Wizard 218

Chapter 218 Hayate Getting Caught in Her Words

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 The day after he introduced Shizuku and Eve to each other.

 Shinji called Hayate to his house in the morning before Hayate headed out to Heliotrope.

 Hayate lied to Shizuku that she had to leave early for the store today and left the house.

 ”Well, it looks like things are going well, but we still have to be careful”

 ”Onii-san’s network of people is really amazing…… How did you manage to pull in a Yuri girl apostle?”

 Shinji explained to Hayate without mentioning that Eve was a succubus.

 Because it’s a lot easier to do things when she knows that Eve is an apprentice witch under the care of a goddess and a former native.

 For Shinji, Hayate is the type that is easy to understand. So, since Hayate is hoping to change from an apostle to a citizen, Shinji will try not to give her any more information than she needs.

 ”I take my job as an apostle very seriously. That’s how I gain trust, and that’s how I get help when I need it. And vice versa, it’s important to help others. Of course, it depends on the person”

 Shinji’s calm tone made Hayate feel very confident. After parting ways with Shinji the day before, Hayate had been collecting her thoughts on him.

 The first encounter was a disaster.

 He was a pawn of Goddess Arian, and he was completely inflexible. He was a ruthless man who hunted her down with his ruthless arguments and separated her from Shizuku, forcing them to train separately.

 It didn’t take long for Hayate to realize that Shinji was a jerk.

 However, the place where she trained was decent and fun, and she was blessed with good friends like Nanaka and Haruto. The money she needed to live was also provided by him.

 Even getting out of the fight, which she felt was impossible from the bottom of her heart, she could feel that he was trying to do something about it.

 (I was really a selfish child until reality struck me)

 If she can see it without the filter of likes and dislikes, she realizes that Shinji is acting to fulfill the wishes of the Goddess Arian.

 Embarrassed that she and Shizuku had complained about it in the first place, Hayate felt like she wanted to crawl into a hole.

 Still, there is no way for Hayate to know that her lover, who is about to leave her, is already in his arms.

 ”Well……. What do you think I should do now?”

 ”Just try to act normal. Keep your distance slowly. If someone asks you for a favor five times, it’s better to grant it four times and refuse it once”

 ”I see. I’ll try…….”

 Hayate accepted Shinji’s advice without hesitation.

 She thinks it’s bad for Shizuku, and it hurts her conscience, but Hayate really wanted to avoid a future of constant fighting.

 ”Thank you, Onii-san. I’ll repay this debt someday. If there’s anything I can do, I’ll do it”

 ”There’s nothing I can ask Hayate to do at the moment. But if I had to say…….”

 Shinji gives a meaningful look to Hayate, who thanks him somewhat shyly. And his gaze landed on a pair of rich, assertive breasts.

 ”I want to squeeze your breasts”

 ”Huuuh!? What are you talking, Onii-san?”

 She hugged her breasts with both hands to hide them, and Hayate’s face reddened as he turned her anger on Shinji. The image of a serious apostle in Hayate’s mind was destroyed, and he became a pervert rather than a jerk.

 ”Absolutely, can’t I?”


 Shinji intentionally made a statement that angered Hayate. This is to get Hayate’s mind fired up so he can cast a thought-inducing hypnotic spell.

 [Really? After everything he had done for me? It’s not like we’re going to have s*x, right? Still, can I refuse it? But he’s going to taking care of Shizuku from now on, right?]

 He made Hayate think of something that would appeal to her conscience.

 Hayate, who felt as if she were being questioned by herself one after another, kept her mouth shut.

 [I can pay him back with my breasts alone, can’t I? I just have to be patient. It’s okay if it’s just for a little while. Let’s reward him for all his hard work]

 If this was s*x, Hayate would have rejected it out of hand, even if Shinji was a total jerk.

 But Shinji was someone who would continue to take care of her, someone who had done a lot for her in the past. So, it would be a lie to say that she doesn’t feel indebted to him.

 The deeper she got into her thoughts, the more she was tempted to say no, no matter what! Still, Hayate’s determination to refuse at all costs is disappearing.

 ”I, I get it…… but it’s really just my breasts, okay!?”

 Hayate, who could no longer bear the thought of going around in circles, glared at Shinji with a strong gaze, and while her face turned red with shame, she agreed.

 ”Thank you, I’m glad. Come here, then”

 Shinji smiled as he stood up and beckoned Hayate over.

 Hayate did not hide her reluctance as she approached Shinji.

 ”Hah…. Just when I was starting to think twice about you. It turns out you’re just a pervert who wants to touch my breast……”

 ”You can’t say you’ll do anything after this, you know. Even if you quit fighting, an apostle is still an apostle. What happens when someone tries to talk you out of it?”

 Hayate paused within Shinji’s reach.

 ”Muuuu…… I’ll be careful next time, so you don’t have to touch me”

 ”That’s it that, this is this”

 Shinji smiled thinly at Hayate’s protests.


 He explained to Hayate-chan.

 The hypnotic magic has been appeared for a long time. It’s been a while.

 Hayate’s liking for Shinji is fluctuating up and down like a roller coaster.

 It’s the same as Nanaka’s, but Shinji wants to develop it before she gets married.

 So far, Hayate and Shizuku are more dislikes than likes for Shinji.

 So, next time, Hayate will get her first touch.

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