake to say that succubus is capable of dark magic as well as erotic magic. But because Eve is originally a normal human, so she is not uniquely suited for anything else. (Freri has earth, water, and plant magic.)

 Eve is a cute junior character and is in Shizuku’s pocket.

 Her style is to use her weak charm like a small punch to chip away at reason.

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