Wizard 221

Chapter 221 Shinji and Dragon Girl, Talking to Each Other

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 ”This fizzing water is interesting” (*Note: Shuwa shuwa)

 ”I’m glad you like it”

 Shinji told the pink-haired dragon girl, who was staring at the stall too intently, that she was intimidating the owner.

 The dragon girl apologized to Shinji and said that her friends brought the money so she could not buy the drinks. She said that she has been wondering what to buy until her friends arrive.

 But, when she’s about to leave the stall, Shinji suggests that he buy her a drink, which the dragon girl agrees to.

 After the owner of the stall shouts “Thank you very much!!” Both Shinji and the Dragon girl walked away from the stall, and then leaned their backs against a wall, and began to drink their drinks side by side.

 ”I’m in a very good mood. Now I can’t help it if my mouth slips”

 The Dragon girl loosened her mouth, played with her shoulder-length hair, and looked at Shinji next to her.

 ”If so, feel free. And are you Himeno-san from <Dragon Horns>?”

 ”Umu, I’m Himeno. Nice to meet you” (*Note: she used “Washi” to describe herself. It is reserved for use by old men or men who for some reason have acquired a very slurred speech style)

 The dragonmen, who called herself Himeno, took her Upper-upper rank adventurer’s card from her chest and presented it to Shinji, then tucked it back into her chest.

 Himeno also noticed the Upper-upper rank adventurer card on Shinji’s chest when she approached him, and when he offered to pay for the drinks, she realized that Shinji wanted to talk to her.

 Knowing that it was a fellow adventurer who had agreed to the offer, Himeno decided to talk to him, as she wanted a drink as soon as possible.

 Shinji also approached her based on the information he had confirmed from the guild.

 The party consisted of four dragonmen: Himeno, the leader, Ichiro, Jiro and Saburo.

 In all likelihood, Ichiro, Jiro and Saburo were male names, and if there was a dragonmen adventurer nearby that he was not familiar with, he thought there was a good chance it was Himeno.

 It was a good thing that he was able to talk to her and correctly understand her intentions, but he felt the air of a powerful dragonmen in her imposing behavior, and Shinji realized again that Himeno was no ordinary person.

 ”Nice to meet you too. Did Himeno-san and his friends come to this city to participate in the fighting tournament?”

 ”…..Well, yeah, our purpose is to participate in the tournament. ……Mwahaha, Sorry sorry, I didn’t expect to be asked a direct question”

 Himeno tried to hold back her laughter at Shinji’s direct question without any wordplay, but she couldn’t hold it in.

 Himeno was wondering what kind of words the man who had researched the name of the party and made a distant invitation to her in front of the stall also what would he dos to get information from her next, but in fact the question was the exact opposite.

 So, she found it very funny and laughed.

 ”It seems you were expecting me to play with words, so I stopped. It would be a waste of time if you knew what I was thinking, wouldn’t it?”

 ”Yes, I think so too. Are your friends going to play?”

 Himeno agreed with Shinji’s question.

 Shinji’s body, as seen by Himeno, did not have the physique of a swordsman. So, it is only natural to assume that his friends will be participating.

 ”That’s true. But if Himeno-san is going to participate, my friends will have to train harder”

 ”If he had never faced a dragonmen before, he’ll need to take precautions. Well, your friend should do his best. Still, it’s more fun for me to fight with the strong ones…… Hmm hmm, tasty ♪”

 Himeno smiled belligerently, but when she drank the carbonated fruit water, her smile changed to a cute smile befitting her age.

 Shinji was lost in thought as he watched Himeno’s expression change from side to side.

 (Although the rules of the tournament are detrimental to both sides…… But magic countermeasures are essential when dealing with Dragonmen with horns)

 Dragonmen with horns growing out of their hair are proof that they possess an abundance of magical power. It’s natural to think that they have a lot of magic power that surpasses that of ordinary human wizards/witches and is close to that of spirits.

 Originally, people would have to be wary of their <Fire Breath> which was released by using a large amount of their magic power, but the rules of the tournament forbid it, so it is a relief to be able to use normal magic countermeasures.

 Even so, the Dragonmen swordsman who can play two roles at once, being both a swordsman and a wizard/witch, is definitely a strong opponent.

 As Shinji pondered this and that about how to deal with the dragonmen, he felt a gaze on him and turned his head to the side. He noticed that Himeno was looking at him with an amused smile.

 Shinji bowed his head at his mistake of suddenly becoming silent.

 ”I’m sorry, I was alone with my thoughts”

 ”No, no, that’s no problem. It seems your friend is going to be a good opponent”

 Unlike Shinji, who felt bad that he had made her unhappy, Himeno was in a very good mood.

 It was only natural for a skilled swordsman to participate in a fighting tournament.

 But how many of them have dedicated friends who are willing to gather information to help their friends win, and seek out countermeasures against the dragonmen together?

 (Hmm, most of them would just say, “I’ll support you, good luck” on the day of the battle. But this guy seems to know a lot about dragonmen…… and he’s also an Upper-upper rank adventurer! As I thought, I’m looking forward to it. What kind of man will come out to be my opponent? Come on)

 Himeno instinctively knew that the man in front of him, who was supporting his friend, would definitely be a strong opponent.

 ”I can’t say for sure because I don’t know how good you are, Himeno-san, but…… my friend is quite good, so please look forward to it”

 ”Umu, I’ll do that. ……Hmm hmm?”

 Himeno’s eyebrows suddenly furrowed as she finished drinking the carbonated fruit water. Because there was her companion’s voice who calling out to her.

 Shinji was skeptical of her reaction, but when the voice called out, “O, Ojou-sama! Where have you been?”, reached Shinji’s ears, Himeno moved away from the wall she was leaning against.

 ”Ah, the pickup has arrived. I’ll see you soon. ……Farewell!”

 ”W, wait……!”

 She moved so quickly that Shinji didn’t have time to stop her before she ran off. Her appearance was very picturesque, with her pink hair and kimono sleeves fluttering as she ran away.

 ”Well, the money……is fine …….”

 Shinji continued to watch her back, while muttering that he had gained a lot.


 Talk with Himeno, the dragon girl.

 The reason why her friends’ names are Ichiro, Jiro, and Saburo will come out later.

 The rules of the tournament will be explained later.

 Himeno-chan is a girl who prefers to be referred to by her first name, Washi, and is looking for a strong opponent.

 Thanks to her dragon horn, she’s good at magic and swords, making her an all-around magical swordsman.

 Although she has a dragon horn and a strong magic power, she is hopelessly incompatible with spirits cannot make a contract with them.

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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.

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