Wizard 222

Chapter 222 Shinji, Shizuku and Eve practice

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 ”Good work, both of you. Here’s some treats for you”

 After seeing Himeno off, Shinji once again bought some sweet fruit water from the stall, and then teleported with Marie to where Shizuku and Eve were practicing their magic.

 Eve smiled happily at the sight of the fruit water bottle in Shinji’s hands and bowed her head.

 ”T, thank you, Master ♪”

 ”……Thank you”

 ”Your welcome”

 Shinji handed them the fruit water and Eve immediately drank it to hydrate her throat. The same goes for Shizuku, whose words of gratitude are quiet and seem to indicate that she is disliking Shinji.

 [My acting is great, isn’t it?]

 [If I didn’t know you~, I might think you had a personality like this~]

 Eve’s acting skills were impressive, and she was able to portray the character of a junior who adores Shinji, her mentor, and Shizuku, her senior.

 Her natural demeanor without any hint of acting impressed Shinji and Marie, and Shizuku didn’t seem to feel uncomfortable at all.

 ”So, how’s it going?”

 ”It’s been a while since she started…… And she has just learned about…… magic, like me….. a while ago, so she needs to get used to it”

 When Shinji spoke to Shizuku, Eve began to talk to Marie.

 Just as Shizuku had learned magic through rituals, Eve had only just learned dark magic, and was still immature.

 So, it was natural that there was a difference between Eve and Shizuku, who had been practicing diligently since the last magic ritual.

 Shinji pretended not to notice Shizuku’s hesitation because of the fact that she remembered the magic ritual, but he only nodded.

 ”You have to practice <Body Strengthening Magic> together properly, okay?”

 ”Yes, I understand. And…….”

 Shizuku checked to make sure that Eve was not listening to them while Eve spoke with Marie, then lowered her voice and resumed speaking.

 ”……I want to learn <Water Blade> magic after <Water Ball>. I failed last time, so please …… teach me properly this time”

 ”You make it sound like it’s my fault. Isn’t it because of Shizuku’s failure to develop her magic?”

 ”Y, you’re so terrible…… Y, you can’t talk like that after making me cum all the time……. I could have succeeded if you’d just done it the normal way”

 ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’ll make sure to do it right next time”

 Shinji tried to keep his face as calm as possible to avoid blushing and made a token apology to Shizuku, who was protesting over her glasses with a scowl.

 Unfortunately, Shizuku is in a weaker position.

 Her body was already bound by the lewd crests, and she could no longer resist the pleasure Shinji was giving her. Still, she doesn’t give up her mind, and she deceives herself by thinking that she is using Shinji for her own future.

 ”What are you talking about?”

 ”It’s about the next magic Shizuku is going to learn. And Eve, you have to practice so that you can learn the next magic soon”


 Shinji replied to Eve’s words, who seemed to be trying to join the conversation and had somehow approached him.

 This way of replying is a perfect way for Shizuku to hide the fact that she doesn’t want Eve to know about the magic ritual, while at the same time telling her about the contents of the conversation, which is one of the reasons why Shizuku considers Shinji a pain in the ass rather than a dislike.

 (I don’t want to be humiliated more than I have to. ……Still, I don’t think I’m overstepping the boundaries of what’s really wrong. ……But, he’s really bad, he can see right through all my thoughts)

 Shinji switched the subject, not caring about the indescribable look on Shizuku’s face.

 ”Speaking of magic, I met a Dragonmen with a dragon horn just before I came here. She says that she has the same magic power as a spirit, but does she really have it? Marie”

 ”That’s pretty much right~. Dragonmen with horns have a lot of magic power and output~, and they also have high physical abilities, right~? I think Dragonmen with horns are the strongest of all Dragonmen~”

 Marie affirmed Shinji’s words.

 Because Dragonmen, who have high physical abilities, and use <Body Strengthening Magic> to unleash their attack magic with the help of their magic power and quantity of output, there is no way they are weak.

 While she spoke, Marie looked unamused.

 The reason was Dragonmen can’t make contracts with spirits. It is said that this is because the dragon’s blood somehow interferes with their ability to make contracts with spirits.

 This is probably why the spirits feel rejected by Dragonmen and generally dislike them.

 ”I see, that’s troublesome”

 ”Master, what’s wrong with this Dragonmen?”

 Eve asked Shinji, who smiled as if troubled.

 ”I’ve heard that the Dragonmen is going to participate in the upcoming tournament of my friends. So, we have to plan our countermeasures”

 ”That’s a lot of work……. I’ll be practicing with Eve, so why don’t you give priority to helping your friends? I don’t mind if you come by and check on me every now and then, like today”

 Shizuku told him not to spend too much time here, and she was waiting for his response.

 ”Is that okay with you, Eve?”

 ”Yes! Master should give priority to your friends. I’ll try my best to work with Shizuku-senpai”

 After getting a token agreement from Eve, Shinji decides to accept Shizuku’s proposal.

 ”Well, I’ll take advantage of your kindness. I’ll show up every once in a while, but please consult with……Marie, and practice without straining yourself”

 ””I understand””

 The two of them nodded at Shinji’s words.

* * *

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Cumming ♡ Cumming ♡”

 ”You have become so straightforward when it comes to s*x, haven’t you?”

 ”Ahhh ♡ Please cum in my vagina ♡”

 After practice.

 There was a cocky apostle who had been thoroughly ejaculated into the vagina, but only a limited number of people knew about it.


 Shizuku learned <Water Blade>!

 The reason why Dragonmen and spirits are bad was revealed.

 The reputation of the Dragonmen with horns is that they are the strongest.

 The claws are for arm strength, the scales are for hardness (enough to take a sword or something), the eyes are for vision, and the horns are for magic power.

 Shizuku is now taking care of Eve.

 It’s an arrangement where Eve’s attack on Shizuku proceeds out of Shinji’s sight.

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