Wizard 223

Chapter 223 Alvin’s Special Training

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 The next day, after receiving information that Dragonmen was going to participate in the fighting tournament, Shinji decided to accompany Alvin and Emily to their training. The two had been informed of this in advance, and they gathered outside the city at their usual training spot.

 ”What is your plan to deal with a Dragonmen with a horn?”

 Alvin spoke to Shinji while carrying a one-handed sword for the tournament on his shoulder. Alvin’s expression hardened after he talking about it.

 ”Let’s have Emily and I play at the same time. And Emily and Alvin will fighting one-on-one, with me backing her up”

 ”……As I expected, that’s what you’ll do”

 He doesn’t think about that Emily is a very good swordsman, and she’s going to have a magical backup. Instead, he thinks about the Dragonmen with the dragon horn who could do magic and swordmanship alone.

 ”In the tournament rules, <Fire Breath> is prohibited, so you have a chance to win. Still, there were weapon handicaps rules”

 ”Ah, I want to use a greatsword……”

 Alvin sagged in disappointment at Shinji’s words.

 In the rules of the tournament, the weapon to be used in the competition was one-handed sword. The weight and length of the sword is the same as the most common standard size.

 In addition, the sword has a <Dull> spell that prevents the blade from ever cutting through a person. In addition.

 And there is a ban on race-specific magic.

 This includes the Dragonmen <Fire Breath>.

 Prohibition of magic with slashing ability.

 This applies to cutting magic such as <Water Blade>.

 Also, prohibition of special magic.

 This is a measure to eliminate inequality in the use of magic by Upper ranking adventurers.

 If a player fails to follow these four rules, they will be disqualified.

 When Shinji thought of Himeno, he remembered that she had a sheath of a weapon inserted in her waist. It was a long and thin shape, not like a standard size sword by any means.

 So, if Alvin had the same problem of not being able to use his favorite weapon, and if race-specific magic was also banned, then he might have a chance to win.

 That’s what Shinji was thinking.

 ”Collaborating with Shinji…… It’s kinda nice ♡”

 ”Okay, okay, Emily, don’t move”


 Shinji put magic paper on Emily’s arms, back, hands, legs, and everywhere else, and glued them on with magic to prevent them from coming off.

 ”What’s that?”

 ”It’s a tool that can be used as a starting point for magic. It allows me to cast spells from the paper that can only be cast from my hand. The power is greatly reduced, though. And it’s a measure because both of you moving too fast for me to keep up, and I want Alvin to assume it’s a decently powerful spell”

 ”I see, I get it”

 Shinji spoke as he worked, and Alvin nodded.

 Emily, who had papers plastered all over her, was touched by Shinji, and grinned good-naturedly as she held her one-handed sword for the tournament.

 ”I’m ready! Alvin, let’s do this!”

 ”Yes, Master!”

 Emily and Alvin’s cheerful voices rang out.

* * *

 Alvin and Emily held their swords and faced each other.

 As in the tournament, the initial standing position was four meters, which meant that they could cross swords with each other as soon as they stepped in.

 ”Are you ready? Well then………… Start!!”

 When the two were ready, Shinji gave the signal to begin.

 The first one to step in was Alvin.

 And Emily was able to catch him. But immediately, Emily counterattacked, and Alvin caught her with his sword.

 The exchange of attacks started with Alvin, but Emily’s sharp counterattacks began to overwhelm him, and the offensive flow of Alvin attacking and receiving counterattacks turned into a flow of receiving attacks and counterattacking.

 (I knew it was going to be tough)

 Alvin knew that Emily’s attacks were much sharper than his, so he put magic power into his legs and kicked the ground as usual.

 Normally, Emily would chase after him right away, but….

 ”<Water ball・Multiple Cast>”

 Emily doesn’t move from her spot, but points her hand that doesn’t have a sword at Alvin, and from that hand, the magic that Shinji chanted is released.

 A large number of waterballs the size of a fist rushed towards Alvin.

 Though the power of the spell is weak due to the paper, but because he assumed that if it’s in its original form, it is impossible for Alvin to take it. Then he jumps to the side to escape, but Emily had no trouble anticipating a situation where there was only a limited escape route.

 Before Alvin could adjust his stance, Emily jumped on him and swung her sword down from above. He managed to catch it with his own sword, but it completely stopped Alvin on his feet.

 ”<Water Ball・Large>”

 Emily’s free hand, not holding a sword, was in front of Alvin’s face. And a lump of water the size of a man’s head shot out of her hand and hit Alvin’s head, making a nice thud. Alvin, who was been hit in the head, caused his vision to blur for a moment.

 The next moment, Emily’s sword was on Alvin’s neck.

 ”Okay, that’s enough”

 Alvin’s face was aghast.

 ”Seriously …… Is this how the Dragonmen with the horns will do……?”

 ”Well, I don’t know. I can’t say for sure because I haven’t seen them in action…… but you can see that fighting a magic swordsman requires a different approach, right?”

 ”Yeah. It’s a bad idea to get too far away from them. However, even if it’s too close, the magic seems to come from a free hand……”

 ”There’s even magic for close quarters, you know?”

 In contrast to Alvin, who is thinking about ways to win, Emily is in a good mood and hugs Shinji’s arm.

 ”We worked together perfectly!”

 ”Well, I’m used to watching Emily’s moves……”

 ”This is the proof of our love for each other ……♡”

 Kyaa ♡ Emily put her hands on her cheeks and was embarrassed, while Shinji stroked her head.

 ”Don’t be silly, I’ll do it next time. It’s all about trial and error”

 ”Okay, Alvin, are you ready?”

 ”Yes! I’ll fight and fight and fight!”

 Thus, began Shinji and Emily’s training for Alvin’s battle against the Dragonmen.


 This is Alvin’s training session for the tournament.

 Alvin’s training for the tournament begins, as Emily, Shinji, and Alvin continue to fight against their powerful opponent, Himeno-chan.

 Also, the tournament rules.

 The rules of the tournament are too favorable to swordsmen, but since it’s a tournament for knights, the rules require participation with a one-handed sword, which is basic equipment for knights.

 The blacksmith’s workshop treats the knights who buy weapons in bulk and do regular maintenance as better customers than the adventurers who buy weapons irregularly.

 It’s not a fair competition, but rather a competition for knights, and anyone can participate, so there is a slight disadvantage.

 The knights are happy to be able to fight the strong (adventurers) they haven’t seen yet!

 The adventurers are also happy because they can fight the knights and might even get to know the awesome blacksmith!

 The blacksmith is also happy because he’s discovered a great swordsman!

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