Wizard 220

Chapter 220 Shinji’s Information Gathering

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 After seeing Hayate off to Heliotrope, Shinji sent a thought to Marie to check on the situation.

 [Marie, what’s the situation over there?]

 [Shizuku and Eve are practicing outside the city~. They’re following Shinji’s orders perfectly~]

 Shinji had sent Eve off to Shizuku’s, just as he summoned Hayate to his home.

 As he had told her the day before, Shizuku had moved outside the city to practice her magic, and the two of them had started practicing together. He told Eve to let Shizuku see how good she was at magic, and instructed her not to go to the dungeon without permission.

 [Eve has only just become succubus. First, she needs to learn to use magic properly]

 [Well, she just learned it~. If she doesn’t master at least two of them, <Body Strengthening Magic> and <Dark Sphere>, she won’t be able to fight in real battle~]

 In the same way that Shizuku learned <Body Strengthening Magic> and <Water Ball> magic through a magic ritual, Eve also learned <Body Strengthening Magic> and <Dark Ball> magic.

 However, she has never been able to use them properly and is only able to cast them.

 [She had only been using erotic magic. That’s what’s important for her, still……]

 [But this situation will be led to better condition~. Because as Shizuku is more proficient in using magic, and as a senior, she is trying her best to teach her~]

 [Hee~, it’s surprising. I thought she wasn’t good at taking care of others since she was hiding behind Hayate]

 Shinji’s mouth loosened as he could feel Marie’s happy mood. He didn’t know how much Eve had read about Shizuku’s inner life, but it seemed that the junior character was suitable for making a good impression on Shizuku.

 [I’m going to visit the guild for a bit and then head over there. Marie, could you take a look at the two of them for me?]

 [Let me handle it~]

 Shinji thought that there was no need to hurry, and that it would be better for the two to practice alone, so he headed to the adventurer’s guild.

* * *

 This is the first time in a week that Shinji visited the Adventure because <Running Wolves> had suspended their party activities in preparation for the tournament.

 Looking around, he headed straight to the counter in charge of adventuring parties and sat down in an empty seat.

 After bowing her head lightly, the receptionist opened her mouth.

 ”Good morning. What do you require?”

 ”Good morning. Are there any Upper-upper ranking parties newly arrived in the city?”

 ”Please wait a moment”

 While the receptionist left her seat, Shinji took another look at the Adventurer’s Guild.

 (There are a few parties that I don’t recognize…… Was it right to come after all?)

 There are a variety of parties in the adventurer’s guild, some standing around chatting, some examining requests, but there are a few that belong to people he has never seen in the guild before.

 Shinji guessed that parties had already begun to gather in the city for the tournament.

 ”Thank you for your patience. There is one new Upper-upper ranking party that has arrived at the Medio branch. It’s a party of four <Dragonmen> and their party called <Dragon Horns>. Do you wish to confirm their membership and reputation?” (*Note: 龍角(ドラゴンホーン))

 ”Yes, please”

 After Shinji got all the information from the receptionist, he thanked her and left the table.

 As he walked towards the exit of the Adventurer’s Guild, he looked around, but he couldn’t see any Dragonmen adventurers.

 (A party of Dragonmen? ……I’d be grateful if they just dropped by on business. ……I’ll check back in a week to see if they’re still in the city)

 Dragonmen are a rare race, though not as rare as the winged race.

 Just as Elves have their villages in the forest and Winged have their villages on floating islands, Dragonmen live in groups in the valleys.

 They are a race with a strong devotion to the Goddess, and are famous for their daily prayers.

 In the past, Dragonmen were persecuted by other races because of their appearance.

 It was natural because their human bodies had horns, scales, and claws, and it was even worse if they resembled Dragon monster.

 However, the Miko of Goddess Arian brought down a prophecy.

 [What dwells in their bodies is a part of an extinct creature called <Dragon>, and is different from the <Dragon> of the monsters‘ (*Note: the first part, ドラゴン -> Doragon, and the latter, りゅう -> Ryuu)

 As a result, their existence who was an extinct was spread around the world.

 And since then, their persecution has ceased and the grateful Dragonmen have become devout followers of the Goddess, still their customs remain deep-rooted in the tribe.

 (There are many questions about how Dragonmen were born, but what is important now is that Dragonmen are strong)

 The basic abilities of Dragonmen are higher than humans.

 In addition, their horn has magic power, their claws have arm strength, and other parts of their body are superior to those of a dragon.

 And because of this, they are a genuine fighting race.

 The term “Dragonmen” was coined by some people who were jealous of the dragon’s strength, and it has since spread.

 (An Upper-upper ranks dragon adventurer, huh? It’s not an easy opponent if we want to participate in the tournament. For now, I’ll check it out on the assumption that they’ll be competing)

 After leaving the adventurer’s guild and gathering his thoughts, Shinji decided to go to the commercial district to buy a drink before heading to Shizuku and Eve who were practicing.

 (Marie said they were both serious, so I’ll buy some…… cold fruit water)

 He headed towards a stall that sells fruit water, which is common in commercial districts.

 And then.

 ”……W, welcome! Would you like some tasty fruit water!”

 The owner of the stall was shouting nervously.

 And then there is dragon girl who stands a little bit away from the stall and keeps staring at it—.

 The most eye-catching thing is a pair of dragon horns sprouting from between her smooth pink hair.

 She is neither tall nor short, with a slender figure, and wears a kimono, a garment that layers fabric in front of her body, and a hakama, a loose garment that covers her from the waist down.

 Shinji had her in his sights.


 It seems that Eve is working on Shizuku out of Shinji’s sight.

 Eve is working diligently on her duties, but as a former civilian, her fighting skills are still weak.

 She’ll have to practice her dark magic to be able to fight.

 Shinji is gathering information for Alvin.

 The information is vital, isn’t it? And with the combination of his Information, Emily’s training, and Milis’s healing, they have the perfect support system!

 First encounter with Ryujin-chan.

 Dragonmen have built their own culture (Japanese style) and are reclusive in the valley.

 It’s like a valley version of the elves who retreat to the forest.

 The backstory of the Dragonmen.

 The setting is that dragons no longer exist in this world.

 When the last dragon died and died as a species, the blood of the dragons that lay dormant within descendants of the people who was the result of human mated with the dragons was awoken in order to avoid the extinction of the dragons, and some of them transformed.

 Therefore, they are originally human.

 The children of Dragonmen and humans become Dragonmen because dragon blood is stronger rather than human.

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