Wizard 219

Chapter 219 Breast Caress and Hypnosis for Hayate

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 ”Do you want turn around then? You don’t want to see my face, right?”


 Hayate turned around in front of Shinji.

 Shinji looked at the black hair tied behind her head, her back hidden by her shirt, her ass hidden by her miniskirt.

 Today Hayate was not wearing any light armor, such as a breastplate, because she was supposed to be training and working in the store. Standing behind Hayate, Shinji put his arms around her and touched her soft breasts as he hugged her tightly.

 ”Wa-, onii-san, you’re too close!”

 ”It’s hard to touch them unless I’m close”

 Shinji rubbed her breasts with a gentle hand to make sure that they were firm.

 ”Nn……, O, Onii-san, you pretended to be serious but in fact, you were a pervert……, Nn……, Hah”

 Shinji can feel a mass that can be felt even on her clothes. Hayate’s breasts, while not as large as Milis’, are firm enough to be squeezed.

 As Shinji continues to squeeze Hayate’s breasts with his expert hands, he also uses his aphrodisiac magic to increase Hayate’s sensitivity and then opens his mouth.

 ”I’m sure there’s no man who doesn’t like breasts”

 ”Yes…… men are always attracted to breasts…… but…… how long are you going to keep touching them? ……Ah ♡”

 In the beginning, Hayate thought she could hold out for a little while, but then she realized that her body was starting to react to Shinji’s careful caresses. In other hand, Shinji continues to talk while enjoying Hayate’s panicked reaction.

 ”I wonder if Hayate will cum until the next bell rings”

 ”Wait…… ♡Ah, Onii-san! Why your hand in my clothes? ♡”

 Shinji’s hand slips under her shirt and starts touching her bra. Although it was only a piece of clothing, Hayate could feel the warmth of his hand more strongly, and at the same time, his fingertips played with her nipples, which had begun to harden, causing a sweet voice to come out of her mouth.

 There was still more than enough time for the next bell to ring.

 In the first place, Hayate only wanted to let him touch her a little, and she didn’t intend to be squeezed so firmly, but she was trapped in Shinji’s arms and allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

 ”Hmm, you’re not wearing any bra, are you?”

 ”Ah ♡ Hey ♡ Onii-san, you can’t touch me there ♡ Hyaa, really…… ♡ Don’t touch me so much ♡”

 Hayate’s bra seemed to be a very elastic garment. In her original world before Hayate was reincarnated, it was called a sports bra, and it was designed to keep the breasts from swaying more than necessary.

 When she was reincarnated, she brought this bra with her, and asked a clothing store in this world to make her a similar one.

 Since it’s still not well known, Shinji couldn’t recognize it as bra, so he misunderstood it as clothing, and slipped his hand into it to rub Hayate’s raw breasts.

 ”Stupid ♡ I’ll get angry ♡ Onii-san, you’re getting carried away ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Really ♡ It’s no good ♡”

 Shinji’s hands continued to touch Hayate’s breasts as if he owned them.

 Sometimes weakly, sometimes strongly, he scoops her up from underneath, grabs her, traces her nipples, and pinches her hard nipples.

 Hayate could not resist the skilled caresses that her body never got used to, never got bored, and always made her feel good.

 (Onii-san, you are too good……♡ J, just only with my breast…. ♡)

 Fuh ♡ Fuh ♡ Hayate who repeatedly breathes hard rubs his thighs together with a struggle. And her body was already in the process of forming.

 With the pleasure she had never felt from the contact with Shizuku. Hayate’s body now knew what it felt like to be caressed by a large man’s hands.

 ”Now, let’s cum once”

 ”Aaahhhh~~~~~ ♡”

 Shinji knew exactly what Hayate’s limits were.

 Gyuu ♡ Shinji unexpectedly pinched her nipples and Hayate, who was on the verge of climax, easily climaxed.

 (It, it’s so easy…… I’m made to cum…….)

 Shinji, who was watching Hayate climaxing in his arms while his body trembled, whispered in her ear.

 ”The bell hasn’t rung yet, has it?”

 And then, Shinji stroked her climaxed and sensitive nipples with his fingers and cast estrus magic on them.

 While indulging in afterglow, Hayate’s heart is frustrated at being made to cum so easily at the hands of a man she doesn’t like, but her body, which has been magically aroused, begs for Shinji’s caresses.

 It would have been enough to ask him to stop because she had climaxed, but those words never came out of Hayate’s mouth.

 ”I’ll continue”

 ”Hah ♡ Kuuh ♡ Do as you like……♡”

 ”I’ll take your word for it…….”

 ”Hah ♡ Youuu ♡ Breastman ♡ Ahh ♡” (*Note: Breastman -> Oppai Seijin)

 Due to Shinji’s relentless caresses, Hayate was made to climax repeatedly with her breasts until the bell rang.

* * *

 ”Dirty, filthy, pervert” (*Note: Ecchi, sukebe, hentai)

 ”The words of the loser are pleasing to the ear”

 Hayate, now dressed and ready to go, does her best to intimidate Shinji, but Shinji is having none of it.

 ”You were enjoying yourself, weren’t you? You didn’t tell me to stop”

 ”S, shut up!”

 Hayate’s heart was filled with a sense of defeat. Even so, she is able to mobilize all of her energy and manage to put up a brave face, and her mental defenses are in shambles.

 But while looking into Hayate’s eyes, Shinji used hypnosis magic, and the hypnosis seeped into Hayate without resistance.

 ”I hope <You can return the favor with your body> in the future, okay?”


 The hypnosis does not bind the usual behavior, but only induces the specific thought of <Paying back the debt with the body>, and after experiencing the debt with the body once, Hayate could not resist.

 ”Then give my regards to Nanaka and Haruto”

 ”……I understand, but why are you still calm……?”

 Hayate teleported to Heliotrope while looking at Shinji with moist eyes.


 Hayate-chan’s first touch session

 Shinji-kun keep his promise to only caress her breasts (gentleman).

 Hypnosis Magic-kun didn’t get much action from Renka-chan, but he seems to be using it against Hayate-chan.

 Because charm is something that can easily be discovered by those around her, Shinji uses hypnosis to change her perception of certain things (Renka and Hayate).


 She’s a JK who used to play sports, so she’s wearing a sports bra (no s*x appeal).

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